Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands is just an hour drive from the tropical city of Cairns. There is a lot to offer tourists wanting to be close to nature. There is World Heritage rainforests, national parks, crater lakes and volcanic formations. Visitors can also come and see wildlife that is unique to Australia.

Atherton Tablelands is home to mammals such as the cassowary, platypus and tree kangaroo. This region near Cairns also has historic villages in the countryside. The villages provide accommodation, eating facilities and places to shop. Located near the Atherton Tablelands is the Australian Outback. Tourists can come and see vast landscapes and grasslands. This region has volcanic soil that supports the agriculture industries of coffee, dairy and tropical fruits. In addition to this the climate of the Atherton Tablelands is cooler than on the coast.

A popular tourist destination is Platypus Park. Here visitors can come and enjoy a barbecue lunch. The park has been built near a freshwater stream. It is only five minutes away from Atherton. As well as barbecues people can come and see the platypus. At Atherton there is also the Hou Wang Temple. It is the only temple outside China that is dedicated to Hou Wang. The temple has several original artefacts. The Chinese played a crucial part in the settlement of the Atherton area and pioneered the local agriculture industry.

Atherton is situated on the side of an extinct volcano. The volcano is known as Hallorans Hill. Tourists can come and see the extinct volcano. When visitors are there they can view the vast farming land in North Queensland. Other places that can be viewed from this place are Lake Tinaroo and the “Seven Sisters”. Just like Hallorans Hill the Seven Sisters are cinder cones of extinct volcanoes.

In Atherton there is the mineralogical museum Crystal Caves. Inside is a cave system visitors can venture into. The cave system’s walls have an array of crystals, gemstones and fossils. Entry to Crystal Caves does have a fee.

For tourists who like bird watching there is Hasties Swamp and Wongabel Botanical Walk. There is a mixture of bird species to be seen. Cameras and binoculars are often used for bird watching. If visitors want to explore this region’s history there is the Rocky Creek Memorial Park. For the convenience of visitors there are picnic tables provided. There is the old hospital site where memorial plaques have been placed in remembrance of soldiers who have died in war.