Australia Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Alot of Australians choose to also be covered by Private Health Insurance, which also covers Hospital stays, Dental, Physiotherapy, Optical, Chiropractors and many other extras.

You should also be aware of rebates and cost involved:

There is a 30% rebate available to those who are eligible for those eligible for Medicare and who have Private Health Cover.

This is generally a 30% rebate on the total cost of your insurance, for people aged 65-69 the rebate is 35% and for those that are 70 and over the rebate is 40%.

There is also a Medicare Levy Surcharge, which is an extra 1% tax for those who are earning over $70,000 pa as singles and $140,000 pa for couples and that do not have health insurance.

Lifetime Health Cover or LHC is a financial loading that may be charged for those who do not have hospital cover. To avoid this loading you must purchase LHC following your 31st birthday.

If you purchase it after this date you may have to pay an extra 2% for each year you are over 30.

If you are a new migrant over this age you will not be charged if they purchase LHC within the first 12 months of arriving in Australia. If you have waited more then 12 months then you will be charged the extra 2%

For further information you can contact the following:



Mail: MDP 86
Department of Health and Ageing
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601