If you are coming to Brisbane with kids then it’s always a good idea to have on hand the details and contacts for the hospitals that can help look after your children in the event of an emergency. Spread throughout Brisbane are numerous specific hospitals for children.

It always pays to keep these details somewhere in case you do need to contact a hospital or emergency. Before we tell you about each of the hospitals in Brisbane you should always first note down the following emergency numbers in Brisbane, some of which can be used throughout Australia.

  • In all emergencies you should ring 000 (for police, fire and ambulance)
  • For a non-emergency ambulance, the number is 1300 369 003
  • For a non-emergency police matter, the number is 3364 6464
  • For a non-emergency fire matter, the number is 13 13 04
  • The number for the poison information centre is 13 11 26

Make sure you have these numbers close to the phone in the event of any emergency. The main hospital’s is Brisbane that are child specific are (with their contact numbers listed in brackets):

  • Mater Children’s Private Hospital (07 3163 8111)
  • Royal Children’s Hospital (07 3636 3777)

Other major hospitals in Brisbane include (with phone numbers in brackets):

  • Mater Private Hospital’s in Brisbane & Redland  (07 3163 8111)
  • Mater Adult Hospital in Brisbane (07 3163 8111)
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital in Woolloongabba (07 3240 2111)
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital in Coopers Plains (07 3275 6111)
  • Brisbane Private Hospital in Spring Hill (07 3834 6111)
  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Herston (07 3636 8111)

You should always find out which hospital is closest to you in the event of an emergency and find out which one is the best for your specific needs. It is also a good idea to read some reviews on each hospital to help make your mind up, some of which we will present to you now:

  • Mater Children’s Private Hospital: Parking at this hospital is notoriously bad and you can of course expect long wait times. However it is a fantastic place to take your kids in the event of an emergency, as the staff are extremely friendly and will get to know your children well. A great place to experience a real family atmosphere at a hospital which is always a positive given the circumstance of your visit to the place.
  • Royal Children’s Hospital: This public hospital is slightly smaller than most, presenting only 172 beds. It does have a wide variety of available units, from a burns unit through to a dentist on site. Friendly staff and smaller size means a fairly good turn around time as well if you are looking at a public children’s hospital.
  • Mater Private Hospital’s in Brisbane & Redland: A hospital that caters for all ages, this private hospital is similar to the children’s hospital in that it offers extremely friendly staff will be pleasant and present you with a great atmosphere for a hospital. Always recommended.
  • Mater Adult Hospital in Brisbane: Similar to all Mater hospitals, the faculties at the Adult hospital are second to none. However a public hospital will mean more waiting time and more overworked staff. So really depends on whether you prefer private or public with both Mater options.
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital in Woolloongabba: One of the major hospitals in Brisbane, it is a renowned teaching hospital where all future and budding doctors and nurses go in order to learn their trade. Long waits are common here but pretty much all the facilities that you could possibly think of are here. Might be a better option to go to the Children’s hospital if it is closer.
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital in Coopers Plains: A very popular choice in Brisbane, the staff have always received warm reviews from patients and the facilities are outstanding. Parking is generally pretty easy and there is no charge for it which is an added bonus. Great choice if you live nearby.
  • Brisbane Private Hospital in Spring Hill: The Brisbane Private Hospital is conveniently located close to the city and has a large annual turnover of patient’s considering it’s fairly small size. A great choice for a private hospital, although you may always consider the Mater’s Private Children Hospital for a children specific option.
  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Herston: A popular choice in Brisbane for births, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital has the specific women’s section that can assist in the birth of children. Generally friendly staff are always there to assist and it can provide a great home away from home if you are there for a long stay. Again, you may want to use a child specific hospital though if it is located closer to you.

It will obviously all depend on where you live or are staying when you come to Brisbane as to what is the best and most convenient choice for you when it comes to choosing a hospital for your children in the event of an emergency. You should always do your research to pick which hospital will be best suited to your needs as the information we have provided to you is only very brief and doesn’t give a true indication in to what each hospital is really like.

Work out your location and how far away you are from a hospital and create an emergency plan so that you can work out which is the best way for you to travel to a hospital or which number would be appropriate in the event of an emergency. Having such a plan in place could potentially save your child’s life, and that is in the end what you want should an emergency occur.