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Study, Travel, Work Australia is designed to give students, who travel to Australia from South Africa, reliable information about the fantastic opportunities they would get if they study abroad in Australia.

Study in Australia Agents help international students to:

  1. find courses
  2. get accepted into schools, colleges, TAFE, universities
  3. apply for a student visa
  4. find a student job while studying in Australia 
  5. apply for our work experience program
  6. join Australia's international student community
  7. apply for our free international student services
  8. get in contact with immigration agents to apply for your PR Visa.

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Study and Work in Australia

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Studying in Australia saves money–living expenses and tuition costs are much less than in the UK or USA.

Australia’s academic year changes depending on the institution, with applications for many tertiary courses closing in October the year before studies commence. Some institutions offer mid-year intakes for particular courses. Knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite for International Students to enter mainstream institutions. English language courses have more frequent student intakes.

Most universities provide on-campus accommodation or can help students find a place to live. If you’re a full-time student you qualify for a range of concessions, including discounted travel and cinema tickets.

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Australia Student Travel - Welcome in Australia

Congratulations on selecting Australia as your study destination, this is great and you have made a great choice.  This new step in your life is full of excitement and some nerves, is exciting and the unknown can be filled with so much adventure and so many great memories that you will create. When you arrive you will encounter students from all over the world; more than 150 countries select Australia as their study destination.  This world-class education system is unlike the other ones; this system motivates the students to be creative and to speak their thoughts, is a unique adventure.  Schools in Australia promote a learning style that combines the student to think freely, to think out side of the box, have new ideas and put them in action.

We will help you build valuable skills to give you an academic, personal and professional advantage in all the aspects of your life, you will grow on all aspects and learn more about yourself as you set on this journey. This guide has been prepared for you to help you with your plans, answer your possible questions, create new questions and thoughts that maybe you didn’t think about and now you should be thinking about and start planning ahead, especially to help you through the process of transition, to a new location, new culture, new environment, new experience, to a new school.

It provides practical information about moving to and living in Australia, it gives you suggestions and tips on what to do in certain situations, like transportation and how to get around and outlines your rights and responsibilities as an international student, such as your duties while being a working employee and what legally can you do and not do.

Best of wishes and success in your future, this time in Australia will be unforgettable and will be a life changing experience where you will grow and revolve in different culture, different people, just a whole new place filled with unlimited possibilities.


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