When you take your kids to Brisbane and take them around the various attractions the city has to offer, there may be one place in which you wouldn’t think your children would enjoy, and it’s pretty understandable why this is the case. Your kids would probably enjoy more going to a wildlife park or seeing a water park or even travelling south a little bit and heading to the theme parks on the Gold Coast.

And this is quite understandable as obviously your children will seek a certain type of entertainment, depending on what they enjoy and how they enjoy it. But the one place we talk about in which you may not think about taking your kids is a place which is a vast open area showing off everything that nature has to offer. It is an area in which you can lay under a tree and enjoy a relaxing afternoon before heading off to the play equipment and burning off some energy.

It’s a place where you can enjoy a nice bike ride and bird watch as well as take a gentle stroll with the children on some of the areas numerous walking paths. The place we talk about? The Brisbane Botanical Gardens! Yes as we said, it’s a place you probably would never think about taking your kids but we now present to you some reasons why you should consider taking your kids to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

  • The playground in the BBG is fantastic and something in which your children will absolutely love! We all know children love to play and burn off the countless amounts of energy that they do have so by taking them to such a wide open space such as the BBG and then finding the play equipment the gardens have to offer is a fantastic way for your children to get rid of some of that energy while you take a seat and watch over them and relax. Close supervision is always required of your children as they play so make sure you don’t become too relaxed and fall asleep while they have a good time!
  • Hire a bike and take a ride around the gardens! What a fantastic way to spend some quality time with the kids, while at the same time enjoying some casual exercise and taking in the splendours of nature that surround you. You can find numerous areas that will hire bikes out to you or you can of course bring your own into the park, just make sure you have all the safety equipment such as helmets before you enter the park! Then it’s a case of making sure you and your children have a great time taking in the beauty of the gardens!
  • Take a walking tour with your kids and learn more about the park and its many plants and features! This is not only a fun thing to do with your children but also a great educational opportunity. Your children will be having so much fun they won’t even realise that they are learning anything as they do! You can find the experienced walking guides at the visitor centre and all walks occur at a very casual pace so that it won’t tire either of you out as you enjoy the tour!
  • Bring the kids to enjoy some amazing bird watching! Your kids will be amazed at the numerous different species of birds that inhabit the gardens and you can come along with your bird guide book and binoculars and take in all the many different species that are on offer! Why not make a game out of it and check off every single bird you find off a list of birds that are found at the park? Then the child who finds the most birds can win a prize and then make their day even more enjoyable? They will also be learning some great things about different birds and it’s something they can take with them after a fantastic day in the gardens!