Cairns Accommodation

When it comes to affordable and convenient accommodation for students and backpackers in Cairns, there are several different types of housing arrangements. If you’re unsure about which would be most suitable for you, AA education network are happy to make recommendations and assist you in anyway they can.

Cairns Backpackers

If you’re a backpacker, Cairns has plenty of great hostels and motels. Many are located in the city centre, and right near the beachfront. Rooms can usually vary from dorms to private rooms.

Dorms are generally quite basic, and can come with communal kitchens, living rooms, barbeque areas, pools and laundry facilities. This type of living is a great why to meet other travelers from around the world, get tourist advice from other backpackers, and save money on accommodation.

Hostel rooms can start from around $15 to $20, and prices are usually better if you’re traveling with a group of 4 to 8 people.

If you’re staying at a Hostel, the reception there is a great way to get information on local tourist attractions, and most places you stay will be keen to help you with brochures and bookings.

Backpackers also have the option of private motel-style rooms. These include private bathrooms, television, and air conditioning. Prices for private rooms can start at around $50 to $60 per night, and like Hostels, Staff are happy to help you with anything from the City hot spots, to snorkeling trips up to Port Douglas.

Cairns Student Accommodation

Students who plan on studying in Cairns have other options of accommodation. There are a few different types of living styles, including homestay, share houses and student residences.

Homestay accommodation involves living with an Australian family and experiencing their way of life, and is a great way to make lasting international connections. Homestay can be short-term or long-term arrangements, and includes a furnished bedroom and meals provided by your host family. Homestay placements usually start from around $200 per week

Another suitable form of accommodation is a share house. Starting anywhere between $100 and $150 per person, per week, share houses are basically shared rental properties. On top of weekly rent, each resident contributes to household food and bills.

Similar to share houses are student residences. Student residences are designed specially for students, and usually comprise of a private room, with shared living areas and bathrooms. Depending on where you stay, payment can include meals and cleaning, and like homestay and share houses, student residences can accommodate short-term or long-term students.

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