Remaining safe during your travel

Although Australia is relatively crime free, you can never be too careful especially when in a new location. You never know when the tide changes so it is advisable to be safe rather than sorry.

You should never leave your luggage unattended. Whether it is at the airport or at the hotels reception you can never tell when an opportunist may strike and spoil what would have been a wonderful holiday for you. Moreover never leave your hostel or hotel door open even when you are just stepping out for some fresh air. The same goes foe your vehicle.

Always make sure that you roll up your windows fully when you have to park your car somewhere. Also in order to avoid break-ins, do not leave your valuables exposed through the car window. If your car does not have tinted windows then you would be better of putting your valuables in the boot. There are some towns that have unfortunately been mentioned in a negative light especially in respect to theft. Towns such as the Gold Coast Byron Bay and Sydney are all known to be places that are prone to theft. With this information then you know that you have to be extra careful with your belongings while in this towns.

When visiting pubs and recreational spots. Be careful about your drinks. Never accept drinks from strangers. In places like Sydney and other big towns, there are notices in most of the pubs cautioning people against accepting drinks from strangers or leaving their drinks unattended. In the past there have been reports of women being drugged through their drinks only to wake up in unfamiliar places sexually abused.

People especially the women should go for bottled drinks rather than those in glasses. If however you unfortunately fall victim to any crime you should report it at the nearest police station for assistance.