Croydon High School

Croydon High School

Croydon High School Introduction

School facilities and resources

  • Health focus room
  • Library, internet access and study centre
  • IBM computer suites, internet access
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Automotive and technology workshops
  • Music and drama suites
  • Aboriginal cultural room
  • Student services centre
  • Community services centre

Strong focus areas

  • Healthy Lifestyles - positive lifestyle choices for optimum health - fitness, food and nutrition, mental health and sport and recreation
  • Health Careers - education, skills and experiences that prepare students for work in the health industry and related fields

Special interest programs

  • Community Services Work Certificate 2 - community health qualification
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) - programs including community services, automotive, business and tourism



  • Greek
  • Italian

Student support services

  • ESL support
  • Careers and pathways counsellor
  • Student personal counsellor
  • International student focus person
  • Student buddy system
  • Bi-lingual support available on request

Recent school awards and achievements

  • Premiers Teacher Awards - Maths and Science
  • The National Science Awards, distinctions and credits

Sporting activities

  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Soccer

Co-curricular opportunities

  • Music
  • Wide range of sporting activities

Industry and training partnerships

  • Industry placement programs

Community alliances

International programs

  • Study Abroad Program
  • Study Tours

Sister school relationships

  • Matsuzaka High School, Japan


Croydon High School is a small comprehensive secondary school located only 5 kilometres from the centre of Adelaide, easily accessible by the public transport system. This provides the perfect environment to study and live. The school shares
its facilities with the Adelaide Secondary School of English (ASSOE). Croydon High Schol and ASSOE work in close partnership to ensure that new arrival students and international students are adequately prepared for further education and for life.





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