EQI Primary School program Australia

EQI Primary School program

EQI Primary School program: a positive start to learning and development

The Education Queensland International (EQI) Primary School program gives young students aged five years and above a positive start to their development and learning. Getting an early start in the Australian school system is just one of many reasons parents choose a Queensland Government school for their child’s primary education:

The primary school system assists students to successfully transition through each stage of their schooling, laying the foundation for high school and university studies in the future.

Specialist English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) lessons enable students from non-English speaking backgrounds to fully participate in classroom and extracurricular activities.

Safe, healthy and inclusive school environments support student wellbeing and development.

Small class sizes, highly trained teachers and dedicated international staff provide excellent student support.

In addition to developing literacy and numeracy skills, students can choose from a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, reading, robotics, coding, dance and creative arts.

Students enjoy exceptional facilities and outdoor areas designed for learning and play.

Program length: one semester to seven years

  • Age range: 5 to 11 years
  • School year: Preparatory (Prep) to Year 6
  • Program entry: Term 1 (January) or Term 2 (July)
  • Students in Year 6 may commence at the beginning of Term 1 or Term 2 only
  • CRICOS Course Code: 082519A



Preparing for the future

The Queensland Government is focused on engaging students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Coding is one of the building blocks to the future and has become the new literacy for every student.

Queensland Government schools offer language and cultural studies from Prep to Year 12, with a focus on Asian languages. This support enables young students to develop a global mindset, communicate across languages and cultures, and open doors to further study and personal and career opportunities.

Health and wellbeing

The Queensland Department of Education (DET) recognises the importance of nutrition and physical activity in the health and wellbeing of children and young people. At school, students engage in regular physical activity and healthy food and drink choices are offered as part of the DET ‘Smart Choice’ strategy.

Where to study:

A number of Queensland state schools are accredited to offer international student programs. Schools offer Prep to Year 6 and state and community colleges offer Prep to Year 12. EQI schools are located in four regions of Queensland.


To enrol in a Queensland Government primary school, students must live with a parent, approved relative or legal custodian for the duration of their study.


To find out more about the EQI Primary School program, please contact us.