The Eyre Peninsula

This is a place that is a perfect example of what Mediterranean climate looks like. It has the Port Lincoln, which is the largest town in Adelaide. It is also the base for the grain as well as the fishing industries down at the south. The people in this region are largely dependent on grain as their economic driver. There is also the tuna fishing that has made people millionaires ‘tuna millionaires’. Tuna is quite profitable as it is rare and the demand for it is high making it quite expensive. You can view some of these mansions while you are in the Eyre Peninsula.
For shell lovers, a visit to the Rose Wal memorial Shell Museum will be quite refreshing. Here there are numerous collections accumulated over time. Apart from the shells the Museum also has a collection of Marine creatures. They are beautifully displayed giving them a look that could make you mistake them for being alive.

An interesting attraction is a place known as the dangerous Reef. It acquired this name because around the Reef are the great white sharks. Despite the fact that this place has these sharks, there those who are quite adventurous and great risk takers and enjoy the rush of adrenalin as the dive into the whale infested waters.  There are charters available to take people close to the sharks. To further the experience in the Eyre Peninsula you can participate in the sea lion underwater viewing expeditions. They are found in colonies making it more fun seeing the lions in numbers. As with most of the other regions in the South State, Eyre Peninsula has its share of festivals. It would be such an enlightening experience to attend some of these festivals that celebrate the people’s fishing and sailing cultures that make them what they are today.