Governor Stirling Senior High School

Governor Stirling Senior High School Information

Governor Stirling Senior High School is committed to striving for excellence in education in preparing students for their future while encouraging them to achieve their full academic, physical, cultural and social potential.

Governor Stirling Senior High School aspires to develop students who are self motivated, creative, well adjusted and who are able to make worthwhile contributions to society.


Governor Stirling Senior High School is situated on the picturesque banks of the Swan River approximately 20 kilometres from the Perth city centre and near all public transport routes.

The school is located on the doorstep of the Midland business area and at the gateway to the historic Swan Valley region. Nearby bus and train stations make the school easily accessible.

The school is close to Midland Gate and Centrepoint shopping centres, cinemas, food halls and major retail outlets. Recreational facilities of the area include sporting fields, the Swan Recreational Centre and the river.



Indonesian and Italian (Years 8-12)

These programs are available to international fee paying students. Interested Students should contact the school for information about application procedures. 

  • Academic Talent (Years 8-10) is a DET-endorsed program which offers extension activities based on high order thinking and problem solving processes to gifted and talented students in the humanities, mathematics and science. Students are selected for this program based on their academic performance and teacher recommendation.
  • Dance (Years 8-10) offers students the opportunity to study various styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, Spanish and contemporary. Selection is by audition and interview.
  • Australian Rules Football (Years 8-12) provides training and skills development that not only enables students to become players at the elite level, but also enables them to seek employment opportunities as coaches, administrators, physical education teachers, health and fitness coordinators and recreation officers.


Provision can be made to give support to international fee paying students if warranted.


Governor Stirling Senior High School has a strong provision of pastoral care for students. The school is fully supported by a student services centre where professional staff include a student services coordinator, psychologist, chaplain, nurse, year coordinators and two career officers.