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Known as the "bush capital" because of the profusion of native parks and gardens, Canberra is the capital and political hub of Australia.

Halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, in the southeast of NSW, the initial impression is of a sleepy suburban city of roughly 350,00 people, but underneath? - a hive of activity.

Government service is the largest employer - Parliament and Public Service - and defense forms a part of that picture, fleshed out by a growing presence of independent software companies, health and community services, property and business services and higher education.

Multicultural in its population, Canberra offers insights into Australia's political, cultural and social life and history through the Houses of Parliament, National Gallery, National Library, War Memorial and National Museum.

There are many fine restaurants, cafes and shops, while the city also offers bushwalking, cycling, and swimming, proximity to the historic towns nearby in the beautiful ACT, and further afield, the Snowy Mountains.

With Lake Burley Griffin in its heart and free use of native bush in its design, Canberra is an orderly, purpose-built city with a young, educated population that welcomes newcomers who seek quality of life with an interesting view of Australia from the nation's capital.

Internship Canberra - Internship in Canberra
Internship Canberra - Internship in Canberra

Internship to Bring Finesse in Art and Writing

My best friend suggested Canberra University when I thought of moving to Australia and study further. As a new journo, I had a wonderful time in scripting and covering news. However, what I lacked was managing news events which had become an essential skill-set among managing editors.

In Australia, the scope was immense, but many said that getting tertiary education on “soft skills” could be difficult. For instance, my advisers told me that I may not get an opportunity to learn how to address a group of delegates or students in a college. But, tackling such group is necessary for getting my desired job in Australia. Taking the right internship and also brushing up my skills as a journalist would help me to pep up my career.

Tertiary Studies in Australian University
Today, institutes like Canberra University in Australia have become one of the key resources to impart such education and train international students for the job market available in Australia. I got work as an intern in Event Management Company which also had a studio for work related to digital media. While completing my internship, I took a part time diploma course on media works where I learned how to deal with legal issues, business finances, and communication hassles during critical interviews. It was not an easy job. There were job profiles, such as that of a presenter, media officer, script editor, liaison officer, and interviewer in my curriculum.

Added to this, I gained useful work experience and knowledge while working for the Event Management firm. There were situations which looked unapproachable, and often I landed in a quagmire full of problems. My superior and guide helped me to address the situation in a matured way. The theories learned in Canberra institute were remarkably up to date.

Job Prospect and Canberra Society
Hundreds of people worldwide are looking for opportunities to come to Canberra in Australia to find a lucrative job and settle down. With unemployment rate low and job prospects high, international students and people looking forward to earn a good amount of money frequently come over to Canberra. The socially-friendly inhabitants have made the atmosphere conducive for the people to settle in this place.

Seek Help and Get the Right Advice
Universities and institutes in Australia are not just learning institution. They help students passing out each year to find their dream career and useful job, and enhance their learning capabilities. I got adequate resources to learn, such as a dedicated library, lab, counseling sessions, and employment information from my institute.

I had made friends, got to know my guides, and find out a new vista in my career after I moved to Australia to work and study in the country. At the university, there were sports complex, recreational activities, and hands-on projects which helped me to gain a practical knowledge on what I was learning in the institute.

There are other courses on professional communication courses to address public and social media. From creative thinking to ethical practice, there is a great scope in Canberra. I have judiciously used the opportunities to etch out my career in writing and mass communication.