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Internship Melbourne - Internship in Melbourne

Internship in Melbourne

Sitting astride the Yarra River on Port Phillip, Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and, as Victoria's state capital, is the nation's sporting and cultural capital.

The city hums with a vibrant cosmopolitan and multicultural artistic and commercial life, with Italian, Greek and Chinese being the dominant non-English spoken languages.

Nearly two-thirds of the population declares itself Christian, around 20% as having no faith and there is a significant Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish presence. Sport, fashion and festivals dominate the city's social calendar, while Melbourne is also home to a thriving business, finance and commercial activities, manufacturing and IT industries, container shipping, higher education and tourism. An internship in Melbourne is something you will never forget!

Melbourne grew from a sleepy colonial settlement founded from Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) into a thriving centre of the nation's life in the Gold Rush years of the nineteenth century.

Since then the city has steadily grown in size, diversity and significance, both nationally and internationally. Socially, it's impossible not to find something to your taste amid the extraordinary variety of cafes, restaurants, theatres, galleries, arts and music the city has to offer residents and visitors alike.

When you come to Melbourne for an internship you may fall in love with this city and want to stay. We offer a variety of Internship fields to choose from in Melbourne.

We offer Internships in Melbourne including:

  • Accounting & Finance Internships
  • Aged, Disability Care & Public Health Internships
  • Architecture & Engineering Internships
  • Business Internships
  • Culinary Arts Internships
  • Environment & Sustainability Internships
  • Events & Food & Beverage Internships
  • Front Office Internships
  • Hospitality Management Internships
  • Human Resources Internships
  • Information Technology & Computer Sciences Internships
  • Journalism & Marketing Internships
  • Mathematics Internships
  • Science Internships
  • Tourism Internships
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Internship Melbourne - Internship in Melbourne

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