Surfing in the Kangaroo Island

The mention of the Kangaroo Island usually conjures up the images of this wonderful animal which Australia is widely known for. Well the truth is that the Kangaroo Island does not provide a home to the Kangaroo only but can also be a great place to do some surfing. The Island can be said to be one of the very good surfing spots that have been kept secret. As not many people go out to this spot to surf, it provides a quiet and serene atmosphere to enjoy sometime in the water on your surf. In order for you to catch the best waves you would have to wake up early in the morning and head out to the beach before the waves subside. For learners it is best to practice at the Pennington and Stoke Bays. Experienced surfers can look more challenging option along the beach breaks.

Of course the sprawling parks of this park are a sight to behold. The vast areas rolling out into the horizon have been an inspiration to many great artists. The bushes, trees and soft hills are beautifully spiced up by the presence of many kinds of wildlife animals. The all famous kangaroo is normally seen in the morning and at dusk just as many other animals especially during summer time.

Another important point to note about the KI as it is locally known is that it is home to a bee sanctuary. This therefore means that bees and their products are protected and no harvesting is allowed unless special permission is obtained.
During the summer you are bound to see the bare back penguins which have shed off their feathers. This normally happens at the end of every breeding season which marks the beginning of summer. The shedding of feathers makes these little animals lose up to half their weight. Talk about the wonders of Mother Nature.