Kawana Waters State College

Kawana Waters State College overview

Kawana Waters State College

Kawana Waters State College is a P -12 College centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, about one hour north of Brisbane. Nestled between ocean and lakes, the College is well positioned to offer a uniquely Australian education

experience, with highly experienced staff offering quality education in a caring environment.

The College develops life long learners who make a positive contribution to a global society. Kawana Waters SC has been involved in the EQI program since 1997, is an accredited Education Queensland International Program College and is accredited through the Council of International Schools.

3 reasons to choose Kawana Waters State College

  • Quality education in a safe, healthy and unique location
  • Highly successful tertiary and post school preparation for all students
  • Commitment to internationalism


Kawana Waters State College is located on the coastal stretch of the Sunshine Coast.


  • Year 10 Course Selection
  • Year 10, 11 & 12 program
  • Higher Education Entrance
  • Co-Curricular Activities

International Student Program

The program, established in 1997, draws students from countries including the People's Republic of China, Papua New Guinea, Japan & Germany.

Homestay Program

Kawana Waters State College is pleased to arrange homestay accomodation for international students in a caring and safe environment.

Student Services

  • Guidance Officer
  • Year Level Coordinators
  • School Nurse
  • School Chaplain
  • International Student Liason Officer
  • Cultural Aide


  • Aquatics Program of Excellence
  • Football Program of Excellence
  • Marine Studies
  • Programs of Distinction in Arts (Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Music)
  • Communications and Technologies
  • Vocational Education and Training (Marine, Tourism, Computing, Arts, Hospitality, Construction)
  • ESL
  • School based traineeships and Apprenticeships
  • Additional after hours tutorials daily


  • Surfing camps
  • Marine studies excursions
  • Tours to Japan and China
  • Leadership camp
  • Musical dance and drama Performances
  • Environmental taskforce
  • Harmony Day celebrations
  • Japanese sister school activities
  • Gifted and talented program
  • International Student Orientation
  • Senior Graduation


  • Chinese
  • Japanese


  • Aquatics centre, Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Computer and science laboratories
  • Performing arts centre
  • Extensive sporting facilities
  • Resources centre (library)
  • Marine and boating equipment
  • Industrial fabrications and furnishing workshop
  • International student centre

tertiary pathways

  • University of the Sunshine Coast Head Start Program
  • Sunshine Coast of TAFE Specialist Course Entry Program


  • Showcase Award for Excellence by an International Student
  • Three National Achievement Awards to Principal and School Leaders
  • Award to Head of Science for Environmental issues
  • Showcase Award for Excellence
  • Queensland Multicultural Services Award
  • National and Regional Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, English and Computing competitions award winners