Lambton High School

Lambton High School Information

Lambton High School is a comprehensive, coeducational high school located in suburban Newcastle. It offers a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural programs to cater for all talents.

Courses offered include the highest levels of mathematics, the full range of sciences and computing courses and vocational courses in business, information technology and hospitality. The school is located close to major sporting facilities and participates fully in the many creative arts opportunities available.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

  • An ESL unit operates within the school with two full-time teachers of ESLavailable
  • ESL programs are offered for senior students undertaking the HSC

Languages Taught

  • French


Special Programs

  • All students in Year 7 undertake the masterminds course which gives students understanding about how learning takes place, their own learning style, and how to enhance their learning
  • The school conducts learning projects in Years 8 and 10 where students gain an additional credential from displaying and presenting their learning to a panelconsisting of a teacher, a student peer, and a community member


Student Support Services and Programs

  • The learning support team directs resources to assist individual students in areas such as learning diffi culties, special needs and acceleration
  • A welfare head teacher, boys support teacher, girls support teacher, and the welfare team of year advisers assist student welfare
  • A support teacher learning and a careers adviser are available to provide information and assistance to students

Special Facilities

  • A multipurpose centre
  • Six fully-equipped computer laboratories
  • A drama centre
  • A well-resourced library
  • Kitchens
  • Industrial arts facilities
  • Darkrooms
  • Gymnasium


HSC Results and Year 12 University/TAFE Placements:

  • Students regularly achieve above 90 in HSC over 40% of HSC students proceed directly to university
  • Almost 60% of students proceed to TAFE or other tertiary courses or employment

Features of Local Area

  • The school and community has very good public transport services withgovernment and private bus routes, and trains
  • The school is next to the major recreational facilities of Newcastle including Energy Australia Stadium, hockey and soccer fi elds, and the Entertainment Centre
  • Close by is Garden City, a major shopping mall in Newcastle, and Wests Leagues Club
  • The school is surrounded by parkland

Other Information

  • The school has an excellent name in the local community and there is a great demand for student places