If you would like to see a perfect landscape impeccably sculptured by the finger of nature then a visit to the Limestone Coast is a must. This is a region that has its beauty from natural geographic occurrences namely tectonic plates movements and volcanic eruptions resulting to the formation caves, underground waterways, sinkholes and a volcanic mountain. The limestone coast is a perfect tourist spot for everyone but will a more exciting place for those who are mesmerized by nature. It is also a suitable place for a class of geography students learning about natural occurrences such as the ones mentioned above.

Of particular interest is the Mt. Gambier .This is a volcanic mountain which has a crater lake at the top. The lake is known as The Blue Lake and is basically one of the chief attractions. The Blue Lake interestingly changes color twice per year. It normally has a grayish blue color from March to November when it changes to a dazzling blue color. The turquoise blue then stays on till February when it changes back to the grayish color.

There is a road which stretches four kilometers that runs around the Crater Lake allowing for easy and fast movement. Other than that you will be able to view the lake in the best proximity possible while on a glass paneled lift. The lift fast takes you down the dolomite well shaft then through a tunnel to bring you to the magnificent lake.

Another interesting site is the Ewen ponds. The ponds have clear water that allows you to swim through as you take in the beauty under water life of fish swimming between the reeds and other water plants. You will also be able to see the point at which the water gets in through from a bubbling point in the sand.