Mandurah Senior College

Mandurah Senior College Information

Mandurah Senior College provides a progressive and meaningful education in a caring environment. Students are encouraged to work cooperatively to develop the skills required to succeed and meet the demands of the global business world.


Mandurah is a satellite city of 60,000 people located on the coast 75 kilometres south of Perth. It has all the attributes of a larger city including business developments, sporting facilities and tourist attractions. There is a regular bus service to Perth and a rapid transit rail link will mean that Perth city centre will be only 45 minutes away.

Residents of Mandurah enjoy the best lifestyle Western Australia has to offer. Being a coastal city, water activities such as boating, fishing, crabbing and prawning feature highly in the leisure interests of the local community. For information on the exceptional beauty and facilities of Mandurah Senior College, visit the college website and click on the photographic library link.



Experienced teachers of English as a Second Language provide personal support for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Intensive short courses are offered with a variety of programs available to meet the needs of all students. The college maintains intensive English programs as a priority initiative and provides dedicated infrastructure resources.