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Sydney is the gateway to Australia on the country's east coast and is the capital city of New South Wales. Multicultural, harmonious, affluent and affordable, the city is located in Sydney Harbour National Park, surrounded by national parks and only ninety minutes drive from the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park.

New South Wales at large is characterised by diverse landscapes: delightful stretches of coast populated by cities and towns, large and small, agricultural and industrial; diverse rural agricultural regions populated by farming communities in the towns and regional centres; national parks and ski fields in the southern mountains.

Schools in Sydney and NSW offer the same kind of diversity in their geography and student populations, from both the local areas and overseas, while their teachers are university-trained professionals. 

Qualifications from NSW schools are recognised internationally and overseas students have 300 schools in Sydney and NSW to choose from.

Subject areas include English, Mathematics, Science, the humanities, visual and performing arts, technology, sports and physical education as well as support with English as a Second Language (ESL). Careers advisors, counsellors, curriculum co-ordinators and international student advisors care for the wellbeing of each student while they are studying.

The internet, computer technology, digital media, science laboratories, libraries and other specialist technology facilities are available to students on an everyday basis so that opportunities for learning creatively and independently are readily available.

International students learn alongside Australian students in a safe and supportive multicultural environment that enhances the student's social skills, confidence and overall experience.


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