Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus

Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus IntroductionNorthern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Campus

Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus is a coeducational community school. It aims to cater for the full range of students’ interests, abilities and career choices by providing opportunities for students to excel in academic, vocational, sporting, cultural and community service areas. A caring student welfare system based around vertical rollmarking groups and a concern for the individual is a feature of the school. Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus is one of five within the Northern Beaches Secondary College. This structure offers a comprehensive curriculum to Years 7- 12 as well as Vocational Training and Education (VTE) programs.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

  • Special support programs for international students are coordinated by trained ESL teachers

Languages Taught

  • Japanese and Italian

Special Programs

  • Leadership opportunities as prefects and on the Student Representative Council
  • Extension classes
  • English Literacy Reading program
  • Interschool Christian fellowship
  • Vocal group, band, dance, drama programs on campus
  • VTE programs in hospitality, tourism, business services, retail, informationtechnology and construction
  • School to work and career support program
  • Debating competitions
  • Teacher mentors for senior students
  • Social programs for international students and visitors

Student Support Services and Programs

  • Roll group teacher
  • Supervisors of student welfare
  • Year advisers
  • Student Representative Council
  • Student counsellor
  • Support teacher learning assistance
  • ESL programs

Special Facilities

  • Industry-standard VTE skills centre
  • Multimedia learning centre
  • Dance and drama studio
  • Gymnasium
  • Weight training room
  • Modern photography laboratory
  • Football oval and courts
  • Well-equipped science laboratories
  • Careers centre

HSC Results and Year 12 University/TAFE Placement

  • Cromer students consistently achieve outstanding academic results in the Higher School Certifi cate with many students continuing to tertiary education

In recent years:

  • The school captain was awarded the NSW Minister for Education and Training award for Excellence in Student Achievement
  • Students were listed in the Distinguished Achievers List
  • The top achieving students gained a University Admission Index (UAI) of 98.65
  • Outstanding results were obtained in English (extension), Creative Arts and Computing courses
  • High achievers gained places in universities or enrolled in TAFE

Features of Local Area

  • Cromer Campus is located close to Dee Why, Freshwater and Manly Beaches
  • The school uses the local beaches and pools for lifesaving and swim training
  • The school is surrounded by sporting facilities and playing fi elds
  • A multipurpose tennis, squash and beach volleyball facility is within walking distance from the school
  • Cromer campus is 20km from the harbour bridge, and only a short bus ride to large shopping malls, medical facilities and universities

Other Information

  • Cromer sporting teams have won water polo, netball, rugby, football and basketball competitions
  • Our students compete successfully in swimming, sailing, athletics, kayaking, rock climbing and squash
  • Academic competitions in English, Science, Maths and Computing are entered annually and Cromer students frequently achieve distinction results


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