Australia is the smallest continent in the world and it is divided into states one of them being Western Australia which is also the biggest state and its capital city is Perth with a very high population of about 1.5 million in Australia, it ranks as the fourth largest capital city. Like other major cities in Australia, it is a Multi-cultural city where you find great rich cultural diversity from all corners of the world.

The weather conditions are not extreme, as you would find in Canada or some parts of America, their summers are hot in comparison with other parts with temperatures on average at around 25°C, and if you are not a fun of hot weather conditions then February would be the month to avoid. Winter temperatures average about 13°C with moderate rainfall. The climate in Perth is not something to worry too much about

Like many other major cities in Australia, you will find annual cultural festival that again depicts the rich cultural diversity that the city has. There are many tourist attraction sites notable the Western Australian Museum, where you can get a lot of information about Australian and the city in particular, another place that attracts many tourists is the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts- that is the most ancient arts festival in Australian history. It does bring both local and international artist and one can get the chance to see the fine works of the artists.

Perth is certainly a city to visit and join in exploring the experience that this city brings.


park-c_02Perth  – First Time Ever

Every first-ever is a plunge in the unknown. Life itself is a plunge in the unknown. And though the next moment a mystery remains, we plunge into it all the same. Without the plunge no discovery is possible. Plunge in Perth and discover.
Come, immerse in a first-ever that beats many of its kind hands down in attractions. Like every first-ever, these attractions have an intoxicating freshness about them. Oh Elixir, thy name is Perth. You dare and so let loose the spirit of adventure. Perth is just that! This city dares.

As you come to Perth, you don’t need to prune your list of expectations. Let them grow and be natural as they can. Perth is sure to meet them all even if they are as high and majestic, which they surely are, as Mount Everest. Yes, let your visitor’s expectations be Mount Everest itself, Perth will take you there.

Some, most or all of these expectations in sight-seeing that involve Nature’s parade of beauty, people with welcoming smiles on their faces, buildings which constitute a leap of architectural imagination and more than we cannot pack in here and so leave to unfold as we continue are waiting to be fulfilled in Perth.

We are not going yet to the famous Kings Park nor to Rottnest Island, both of which is the home to Nature’s best pick and pack of attractions. We are not talking about the unbroken starches of beaches, smooth, clean and sandy. We shall come very soon to them. Here we want to begin by saying that the name Perth has its origin in Scotland.  The thread of the story becomes interesting as soon as Sir George Murray, the then Secretary of State for the Colonies and Member for Perthshire in the British House of Commons, appears on stage. As a member for the Scotish City of Perth (, the name of the city, Perth in Australia was named in his honour even though he did not come from Perth (Tim Lambert – A Brief History of Perth)

Now, having toured with Perth to the origin of its name which is an invitation to its history, its time to dive into the many natural attractions which are some of its many first-evers for visitors. The prehistory of the Perth dates back to its aboriginal names, communities and culture a lot of which is still alive in the names of places, buildings and parks.

The first-ever to be noticed is that Perth is the capital of the largest state in Australia, that is Western Australia. Western Australia was the last of the colonies to join the Federation of Australia and did so only when the other states had offered several concessions that include the construction of a transcontinental railway line to Perth from the eastern states.

Another first-ever of Perth which is not bearable without a large resource of inner strength of the inhabitants is its isolation from other states of Australia. In fact Perth is said to be the most isolated city of its kind, the capital of a state, on Earth.
But Nature has compensation for whatever is missing or omitted. As it so happens, to effect emotional balance, the compensation is always larger than what is missed and omitted. Based on this, the abundance of natural resources in Western Australia with Perth as the hub of service industries for these resources and other services is to not a surprise at all.

One visits to know, to feel, to become part of the story of the place, the people. To know is not just a question of hopping from one place of attraction to another but getting the feel of the people and places through interaction. The shortest route to the hearts of people is interest in their story. There are lots of stunning attractions - natural, architectural and technological – in Perth as in other cities of Australia, but what is the gain when the visitor takes all this back home without knowing the people, the hosts, through interest in and better still through drinking deep in the richness of their culture.

Cultural interest is about feeling into the lifestyles of the people, their hopes and fears, their dreams and struggles and in so doing, participating in the pool of creative abilities that produce the unique architectural designs, nurture the gardens to Nature’s pride, water the parks until the trees and the flowers shoot out and shoot up to the sky, speading their joy as they dance to the music of the wind. That’s what Perth expects of those who come here.

Yes, there are so many beautiful places in this city and around that will keep you awalking and atravelling from one posh building to the next, from one island to the next, indeed from AMP Tower, Governor Stirling Tower, Bank West Tower to Central Park and Exchange Plaza, all buildings of 20th century and from there, off to  other places of interest such as Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and Pinjarra's Peel Zoo. Pinjarra's Peel Zoo which has been awarded a Bronze Award for the Zoo and Botanical Gardens is only 10 minutes from Mandurah and 60 minutes from Perth.
Yanchep National Park, a you’ve just got to visit park, celebrates the richness of Aboriginal Culture.

Cultural activities engage the audience, encourage participation, inform, entertain and share the richness of Australian aboriginal culture in a real aboriginal experience. The National Park environment provides a unique setting for cultural activities and Indigenous Tours which include "Wangi Mia" and Balga Mia, an open air area with demonstration near the Koala enclosure. Here the visitors can enjoy barbecue and picnic facilities, row boat hire, scenic walk trails, koalas, kangaroos and an abundance of other native animals and plants.

Connor’s Mill at a Toodyay should not be left out.  The milling process here is based on the use of traditional methods and historic machinery.  Toodyay which is less than an hour drive from Perth, is one of Western Australia’s oldest towns. It’s the place where a number of resident artists and galleries find a fitting home.
And now, welcome to Avon Valley. This beautiful valley of lush green is Nature’s beauty radiating in an extravagance of attraction that challenges artistic imagination to transcend the given. The earthly and the heavenly blend here to become a canvass on which Nature displays rocking-rolling hills, villages with the visage of eternity itself, brooks in gallantry gallop, babbling away. Hot air ballooning, skydiving and bush walks are not just pastime that come and go. They are experiences that stay and make healthy.

Across the Avon Valley you have towns such as lively York, charming Toodyay, smiling Beverley, cool Goomalling and forever new as its name implies, New Norcia, all with the gentle mien of hospitable hostess, bubbling from within.
There is so much to do here and see that time tries to fly as fast as it can. What you’ve got to do is hold it down and pack into it, since space is always there in the heart, all the first-evers of Perth if you ever can.

Yes, you may have met Perth only a couple of hours ago but what is certain about it is to be found in Brian Hyland’s song, Ginny Come Lately. You only met this Perth a couple of days ago. You only met Perth and want lovin’ so. Perth-Come-At-Last, sweet, sweet it can be-ee-ee-ee…

Perth Australia

What you need to know about Perth

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia, with Perth as its capital city. This Secluded multinational metropolis is an ideal destination for a retreat any day, all year round.

The history of Perth

Perth was originally’ The Swan River Settlements’ capital-city, which was a free colonial settlement, in the early Eighteenth century and was established about 1829 by its fore founder Captain James Stirling. The Settlers were granted 200 acres per labourer they came with, but times were difficult and the settlement developed slowly. At around the 1850s, convicts were introduced to increase the manual workforce, and their efforts helped build several of the ancient structures that still exist today. The discovery of Gold around the 1890s led to a boost in the economy and greatly accelerated the growth of population.

The population count is something well above 1.5 million, and is the most recent Australian city state to become a member of the Australian Federation, as of 1901. At present Perth’s population includes a great percentage of British expatriates..
Hotels, Apartments for rent, Holiday Homes and cottages, Bed and breakfast, Caravan parks, and Hostels, are all the range Perth has to offer in terms of accommodation, not to mention it is a favorite travel spot for backpackers, therefore backpacker hostels are a plenty, also available is a Hostel for youth that is approximately 22 meters from the city’s major Railway station. Good Eating places don’t come short, and can be found abundantly in Perth’s suburbs, Fremantle which is a port town and the leisure entertainment district of Northbridge have a broad array of restaurants that include Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Chinese. On the sea food front, crayfish delicacies are recommended highly, with Rock Lobster, as a tasty choice for your palate, not only is it mouth watering but it is also relatively inexpensive during the summer. Fast-food joints are also on the list of endless eateries.

If you are a nature enthusiast then botanical life of Kings Park is an option you might want to consider it has some beautiful plants to offer and lends a breath taking view to the city. You can visit the Cultural Centre, which is a section of the city that comprises of the Alexander Library if in the mood to read, the Museum if you want to explore history, and the Art Gallery.


Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It is a big city and has grown considerably in the recent years due to expansion of Australian mining industry. As Western Australia is home to many naturally rich mines, Perth has experienced a very positive economic impact.

Perth is known for its sunny days, surfing beaches and beautiful sea-life. It is a perfect base to explore the offerings of Western Australia. It provides a gateway to Australian outback adventures with vast, rugged and open spaces. Some of the outback stations in Western Australia are size of small European countries.

The other side of holiday pleasure comes from surfing in the beautiful beaches of the region. Cottesloe Beach is very popular among people of all ages. Same can be said for The Basin at Rottnest Island which is also ideal for swimmers and snorkelers of all ages.

Young adults and teenagers like to visit the Scarborough Beach. Where the day time offers ideal time for swimming and sun bathing, the night gets busy with visitors enjoying music and drinks at various clubs on the shore.

Tourists who enjoy bush walking across the forests can experience the Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia’s long-distance walk trail. It is a 965 kilometre track that passes through many townships such as Collie, Balingup, Northcliffe, etc.

Perth Australia

Perth, the capital of west Australia, lies separately from most Australian residential areas by the enormous Australian desert, why it carries also the title "loneliest large city of the world". The alive and sunny metropolis of the water, located on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, offers a high recreational value by its versatile environment. Particularly what is very impressive is the costal line leading from Fremantle to Hillary’s it is 30 km stretch of sandy shore beach.
Surfers of all origins meet across this shore line, especially on the beach of Scarborough and at the Trigg Beach. Above all during the winter time is this area much likes and it also serves as a Training Area for the Surf Elite of Europe.
Who likes an accommodation in this area should go to the Hostel Western Beach Lodge. With A$ 110 per week, all inclusive - also board use, coffee, tea, spices, books, DVDs -, belongs it to the most favorable Hostels and its also very cleanly and has an unbelievably nice atmosphere.

Who is gladly to snorkel may not miss the island Rottnest Island with its fantastic and flat beaches. It is directly located at Perth and you can get there with the ferry of Fremantle or from the city center. There are also dipping excursion to the 11 sunken wrecks around the Coast of Rottnest Island.

The most popular place for backpackers to meet is at “Black Betty’s" and the "HIP-E club". Black Betty’s is convenient in Northbridge and offers to each Friday evening free entrance for backpackers (to 23 o'clock). The HIP-E club is directly to the Leederville Train station and free entrance for backpackers gives it each Tuesday.

But Perth is not only a place to get a good spare time. With five large universities and numerous TAFE`s there are various possibilities to do something for yourself. You can find whatever you like: a language course, a pottery course or even a complete study to train or study yourself further.

The local traffic in the city center is for free, Perth even provides special Red, Yellow and Blue Cat, which are specially intended for city center traffic, free of charge of course.

Thus, all bets on Perth!


Perth - Overview

Perth’s unspoilt beaches are generally safe for children, yet offer coral formations and good visibility, providing interest and excitement for the experienced swimmer, surfer or scuba diver. One of the safest beaches is Sorrento Quay, located at Hillarys Boat Harbour, 20 minutes from the city’s centre. Here there are dining, leisure and entertainment options, making it an enjoyable experience for visitors. Other beaches easily accessible from the city add to the variety of experiences available to residents and visitors.

Or you can visit Caversham Wildlife Park, in the Swan Valley, 19kms and 25 minutes from Perth. The Park holds distinctive Australian wildlife, as does Cohuna Wildlife Park, about 20kms south of the city. Perth Zoo in South Perth is home to distinctive Australian natives, as well as wildlife from the African savannah and the rainforests of Asia.

For the night-owl, some of Perth’s best night clubs can be found in Northbridge, not far from city centre. You’ll find dance, hip hop and pop among its many pubs and live music venues. Restaurant cuisines include Asian, Italian and Mediterranean. Subiaco, another Perth suburb, offers theatres, clubs, pubs, and arthouse cinemas. Similar venues can be found in many other Perth suburbs. Then there is Burswood Casino, 5 minutes form the city, open 24/7 apart from Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Good Friday

Perth offers great duty-free shopping, as well as general shopping for everything you could want and is provided with large shopping centres as well as city arcades. And while you’re in town shopping, visit the Western Australian Art Gallery between Perth and Northbridge, with its Australian, Aboriginal and international collections, or visit one of the museums about Perth to catch up on WA’s history.

Historic Fremantle, located half an hour south of Perth, is home to well-known markets and is easily reachable by train. From here you can catch a ferry to Rottnest Island, 18kms off the coast, or catch one from Perth, half an hour upriver. Rottnest is home to the furry native quokka and offers a choice of acitivites from walking and cycling to golf and beaches.

Perth’s public transport network will take you to most places of interest in the city and suburbs, and the City is the hub with connections to all the metropolitan areas. And if not public transport, then the City provides convenient open and covered parking, marked by the City’s distinctive signs.

Perth Climate

Some facts about Perth

Perth is the capital of the largest state in Australia - Western Australia. It is located on the south-west edge of the Australian continent with the Indian Ocean lapping up its shores. Perth is situated on the banks of the Swan river and is renowned for its casual lifestyle with a cosmopolitan charm.

The Perth CBD is only 5km for the UWA campus. Perth is also renowned for its shopping and wide range of entertainment venues. To the west of Perth at the mouth of Swan river is the harbour city - Fremantle. Its streets are lined with cafes and it has an old world charm to it. Both cities are centres for the arts and have a thriving social scene. Perth is also a multicultural city which is home to many cultures and traditions which co-exist peacefully in a state of harmony.

Perth facts in brief

  • Perth is the capital of Western Australia - the largest Australian state
  • Perth is located at the South-western fringe of the state
  • Perth is home to a population of 1.4 million
  • Perth follows a democratic Westminster model
  • The time zone for Perth is GMT + 8 hours
  • The city allows for complete freedom of worship
  • The official language is English



Climate in Perth

Perth's Mediterranean climate is perfect for the outdoors with activities such as sailing and surfing being popular. Other activities include bicycle rides and picnics by the river.

Known as the sunniest city in Australia, Perth enjoys warm weather and great sunshine nearly all year round. The people of Perth love the outdoors and it’s too not hard to know why.

Climate Guide (Average temperatures)

Summer (Dec, Jan, Feb)        18 C – 30 C

Autumn (Mar, Apr, May)        14 C – 23 C

Winter (Jun, Jul, Aug)        10 C – 18 C

Spring (Sep, Oct, Nov)        12 C – 22 C

Note – The higher average temperatures for each season are recorded during the daytime and the lower temperatures at night.

Living In Perth

Living In Perth - Western Australia's capital

Located on the coast on the Swan and Canning Rivers in the South West of Western Australia, Perth has a Mediterranean climate. Its summers are hot and dry, with an average temperature of around 25-30C during the day, and its winters are cool and wet. The average rainfall in Perth, falling mostly between May and September, is around 880mm each year.

There are on average more sunlight hours each day and fewer rainy days each year than in most other Australian capital cities. In the afternoons the Fremantle Doctor, a refreshing local breeze, cools the city and is particularly welcome in the summer months. Perth is a clean city with low pollution levels and low humidity - ideal for outdoor activities. Parks, beaches, rivers and other facilities throughout the city provide great opportunities to enjoy fun and action in this sunny, moderate climate.

Perth in particular has a high quality of life and is one of the most affordable of any Australian city. Perth is ranked as one of the best cities in the world for quality of life and affordability.

Generally, all modest living expenses such as rent, food, public transport, health and recreation, as well as miscellaneous odds and ends like laundry etc, can be managed within a weekly budget of $200-$300AUS, though this is naturally affected by one's particular location, lifestyle and choice of retail outlets.

Rental properties in Perth range from simple one-bedroom apartments to luxury mansions, furnish or unfurnished, with short term or long term leases. Demand peaks in summer, from November to March, so there can be some competition at this time of year and many properties are leased within a fortnight of being advertised, though some are even taken within days.

Rentals fluctuate not only with demand, but also the kind of property and particularly the property's location - river frontages, beachside and city accommodation will naturally be a bit more expensive, though Perth's prices are among the lowest in Australia, compared to other capitals. Look in the West Australian newspaper's "To Let" section (best on Wednesdays and Saturdays), real estate agencies and the internet for listings of properties.

Perth's public transport network of bus, train and ferry services is up-to-date and efficient, connecting all parts of the city to the centre. Most people living in Perth travel no more than 40 minutes or so from home to their place of work or study.

Things to do in Perth

Watch the sun set over Cottesloe Beach:

Australian’s flock to Western Australian to see the gorgeous sunsets over the Indian Ocean. Cottesloe Beach affords some of the most beautiful views of the water in a pristine environment. The area also has many pubs and fish and chips shops, the perfect place to go once the sun has set.

Get up close with nature at Perth Zoo:

Who doesn’t love a good zoo? The relatively small size of this zoo means that you can see everything in a day, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot to see and do. As well as the exhibits, Perth Zoo also had half hourly shows featuring wild animals like elephants, giraffes, zebras and fearsome reptiles; behind the scenes tours and a Shadow a Zoo Keeper for a Day programme; a heritage trail; an old fashion carousel; and so much more! And all for a tiny admission fee of $20.00.

Shop till you drop in Harbour Town:

Shopaholics won’t want to leave this massive discount shopping centre. From clothing to book, home wares to jewellery, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in Harbour Town, you’re not trying hard enough!

Swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia:

Monkey Mia is actually a bit of a trek from Perth, but this is something you absolutely have to do while you’re in Western Australia. This beautiful dolphin resort is the only one in Australia that gives visitors the chance to swim and interact with dolphins for free! Due to the park’s overwhelming popularity, you will need to book ahead; you can do so on the Monkey Mia website.

Thrill seeking at Adventure World:

Adventure World is a six hundred square kilometres of fun rides, exciting waterslides and thrilling roller coasters. Big kids will love this amusement park just as much as the small kids do. Fun fact: Adventure World’s owner is a Western Australian man who lives fifteen minutes from the park. I wonder if he ever does midnight roller coaster runs...

Perth Parks

Perth’s Most Interesting Parks

Perth has dozens of forest, gardens and national parks. Below are the most interesting and unusual, but if you’ve got the spare time, you really should try to visit them all.

Marmion Marine National Park

Marmion Park stretches from Trigg Island to Burns Rock, about five kilometres off the Perth coastline. This area is home to a variety of marine life, such as dolphins, whales and sea lions. With whale and dolphin watching cruises operating in the area, you have the chance to get up close with these beautiful creatures.
Marmion Marine Park also offers swimming, fishing, snorkelling and diving.

Mundaring Community Sculpture Park

Here, artistic sculptures compete with the colourful native flora, such as golden wattles, brilliant bottle brushes and vivid wildflowers. Eight Western Australian artists have created sculptures for this park; most popular is the interactive Moodae-ring acoustic sculpture, carved from Karri and Wandoo woods, that makes a variety of sounds when the touch activated panels are pushed. Mundaring Park also has a heritage trail and playground.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

Visiting a cemetery may seem a little morbid, but it provides a fantastic experience for history buffs who wish to examine historic headstones. Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park also has a lovely parkland that contrasts natural vegetation with manicured, European inspired gardens.

Yanchep National Park

How many national parks have you been to that have an underground restaurant? Cabaret Cave, at Yanchep National Park, is a bewitching cave restaurant featuring a supper room and ballroom. Enjoy first class cuisine in an environment that can’t be topped.


Perth is Western Australia’s capital city. The metropolitan area is in the south-west of Australia between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Range. Located on the Swan River is Perth’s central business district. In 2009 The Economist ranked Perth number 5 in its list of most liveable cities.

Kings Park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks. It is just a short walk from the city. It is a major attraction for tourists. The park looks over the city and the Swan River. From a high place the Perth Hills and the blue skies can be seen. At the DNA Tower the Indian Ocean can be observed when the whether is fine. Kings Parks has cultivated gardens mixed with bushland. Visitors can jog through the bushland; take a picnic, or attend a summer outdoor concert.

An award-winning tourist destination is the Perth Mint. It is one of the world’s oldest mints. It still operates on the original premises. The British Royal Mint established it in 1899. The Bell Tower’s location is where Perth meets the Swan River in Barrack Square. The tower is a large glass spire and one of the world’s largest musical instruments. At the Western Australian Museum, Perth tourists can learn about the heritage of the state. Western Australia’s heritage is displayed via stories, interpretations, exhibitions and exploration of the state’s history.

The Perth Cultural Centre contains the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The gallery shows an array of art. Art that is shown is a mixture of Australian and international flavours. Visitors can also enjoy Perth through guided tours. These tours can take visitors to various places in the city such as The Perth Mint, Northbridge and Burswood Casino. Tours can be provided by the Perth Tram Company and Perth City Sightseeing Bus.