Triple 0 (000) is the phone number you ring in Australia in the case of an emergency situation. 000 is free of charge and the number can be called from anywhere in the country. 000 can also be called on a mobile phone. When you call 000 you will be connected to an operator who will help you through the situation you are in.

The operator will connect you to the appropriate service you will need, whether that be the Fire Brigade, Police, or Ambulance service. But it is important that you only use 000 in the case of an emergency or a crime (in the act) being committed.

When calling 000 you will be connected to an operator and it is important that you tell the operator what is going on as best as you can. It is also important to stay as calm as possible during the emergency because the clearer the information that you give the operator the more appropriate assistance the operator can give you.

  • So, tell the operator what service you need: Fire Brigade / Police / Ambulance.
  • Tell the operator what the emergency is.
  • Tell the operator where you are and whether there are any significant landmarks nearby like a monument, building, bridge, river etc.
  • And give the appropriate information as best as you can to any questions they may require of you.
  • Once you have given them the information and the operator has contacted the appropriate service, try and stay as calm as possible. And try and keep yourself and others as far away from the source of the danger as possible. Help should arrive shortly and generally does in most emergency situations.
  • Once assistance (Fire Brigade / Police / Ambulance) arrives it is best to let them deal with the emergency because they have been trained to do just that. You have done what is required of you under the law.

Once again, don?t call 000 if it is not an emergency. If you have been burgled, or had your car stolen, contact the nearest police station or go there in person and they will help you.

New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory all have a police help line 131 444 that can be used during these situations. Queensland and Victoria do not have such a service, so go to the nearest police station in your area and they will help you with your problem.

SES (State Emergency Services)

All states and territories in Australia have an SES that are mobilized during emergency situations like floods, bushfires etc. The State Emergency Services help the Fire Brigade, Police, and Ambulance services with large scale emergency services and their assistance has been invaluable with finding lost bushwalkers and other people who have found themselves in difficult situations.

  • The SES should be contacted when you find that you have lost the roof of your house in a storm, or you have sustained flood damage etc.
  • If you need SES assistance they can be contacted on the following number: 132 500 anywhere in the country.