Purnululu National Park

Kimberly Western Australia

One of the most amazing geological landmarks in Western Australia is the Bungle Bungle Ranges, located in Northern Western Australia the Purnululu National Park hosts the Bungle Bungles.

An imposing site, the Bungle Bungles where not discovered by Europeans until the mid 1980's due to its remoteness and size. The ranges rises about 578 meters above sea level and 200 to 200 meters above land. Flying over the Bungle Bungles you will see as you go further into it there are pools and hidden gorges waiting to be discovered and explored.

This is a fantastic place to learn of the history and culture of Indigenous Australians, inside the Bungle Bungles are many places rich in Aboriginal art work. There are also many ancient burial sights which can still be seen today.

It is recommended to stay a week at the Purnululu National Park, as there is so much to discover here. Not only are the spectacular Bungle Bungles available to explore but you will need the extra time to explore the history and culture of this land as well as learn of the fauna and flora that call this National Park home.

There is plenty of accommodation available for those wishing to stay, there are the public camping grounds as well as many private camping areas where food and tours are available. For private camping areas you must book well in advance.

The climate in norther Western Australia can get quite hot it is best to visit the National Park during the cooler months of Autumn, Winter and Spring during this time the average temperature is 30 (C). The summer months temperatures can rise above 40 (C) making it almost unbearable.

Many travellers will take a tour through out northern Western Australia, stopping at Broome and Kununurra as well. These tours are usually either coach tours or four wheel drive tours. Experienced tour guides will guide you through all the special areas throughout north Western Australia. Accommodation, food and tours will all be included.

Offering a Visitors centre and guided tours through out the park to help educate tourists of the lands history and culture. Many tours are available including bush walking trails, four wheel drive tours and scenic flights. Also home to spectacular wildlife, many humans dream of seeing crocodiles in their natural habitat. Local to the Kimberlies in Northern Western Australia, there is a chance of spotting a crocodile in the National Park whilst on one of your guided tours.

Purnululu National Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight in 2003. Due to the fact that it is 239,723 hectares of land and has the Bungle Bungle Ranges within the parks grounds. This means that the park is completely protected and can never be harmed or developed on.

The National Park and the Bungle Bungle Ranges are an Australian icon and must be seen to be believed, many say it could take a life time to explore and properly grasp exactly what this land has to offer.