Queensland Accommodation

Accommodation in Australia!
G’day mates! How are ya?

It is not different anywhere in the world so, let’s start saying that: Finding accommodation in Australia will depend a lot on your budget. So…, fair enough! Got enough cash? If yes; well, will not be hard to find the perfect spot, with an ocean view! But, if your budget is tidy – as usually is for most of students – here we go! Let’s try to give you some tips and help!

First of all, it is unquestionable the best thing to do: book a place to stay, at least, for the two first weeks. It is just so complicated to arrive in a new country without a place to drop your huge travelling bags. So, if you have a friend living in your destination, if you find a cheap quote at a hotel around the area you are willing to live; do not hesitate and get in contact before landing in Australia.

It is not that hard to find a place on those popular relationship websites. Log in and try to find people who need new flatmates and get in contact. Do not be shy! You can probably help yourself and help someone else who is desperate to find a flatmate! It can really work. If it does not help, you may have given some rich information and use it on your behalf!

Of course that, if you just make it on a verbal arrangement way, there is a chance that some unreliable people do not wait till you get there. So, if you did not book any accommodation with a hostel or hotel, be aware you may not find your place available on the day you arrive. It happened to me. I found a place in Brisbane, really cheap, and organized to stay there. But two weeks before flying I received an e-mail from the couple saying they had re-rented it so someone else from Singapore or whatever…, believe me or not.

So, I had to stay on a hotel for the first night and find a rental property in a hurry! The worst part is that you are still feeling that “jet lag” effects in your mind and you have to solve lots of things in the first week. So, great advice, organize a place to stay and do not feel regret.

The biggest issue to find a place to rent here is that it can demand time and, mostly everyone wants to find a place to stay quickly to have some rest after a long trip!

The Real Estate agencies in Australia make it compulsory that you book an inspection at the property you are interested in renting. So, you go to the Real Estate personally – or you can check their websites and call, if you prefer – and book as many inspections as you can. After the inspection, you are eligible to apply to become the tenant of that property. And be aware: great places with cheap prices usually have more than ten people showing up for the inspection and it can turn onto a lottery to be selected among all the interested people. Besides that, you need to prove your income, documents, residential status, visa and another bunch of information required. If you do it right and you are selected by the Real Estate, congratulations! You will be given the keys and will be ready to move!

Well, let’s suppose you did not read my article and came to Australia without a pre booked place to stay. No worries mate! But be ready to spend good money on hotels. Hopefully there will be some vacancy! It is fantastic how in some periods of the year Australia gets busy and you simply cannot find a place to stay. If you are, for example, arriving in Sydney, just after Christmas, it will be a miracle to find a place without pre booking. Check the date you are flying and make sure there are none grant events happening due that time.

Australia has so many great accommodations. There are thousands of places you can rent that you could never imagine how great they are. It is common to see in big metro areas, students sharing a two bedroom apartment among 8 guys.

Some couples also share two bedroom apartments to share expenses; it is clever to do it! The worst scenario I think would be to find an accommodation to someone single who likes to live by itself. There are not so many options if you do not want to spend a lot of money. An average cost to live in a share place in Brisbane metro area today would be between AUD 120/week and AUD 200/week. It is really hard to see nowadays an apartment for rent for less than AUD 250/week.

So guys, check your flights and timetables, have a look on some Real Estate and relationship websites and plan your trip before flying. It is worthwhile and will save you a lot of headaches!