Top Universities and Colleges Provide Opportunities to Know the Unique and Interesting Aboriginal Culture

Still untouched by the modern world, Australia’s aboriginal culture has raised curiosity not only to the historians or art lovers but tourists, photo journalists, travellers, and the erudite. The culture tells us how Man evolved to a social being, capable of living in a society by developing indigenous social rules. It also states how art and religion shaped up various tribes in Australia.

Learning through Field Trips
Many universities have aboriginal centres where the Australian aboriginal culture is perused and researched. Artwork and books related to indigenous tribes of Australia are maintained. International students are allowed to enrol to a course and study the culture.

At Murdoch University for instance, the ‘Nyungar’ (Aboriginal) studies allow students learn an in depth knowledge on the tribe from Western Australia. The students also take part in field trips; say a trip to the monastery town of New Norcia to understand about aboriginal artwork and concept of “Stolen Generations” The tutorials are often taken by local Nyungar Elders.

Those who have studied anthropology, sociology, or history can take part in this program.

Tertiary Studies
Victoria university of Melbourne offers the Bachelor of Arts in Kyinandoo program and many tertiary programs on aboriginal culture and artwork. It deals with the aboriginal society of Wurundjeri people.

The University of Queensland also offers tertiary programs for foreign students to take up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. The full-time program offers 14 courses in various combinations. In each semester, 4 courses are taught.

Career-Oriented Courses on Indigenous Studies

La Trobe University is one of the many universities that offer programs on the Australian aboriginal culture and social interactions. Many of these courses are job-oriented courses.

Students completing these programs immediately get jobs in museums, government departments that cater to tourism or archaeological work, educational institutes, aboriginal councils, organizations catering to indigenous culture, and so on.

The Bachelor of Archeology deals with archaeology of ancient aboriginal people who settled in Australia. From fossilized remains the students learn how to extract historical facts of the tribes.

To study courses on aboriginals in Australia, students must qualify for the IELTS examination and earn a score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0. The international students must also be academically qualified – or Year 12 qualified.

Those who do not meet the requirement for studying the course can take up foundation or diploma courses offered by the La Trobe’s undergraduate pathway program.

Further Studies and Research Work
At Macquarie University, various research works are done on indigenous studies. The Faculty of Arts offers research projects on Australian Aboriginal Astronomy, Indigenous Ageing, and Indigenous Health.

Dealing with human rights of the tribes in Australia, and development of indigenous art are also part of the research work supported by the university.

Many students studying Masters in Australian aboriginal culture study further at the same university by enrolling to doctoral programs of the indigenous culture in Australia.

In short, Australia offers courses at various levels to foreign students to learn about Aboriginal culture.

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