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Study Abroad Program Australia – Study Abroad Australia Program

Receive a comprehensive guide to study abroad Australia and study abroad New Zealand with career prospects, universities and colleges, professional institutes, industry associations, jobs and immigration rules in Australia and New Zealand.

This site is of particular interest to students, pupils and parents, work and travel people, and professionals such as business managers, accountants, financial planners, software developers, systems analysts, engineers, doctors, nurses, lawyer, teachers, professors, chefs, catering managers, news reporters and media specialists and journalists.

This site also contains many helpful hints on choosing the right career and landing a well-paying job that is best suited to one’s skills and interests.

Study Abroad Program Australia – Australia Study Abroad

Study abroad Australia programs range from high school cultural exchanges to college-level classes, often for credit. In order to choose a study abroad Australia program that best fits your needs, you will want to find out what kind of students participate in the program and what sort of accommodations are provided.

In study abroad Australia programs that have large groups of students who speak the same language, there is a trade-off. You may feel more comfortable in the community, but you will not have the same opportunity to befriend other international students. Dorm life provides a better opportunity to mingle with fellow students, but there is less of a chance to experience the local scene.  If you live with a family, there is potential to build lifelong friendships with natives and to experience day-to-day life in more depth, but conditions can vary greatly from family to family.

A good resource for finding programs that cater to your particular interests is www., which has links to various semester abroad programs based on a variety of criteria, including desired location and focus of study.

Australia Study Abroad – Study Abroad Australia Program

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University Study Abroad Programs in Australia

It is now possible to study with one of the top universities or live with an Australian family and learn Australian culture, language etiquette, and more through student exchange programs. Conducted by institutes, these programs are safe and hassle-free.

Many universities even partner with institutes in other countries and initiate student exchange programs. Each year students from foreign countries arrive in Australia as a part of the student exchange program. Technical training, English learning, and hands-on experience are part of the curriculum. 

Top Foreign Institutes have Tied-Up with Australian Education Providers for Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs are quite common in Australia where top universities, colleges, and high schools tie up with institutes in foreign countries. There are also government organizations which help students, especially those studying higher education to take part such programs. These organizations help institutes to form partnerships with similar educational providers in other countries.

Aim of Student Exchange Programs
Students from other countries study abroad in Australia while the same number of Australian students visits the corresponding country under a student exchange program. The idea is to:

  • Exchange ideas, both educational as well as cultural
  • Create friends and likeminded groups
  • Take up opportunities that rise from such programs, such as internship programs and workshops

How it is Done
Top universities partner with similar institutes and organize exchange programs where students learn innovative tips from experts in the foreign university. They may study for one or two semesters and get credits for the certificates they earn in their home turf.

The option is available at all realms in the Australian education system. For instance, there are high school exchange programs where students from non-English speaking countries visit Australia to get trained in English. There may be excursions, fun-filled tours, or intense travelling too during such tours.

Host families provide accommodation to students coming over to Australia on a student exchange program. The students must have the prerequisite qualifications and English proficiency to take part in a student exchange program. The language criterion differs however, from one institute to another.

Research Activities
Apart from short-term training programs, there can be research activities for university students. These include engineering, health, IT, and environmental science. Universities recommend students who will participate in a student exchange program. However, if a student is not selected by the university, he or she can still take part in the program. The student must apply independently to the Australian university and take admission as a study abroad student.

Student exchange programs enable students to make friends, learn new culture and knowledge. It helps students to be confident and make suitable career moves in the future.

Are you looking for student exchange programs in Australia? Write to our student counsellors specifying your qualification and interest to get valuable information.

Australia Study Abroad – Study Abroad Australia Program

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Study Abroad Program Australia at English Language Schools – Study English in Australia

Receive free advice on language schools abroad. Learn english at one of the best language schools in Australia!

Australia Study Abroad – Study Abroad Australia Program

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Study Abroad Down Under

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Australia Study Abroad and other non-award study programs

Study Abroad Program Australia – Australia Study Abroad

We are seeing an interest from a number of students, seeking information on Study Abroad Australia and associated programs.

What is a Study abroad?

This is a program where students who are enrolled in a bachelor degree at their home university can enrol for one semester in 3 or 4 bachelor subjects at the University of Wollongong. Students receive a transcript from the University of Wollongong for their studies here, and these are credited to studies at their home university.

Normally students would have finished at least one year of their bachelor degree, and must reach an equivalent English level of TOEFL 550 (PBT), 213 (CBT) or 79 (iBT) before they start the program.

Wollongong College Australia offers academic English courses which prepare students for this program, and provide an English for Tertiary Studies course which students can take without the need to take a further TOEFL test.

Study Tours for credit

Wollongong College Australia can offer customised study tour programs for groups of students from a college or university. This study tour can consist of English language training and/or academic components and/or leisure and challenge/social research activities. For all or some of the study tour components, the home university may choose to grant credit exemptions.

Australia Study Abroad – Study Abroad Australia Program

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Summer Programs Australia – Study Abroad Program Australia

Short Term Summer Study Abroad Programs Invite Gap Year Students, Fresh Graduates, or Job Seekers to Check Out Australia


Study Abroad Australia Program

Young graduates from Asia Pacific and South East Asian countries arrive each year in Australia to participate in the summer camps. From hospitality to culinary and catering services, you can try your hands in many projects. Short outdoor education is also popular.

Short Term Summer Study Abroad Programs Invite Gap Year Students, Fresh Graduates, or Job Seekers to Check Out Australia

Summers camps are quite popular in Australia and each year thousands of international students visit the country to take part in short-term summer projects.  The options are varied that can range from a trip to the Outback or coastal areas of Australia.

Some learn Business English or writing skills. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a month-long session at Sydney Opera House or learn imagery at a photography workshop. There are others who take part in community service as well.

Field Trips
These trips are for a very short duration, say a week long. However, round-the-clock practical work helps students to learn the secret of the trade efficiently. Common field trips are generally tours to the Outback. Students learn photography, enjoy a trip to the rainforests and take part in ecological projects, and many more.

At the end of the trip, you may get an opportunity to showcase work of art in a gallery or get certificates of your hard work. Often, the work can fetch credits if you wish to study further at an institute in Australia.

English Training
Study abroad programs are especially created each year to allow students from non-English speaking countries to come over to Australia and develop their communication in English.

One of the best ways to do so is by enabling them to spend few days at a homestay where they learn the Australian culture and mode of communication. Some workplace projects are also organized. Hospitality students can take up short summer camps organized in plush resorts where they work at the front desk and meet customers.

Academic Bridging Courses
Write to our counsellors for useful suggestions and tips to easily study abroad in Australia.

Australia Study Abroad – Study Abroad Australia Program

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Our Study Abroad Program Australia Experiences Section


The Study Abroad Australia Experiences section is intended to provide information and advice on all things related to studies in Australia: We advice you on selecting the right course, institution as well as program. Send us your study abroad in Australia experiences! These students come from different countries and study different programs. But they all have one thing in common – they enjoy studying in Australia, living in Australia, and talking about their experiences.

Study Abroad Semester in Australia

Australia – a country with numerous facets

Australia – a country with numerous facets
I already had the possibility to experience down under and the people living there during my study abroad semester this year.

The next paragraph is a broad overview about my impressions. Australia is famous for its nature and its wildlife.

One impressive example is the Red Centre with the Ayers Rock, a holy location of the Aborigines. If you are in a metropolis such as Sydney, it is also a stroll away from the mountains or from the beaches. You are in a few hours in the Blue Mountains where you can enjoy nature and walking.

On the other side you can relax on the beaches, for example at Bondi Beach, which is well-known for surfing. You can find this diversity all around Australia. It does not matter where you are; if you are in a small city or in a big city. Like its nature the people who are living in Australia are also from different nations.

I got to know Asians, Americans and Europeans during my time in Australia. The Australian people are open-minded and friendly. One example for their friendliness is that you thank the bus driver when you go out of the bus; or you ask the check-out girl/boy … How are you??

These are common gestures in the Australian culture.

Modern and ancient, nature and industry – a high-contrast country! That is why I am so fascinated by Australia.