It is quite common to find budding photographers travelling to different spots in Australia with mentors, clicking artistic pictures and learning nuances of fine photography.

Aspiring Photojournalists Travel Australia with Teams to Learn Photography On-the-Job

Is it possible to enjoy different spots in Australia, work and learn all at the same time? Versatile working environment allows travellers to do just this, especially if you are a photographer with a penchant to click pictures that say thousand words.

There are various types of photographers, say architectural or interior photographer, photographer dealing with portraits, wedding and lifestyle photographers. There are also those who click photos on nature, wildlife, landscapes, risky moving shots, or underwater marine life.

Learning New Skills in Photography

It is not only necessary to know about photography but also know about various shooting styles, types of lenses used in the camera, and photo-editing, and presentation. Whether it is a still picture or a motion one, contemporary photographers use digitalization and colour gradation while creating a unique photograph.

You can learn new skills, work in a practical environment, and visit one spot to another. While a wildlife photographer goes from one forest to another to click captivating pictures of the wild, a lifestyle photographer or portrait photographer visits various cities, social gatherings, or museums.

Visiting Places with a Purpose
Many travellers are hired to visit archaeological spots, historical places, and areas where some years back a war was fought. The travellers need to work with a team of archaeologists, historians, and excavators by collating articles and data found in various locations. With a working knowledge in photography, the travellers click photos that get published in journals.

Some adventurous cameramen visit the Outback to pursue freelance photography. Often, they enrol in a lucrative Jackaroo to learn about horse riding and cattle shearing. Learning and earning is quite the in thing for backpackers today who want to stay longer in Australia to enjoy the culture and ambience of the place.

Studying Communication Arts and Pursuing Photography
Many student journalists opt for a side course where they learn the art of working with a camera to produce unique artwork and videos. A diploma holder of Theatre Arts, a budding filmmaker, Bachelor in Advertising and Media Works, or a Post-Graduate in International Communication often use their Gap Year, session breaks or summer holidays to indulge in a tour.

They use their holidays to travel into certain locations in Australia, click mesmerizing photos, learn the art of successfully clicking pictures, and earn some money in the process.

Can You Study, Travel, and Work
Yes, it is possible for international students on a Student visa to work indefinitely during the holidays. This is just the right time to gain work experience and create one’s portfolio.

If you are a budding travel writer, you can take up on-the-job photographic assignments as well to learn and help in making your articles more illustrative. Some photographers visit Australia on a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday visa where they enjoy their travelling passionately but also click useful images of the country.

While studying in a college, you can work part-time in an advertising agency or book publisher. You can work as a freelance cameraman or just work with the team as an assistant videographer.

To know more about traineeship and on-the-job assignments while travelling, write to us for information.

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