Tasmania may be separated from the mainland of Australia by the Bass Strait but it’s still a vibrant and contributing state and island. Known for its relatively unspoilt natural environment and attractions, Tasmania offers a lot to the visitors and locals.
The culture of Tasmania seems insignificant compared to the rest of Australia but unaware to the everyday eye, Tasmania offers Australia’s entire culture a diverse spread.

The harbourside capital city Hobart is a beautiful scene of sails and spinnakers along the port. Well known for its sandstone and seafood, Hobart is just one city amongst the many in Tasmania that not only houses urban and industrialised areas but naturally attractive scenes and views.

The mountainous countryside is home to many vineyards and breweries, providing Boags and Cascade beer most popularly and famously. Meanwhile King Island located just off the northern tip of the state is reputable for its vivacious cheeses and dairy products. Cuisine was once a very formal English styled menu but due to changing cultural patterns Tasmania now has a wide diversity of cuisine. Local and fresh produce is not only accepted by the community of the state but is also sent everywhere across Australia.

Tasmania has high popularity with Australian Rules Football but despite this, it does not hold a team in the competition. Hawthorn Football Club does have a sponsorship with the Tasmanian government to play 4 games a year in the state and wear the Tasmanian tourism logo on their jumper. Besides AFL, Tasmania doesn’t have many other teams in national sports mainly due to lack of stadiums and locations to play the sports. (Currently the government is working on building more sustainable stadiums to help the growth of the involvement Tasmania has in national sports.)

Tasmania annually holds special events in order to cultivate and encourage tourism. The most popular being the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race held on Boxing Day every year. Recently the musical Falls Festival (a typically only Victorian festival) has been held in Marion Bay, providing a nationally acclaimed music event to the state.

Tasmania is only a small part of Australia but it packs a punch when providing culture and colour to the country. The naturally beautiful and inspiring environment holds the state up simply on its own. Abundant rainforests, immense mountain ranges and graceful and curving rivers from the heart of the state to the coast; these are just some of the things on offer in Tasmania.


Tasmania (TAS)

Tasmania is the only island state of Australia and Hobart is its capital city and the second oldest after Sydney. The Bass Strait separates Tasmania from the rest of Australia and is also the location for the country’s famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The race is held every year on Boxing Day.

The summer and winter seasons are comparatively cooler compared to other Australian cities and in the beginning of the New Year Hobart celebrates with the Taste Festival, promoting Tasmanian arts and crafts, entertainment and produce.