Townsville was founded in 1864 for its economic benefits as a port. It later developed and grew thanks to the discovery of gold at Ravenswood, Charters Towers and the military invasion.

Townsville has a very unique Australian tropical character. It combines the benefits and attractions of tropics with the comfort of a major city. The residents are known to enjoy sunshine for around 300 days in a year thus making it a very attractive destination.

Visitors to Townsville can experience the rainforests, national parks, waterfalls, tropical islands, ship wrecks etc. And of course, links to the Great Barrier Reef also makes Townsville a very attractive hub.

There are various tours that operate out of Townsville that cover all aspects of the area such as food and wine, wild life, scenery and aboriginal culture. Tourists can experience breathtaking views and gain an insight into the military history of the region from Castle Hill.

National Trust Heritage Centre is also a major attraction with the collection of three heritage houses restored and furnished to the period. With the efforts of the officials and the residents, many other buildings in the area are also restored with their original characteristics.

Another major attraction from the National Trust is the Charters Towers’ museum. Visitors can experience a demonstration of an aerial cash system (popularly known as the flying fox) and also have a look at the half knitted socks displayed as it was left by a mother once she learned of her son being killed in a war.

Townsville is on the north-eastern part of Queensland, Australia. It is close to the central part of the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville is perceived to be the unofficial capital of North Queensland. Places to see include The Strand, Riverway, Reef HQ and Magnetic Island.

The Strand is a long strip of beach at Townsville. For years The Strand has been a playground for Townsville. The beach plays a vital part in the Townsville region. The Strand has been used for a variety of events. There are often art events, parades, cultural events, memorial events, school events, concerts, sporting events and the annual Christmas program.

Riverway is on the Ross River. The place has a combination of cultural, leisure, sports and residential activities. The Riverway Lagoons has an area as large as three Olympic swimming pools. The upper lagoon is used for more formal purposes. For visitors wanting to be more laid back the lower lagoon is a better option. The lower lagoon is less formal. The Riverway Arts Centre combines leisure and the arts. There is a range of facilities that allows the region to host artists and performances. The centre gives options for private and corporate events. Pinnacles Gallery is a place to see fine, contemporary art. It has hosted many artists from Australia. The gallery has a range of exhibits. Riverwalk is next to the Ross River. It is a place where visitors can see the birdlife.

Reef HQ is located in the middle of Townsville’s entertainment area. It is an easy walk from Townsville’s central business district, The Strand and Jupiters Casino. It has a range of exhibits. The Coral Reef Exhibit is the world’s largest coral reef aquarium. There are 130 coral species and 120 species of fish as well as many species of sea stars, sea-cucumbers, sponges and other reef organisms. The Predator Exhibit is home to various reef predators. Visitors can get close to sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and large fish. Other exhibits at Reef HQ are the Reef Zone, Water Zone, Light Zone and Night Zone.

Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville. There are a range of activities that can be done on the island. Visitors can go on a Jetski Tour around the island. For those wanting a slower pace there is the option of sailing in a bay. There is also snorkelling and swimming over coral reefs. People can also go and observe marine life on a guided Sea Kayak tour. The instructor will guide you in how to use a kayak and exploring. People will have the opportunity to see dolphins, turtles and other marine animals. Visitors can also go on a guided fishing tour. If people want to spend time out of the water they can travel across the island on buses, taxis or four-wheel drives.