Western Australia Academy Perth

Auston Institute of Management & Technology is a quality university education provider and its programs are nationally accredited. The institute benefits immensely from its highly qualified and experienced staff. Education and Training is provided in state of the art facilities. Student welfare is our top priority.

Auston Perth is a liberal and progressive institution that caters to both local and international students. International students are given special care and attention in adjusting to a new environment.

Airport Pickup & Accommodation

International students who make prior arrangements are provided with a pick-up service. We also provide students with advice about accommodation such as:

Homestay, living with a local family
Rented accommodation such as apartments, units and townhouses
Temporary short-term accommodation suchas hostels, apartments or dormitories
Health Insurance

International students are required to provide their own private health insurance while staying in Australia.


International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week but this is no guarantee of funding your education or stay in Australia. It must also not interfere with the student's studies.

English Language

Auston Perth offers international students a range of quality English language courses.

English Language Proficiency

International students wishing to undertake academic studies in Australia may be required to undertake a English test and satisfy the minimum entry requirements for the course.

Attendance and Absence

International students are required to attend all English classes and obey all rule and regulations.


Auston Australia provides counselling services to international students in dealing with academic, personal or cultural issues.

Orientation Program

New international students derive benefit from our orientation programme in adjusting to life in a new environment.

Refund Policy

Auston Australia's refund policy is displayed on the reverse side of the Student Enrolment Form.

Conditions of Enrolment

The conditions of enrolment may be varied by Auston where necessary to comply with legislation.

Study Contract

The study contract is a piece of legislation that is regulated by legislation.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Where necessary, Auston Australia may arrange for medical treatment for students under 18.

Perth Campus
The Institute is located in Northbridge, the heart of Perth. The campus is well connected by bus services.

Sydney Campus

Auston Sydney Institute of Management & Technology is conveniently located close to the central city area, in easy walking distance of the major central railway station link and close to major bus routes. The campus is surrounded by a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Auston Australia is pleased to provide the following free extra services to overseas students, included within the Overseas Student Fees. See the schedule below for an outline of student fees for specific courses.

  • Airport pick-up where prior arrangements have been made;
  • Free access to the World Wide Web outside of normal class hours;
  • Free use of email services outside of normal class hours;
    Free Pastoral care if required;
  • Migration advice and visa assistance with a qualified Australian Migration Agent;
  • Free Orientation on arrival at the student's selected Auston campus, including information on living and studying in Australia;
  • English language assessment and access to English classes if required;
  • Social activities to mix with Australian residents and students from all over the world;
  • Advice with respect to further studies and education pathways.

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