New courses in Counterterrorism have emerged as one of the most popular fields for study this year at Murdoch University.

Now in its second year of implementation, Murdoch’s degree programs in ‘Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism’ has attracted 76 new students.

‘This is Australia’s first university course directed at providing students with an understanding into security and terrorism issues and this course is tailored towards filling a rising need for these skills in the corporate and government sectors,’ said Murdoch Program Coordinator Professor Sam Makinda.

The Murdoch University course, which is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, examines the causes of terrorism and counter-measures.

The Australian Defence Department has thrown its support behind the program, funding two full scholarships each year for students for the next 3 years.

Professor Makinda said employment opportunities were rising for people with an understanding of security and terrorism issues, particularly in federal agencies such as the Defence Forces and ASIO.
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