Whites Hill State College

Whites Hill State College overview

Whites Hill State College

2 reasons to choose whites hill state college

  • Promotes a quiet and effective learning environment enhanced by small year level groupings
  • Opportunities for full inclusion in the College life for both international and domestic students


  • Inquiry based curriculum that helps students to develop problem solving through investigative approach
  • Specialist trained international student mentors to facilitate school integration
  • 3 year senior program in Years 10 to 12


  • Sporting and performing arts program
  • Excursions and annual camps
  • Development centre for Gateway District rugby
  • School competitions


  • Japanese from prep to Year 12
  • Spanish to commence


  • Swimming pool
  • Four basketball courts
  • Four tennis courts
  • Four large ovals
  • 1000 seat school hall
  • State-of-the-art computer network
  • Excellent vocational education facilities
  • Multimedia rooms
  • College resource centre

Tertiary pathways

  • Tertiary parthway with Griffith University and TAFE institutions
  • Professional development partnership for teachers with Griffith University

Other highlights

  • Close proximity to major transport and shopping centres
  • Extensive homestay provision
  • Overseas travel program
  • Cultural events and recognition day
  • Multicultural teaching staff
  • Strong community support from local businesses, parents and broader community
  • High academic standards and expectations
  • Wholistic education encompassing academic, emotional, social, behavioural and uniform policy
  • Computer pods with lunchtime access for international students