Woodvale Senior High School


Woodvale Senior High School Information

Woodvale Senior High School offers a complete range of courses for all years. Facilities are of a high standard and a number of special programs are offered. Personal contact is an important feature of the school. Students will be able to closely identify with various members of the staff via the system of contact classes and the house system.


Woodvale Senior High School is situated in the attractive north-west costal corridor of Perth. It is set adjacent to vast natural park and lake lands, as well as being located only ten minutes from the coast. It is also close to an extensive train and bus system that particularly allows easy access to Perth and the City of Joondalup. In addition, it is near comprehensive networks of recreational and retail facilities, as well as a range of other services.


Woodvale Senior High School opened in 1985 and since then has not only grown in numbers, but in its reputation as a school that effectively caters for the wide range of needs of its students. The school facilities are modern and well equipped and are set in large, picturesque grounds. As a result of resounding school community and local government support, an impressive new music facility, complete with state-of-theart technology, has been built. Woodvale Senior High School is a technology focus school, using information technology for curriculum delivery across all areas in several purposely built computer laboratories. The campus wide information technology network provides a wide range of digital media capabilities and professional level software, comparing favourably with the best equipped schools in the nation. The sport and theatre facilities are also comprehensive and extensively used by the school community.

Since being awarded international school status, the school has implemented changes to cater for the academic, social and emotional needs of international students. It also makes a firm commitment to continue to do this in response to the growing needs of all students from all cultural backgrounds.

Academically, Woodvale Senior High School students perform significantly above the state average and the school has received awards in recognition of being one of the top public schools in WA. Each school year results in close to 100% graduation and students who excel in the Tertiary Entrance Exam. The school has been recognised by the WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy as being one of the top five Science and Technology schools. The school also exceeded Australian International standards in English, mathematics and science in the International PISA Test.


  • Japanese (Years 8-12). All Year 8 students study Japanese.


These programs are available to international fee paying students. Interested students should contact the school for information about application procedures.

  • Academic Extension (Years 8-10) is an in-house program which receives excellent community support. Its main aim is to allow top students to achieve their potential.
  • Basketball Program (Years 8-12) aims to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge in students that will enable them to compete successfully at the highest levels.
  • Soccer Program (Years 8-12) offers the only Department of Education and Training approved Specialist Soccer Program located in the northern suburbs of Perth. It commenced in 2000 and caters for both genders, with classes for boys and girls in all years. It has won three state finals in the last four years.
  • Languages (Years 8-12) allows students to study Japanese. All Year 8 students study Japanese and Cultural Studies.
  • Music (Years 8-12) is well established and sees 20% of the student population participating in an instrumental program. There is a variety of bands and a range of instruments played. Some 200 students are involved in musical performances that are concert based. Concert tours are a regular occurrence.
  • Instep (Years 11-12) offers a once a week work placement and school curriculum with a career focus in a range of fields.
  • Vocational Education and Training (Years 11-12) offers a popular Animal Studies Course.


Woodvale Senior High School offers an intensive English program as well as ongoing ESL support when students are in mainstream classes.


The school has a large, experienced student support team led by a full time Student Services Coordinator. The team is comprised of two year coordinators per year group, a student development/careers officer, psychologist, nurse and chaplain.

Every member of the team works on a full time basis on the school premises and meets regularly. The team assists the school community to provide comprehensive pastoral care for all students and meets regularly to assist this process.

The International Student Coordinator monitors the progress of international students on all levels and keeps regular, close contact with the Education Department, school administration, the student services team, teachers, families, agents and home stay carers.