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Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory, containing the National Capital of Canberra, is located in the south eastern corner of New South Wales. It is the only state or territory in Australia that does not have a coastline. This location was selected in 1908, as it was diplomatically located between arch rivals Sydney and Melbourne, who both wanted to be the capital city of Australia.

Canberra, the Nation's Capital

The capital city of Canberra is a great place to visit if your time in Australia permits. The most notable thing about the city is how green everything looks and the vast space around the city. It is in Canberra where you will find some of the best modern architecture and exhibitions, for example the New Parliament House and the National Library are great displays of architecture. The city is a place of government and home to many politicians with only a few local industries so it gives a great sense of Australia’s political nature. The surrounding areas of the ACT are quite beautiful with rolling hills and sweeping green plains and the hold some great bushwalking tracks and the region is close to Australia’s skiing country.

Canberra is also probably the only major city in Australia where you will actually see kangaroos roaming the streets and parks. There have been confirmed sightings of kangaroos swimming in Lake Burley Griffin, named after the American architect Walter Burley Griffin, and grazing in the grounds of Parliament House.


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