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Registered Immigration Agents help you every step of the way to plan and execute a successful migration to Australia. Specialized immigration advisors will help you achieve your goal!

Australian Immigration Assessments

To migrate to Australia you need to check if you qualify. There are lots of ways to migrate to Australia. Migrants might be selected on the basis of factors and must meet the health and character requirements specified by Australian migration legislation.

Individual Consultations

When you need migration advice, a Migration Institute of Australia registered migration agent member can help you. Registered Australian Immigration Agents offer immigration services to Australia. Complete an online assessment to determine your eligibility.

Free Student Services

Our education counselors are trained and qualified, providing you with the best service. Our partner immigration agents are registered with the Australian government. Our registered and training education agents provide free admission service to intentional students who wish to study in Australia.

Immigration Australia

Australian Immigration experts offers immigration and visa services to Australia.

If you would like Registered Migration Agents to check your eligibility for migration to Australia, please complete the following form and they will give you a basic assessment of your chances of applying for an Australian visa within 5 working days. All inquiries will be answered by a Registered Migration Agent.

Based on the detailed information provided Registered Migration Agent:

  • Assess your realistic chances of success;
  • Advise you which visa type(s) would be most appropriate;
  • Show you how to improve your chances; and
  • Give you details of the application process and how long it is likely to take.

Australia Immigration Service

Education agents offer accurate tips on education options for students without charging any fees for such details or consultations.

Migration agents are our partners and will answer migration related questions. Migration services are not for free and migration agents have different charges. You are welcome to discuss this directly with the agents.

Consultants also answer all queries related to the relocation of foreigners, including skilled migrants and non-skilled people. Our migration and education counselors advise foreigners about Australia customs, etiquette, viable living areas, living costs, and job prospects.

Details on visa application, English language proficiency and tests, dual citizenships, and more are updated and published in our site.

Care is also taken that prospective migrants are offered courses or internship programs in case they need some more qualification to migrate to Australia – all education related questions, without a cost.

For more information regarding the Australian immigration system, please contact our Immigration Australia counselors.

Immigration Agents Australia

If you are interested in Australian immigration, either for temporarily visiting Australia OR permanently migrating to Australia, you will need to make an Australian Immigration Visa Application and obtain an appropriate immigration visa BEFORE you can lawfully enter Australia.

If you have already entered Australia, and your immigration visa is about to expire, you will need to make another Australian immigration visa application and obtain an appropriate visa BEFORE the expired date so that you can CONTINUE to stay lawfully in Australia.

For more information, please contact our Immigration Australia counselors.

Irrespective of the fee you are quoted, always expect our complete dedication, commitment, highly professional approach and effective solution for your situation. Please, let us know if you feel you received unfair treatment by any of us!

Our migration package includes:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. All skills assessment processing and fees
  3. Pre-arranged employment offers
  4. Qualifications assessment consulting
  5. All government fees
  6. Visa application lodgment
  7. Document list preparation
  8. Case management and official communication
  9. Employment consulting
  10. Settlement consulting
  11. Career consulting & personal profiling (if required)


Go To Australia has affiliations with immigration lawyers to assist the large number of skilled and business professionals wishing to migrate to Australia. They are available to help reduce the time, confusion and frustration often associated with the application process.

Go To Australia works together with registered Immigration Lawyers who operate under a strict Code of Conduct which is administered by MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). They are also Members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

You can therefore be assured that the advice you receive is accurate, thorough and up-to-date, especially in consideration with current policy issues which may impact your visa application.

Please note, Go To Australia works in partnership with registered migration agents.

The Migration Act 1958 defines a person providing ‘immigration assistance’ and requires him/her to be registered as a migration agent. We therefore cannot provide immigration assistance but can provide the following services :

  1. lodging visa applications
  2. clerical work/visa application preparation
  3. application on behalf of an applicant or registered migration agent.
  4. Our services may include:
    – writing or typing an application form;
    – Advice on filling a form
    – Translation, collating and copying documents in support of a application
    – Passing on information from a third party to a visa applicant
    – Recipient of official correspondence on behalf of the visa applicant

Activities restricted to registered migration agents

  • Providing ‘immigration assistance’
    The Migration Act states that any person who provides ‘immigration assistance’ must be registered as a migration agent and doing so otherwise is in breach of the Act.
  • Requesting fees for immigration representations
    The Migration Act also states that a person must not ask for a fee or any remuneration in return for his/her services if he/she is not registered to provide ‘immigration assistance’.

Please note: Our registered immigration agents help you with immigration services.

We offer information for those intending to come to Australia for the following reasons:

• Business
• Employer nomination
• Events & conferences
• Medical treatment
• Permanent Residency
• Professional Development Programs
• Regional Australia programs
• Sponsorships
• Study
• Tourism
• Transit
• Working in Australia
• Working holiday travellers

For more information regarding the Australian immigration system, please contact our Immigration Australia counselors.

Each year, a certain number of foreigners immigrate to Australia. Rules laid down in the Migration Laws must be obeyed and conditions must be fulfilled to ensure foreigners enter the country under the Skills, Family, and Special Eligibility migration streams.

Maximizing Efforts to Immigrate Successfully to Australia

Many foreigners regularly immigrate to Australia either temporarily or permanently under various categories. According to statistics however, not all applicants get visa to immigrate to Australia. A lot of the prospective immigrants lose their chances to immigrate to the country because they did not use the apt methods and suitable migration categories to move to the country.

For some prospective immigrants, the visa applications are refused and for many, the wait period to immigrate prolongs for quite some time. A prudent immigrant would plan the immigration process in advance so that processing hassles are diminished.

Here are some tips and tricks to immigrate successfully to Australia at the fastest possible time.

Why Australian Visa Applications gets Rejected
Foreigners who want to immigrate to Australia must apply for a suitable Australian visa, comply with all the prerequisites and conditions, and send the application with necessary documents to the required office. But, the ground reality is that many fail to get a visa. There can be some common reasons, such as:

  • Application forms are incomplete or conditions are not met
  • Factors agreeable for visa sanctions are not available or have some hitches. These factors are:
  1. Relationship of the applicant with an Australian permanent resident or citizen
  2. Skills required for the jobs available in the Australian market
  3. Appropriate age and qualifications
  4. Funds required for maintaining oneself in the country
  5. Good health conditions
  6. Good character
  • Yearly target has already been met where the immigrant’s application of a particular stream has surpassed the allotment number. In other words, a “cap” put on the number of visas that can be sanctioned for a particular sub-class has been reached.

…Once, the limit is reached the visa application is put in a queue till further allotment is created. An incomplete form or applications with conditions not fulfilled are cancelled without notice.

Maximizing the Effort for Visa Grant
Consider a situation where your application is either in queue or rejected by the visa granting authorities. To salvage your application you need to address the problem instantly. For instance, if your visa application is rejected, you should:

  • Appeal to the Review Tribunal in Australia, provided you have a strong Australian backing or sponsorship. Keep in mind however, that the review formalities are another separate feature where application form needs to be filled in and a fee must be submitted along with it.
  • Appeal to the Federal and High Courts. As you can expect, legal formalities would require fees and other expenses.
  • Seek the services of an immigration visa provider. Remember, the visa providing adviser must provide you with a Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) certified migration agent.

Immigration Agency
The immigration agency would employ certified MARA certified migration agents, who would do the following tasks:

  • Provide you with an online assessment of visa eligibility to understand your most viable visa subclass
  • Help in preparing Australian visa application
  • Delineate the documents required for the lodgement
  • Follow-up the status of the application with the Immigration Department
  • Successfully settle you in Australia after the visa grant

…And, the approach is simple, meticulous, effective, and affordable. Care is also taken to ensure that you find out a suitable career in Australia. Whether you want to study or work in the country, the immigration agency addresses this option so that you can pick the correct visa subclass. When settling in Australia as well, the agency would help immigrants to get a suitable career opportunity.

To expedite visa-granting formalities, the applicant must hire a professional adviser who can understand the requirement of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s rules and guidelines as mentioned in the immigration policy. The application must be presented in the best way so that they get approved at an optimum time. If you can do that or get help from advisers, you can get your visa at the right time.

For more information regarding the Australian immigration system, please contact our Immigration Australia counselors.

Many people with trade skills are in high demand in our country where there are so many university graduates. A hairdresser or a floor tiler has a better points score and will often find employment easier than an MBA or a Research and Development Manager. For many of these trades, apprenticeships and 6 years on-the-job training can be accepted instead of trade school training (although certificates are preferred).

Migrants can come to Australia without a sponsor if their qualifications, job skills, and record of employment is good. This means they will be able to settle into the Australian way of life and find work within a short period. If you are applying for this visa, you will also need excellent English and to be of a young working age.

The Immigration Australia student visa for example is for younger people who don’t have family here to sponsor them, and who like to study in Australia. Check out the criteria for this visa in our self-assessment section. When you arrive in Australia you can look for part-time work.

Become one of the many thousands of satisfied people who have benefited from using our up-to-date, easy to use, International Student Application Program to secure your study in Australia.

Immigration Agents Australia

How can an Immigration help me?

Immigrate to Australia

A message from the Director

The nexus between Australia's overseas student program and permanent skilled migration is complex and constantly evolving. International students can express their interest in applying for permanent residency through Australia's SkillSelect migration program.

Australia is a fantastic place, however one of the most complicated countries in the world when it comes to immigration.

You are welcome to ask me any questions via skype, but please keep in mind that I’m not an Immigration Agent. I like to help you with my personal experience.

As owner of an registered education agency, I can assist you with: English courses and tests for immigration purposes, Internship placements so that you can get Australian references., Applications with education providers, Courses which help you to qualify for an Australian student vis, Translations and Relocation Services.

When it it comes to legal migration matters, you will need to contact an registered immigration lawyer. However I’m able to give you the right direction when it comes to get organised.

Australia is a multicultural country where the economy & opportunities are growing quickly. Australia is offering a way of life, every kind of service, work, and fun. Quality of life is better than in many other countries.

The Australian society is very multicultural, young and open-minded. It’s a place where people from all over the world come to share and contribute to a modern nation living experience.

Australia is highly sought-after as it has many opportunities for all to enjoy, earn, learn, or research in the country. The country has always attracted foreigners in search for leisure, work, or education. Skilled workers, highly-skilled professionals, researchers, business people, and international students look forward to a brilliant career in the Australia. 

The beautiful coastal area, untouched nature in the wild, farmlands, ranches, and dairy farms have also regularly attracted long-term travellers and youngsters. Bountiful entertainments include pulsating nightlife in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, musical shows, annual festivals and carnivals. The Picturesque coral reef underwater, monoliths along the coasts, gushing waves of the sea, and sandy coasts have also charmed those who are fond of water-sports.

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