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It is getting more difficult to become an Australian Citizen‎. What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship? Registered Immigration Agents inform you about the Australian Citizenship procedures.

Australian Citizenship

Registered Immigration Agents help with your Australian Citicenship

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Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship - Apply for Australian Citizenship - Become an Australian Citizen‎For information on becoming an Australian Citizen contact our team and get in contact with an accredited immigration agent.

The general eligibility requirements for Australian Citizenship are:

  • Holding Australian permanent resident status + living in Australia for at least 4 years
  • Satisfying the character requirement
  • English language test,
  • Commit to the Australian Values
  • Show integration into the Australian community

Go To Australia offers English Programs

There are 2 for those of working age (15-64) known as LLNP ( Langauge, Literacy and Numeracy Program) and WELL (Workplace English Langauge and Literacy Program).

The first is a more extensive look at the english language for those seeking employment, the second is for those already with employment wanting to improve their skills for the work place.

There is also ESL-NA (English as a Second Langauge - New Arrivals), for primary and secondary school students needing help learning English.

Students are expected to receive a minimum of 6 months tuition in either language course.