Selected schools in Australia offer first class education and have long established traditions, making Australia is a great and safe place to study at school level. Australian Schools offers students a comprehensive study experience and a gateway to a successful future in one of the world's most spectacular environments. Furthermore, schools in Australia offer high quality education for students and are a perfect pathway for those who may wish to progress onto further studies.

Our team helps students and parents to select schools everywhere is Australia, uniquely located in popular destinations such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics Rainforests, great beaches ...many students are choosing to study in this relaxed & friendly tropical paradise. By contacting us you are ensuring that you will have all the help and advice you need to access the full range of educational and recreational opportunities available to you.

Our School Programs in Australia

Australian public and private schools are openly competing for international students for what is now turning out to be a industry with bright future prospects. International students from all walks of life, Chinese, Vietnamese, Europeans, Americans and various other nationalities are truly benefiting from the vibrant international atmosphere for cross-cultural dialogue.

With a competitive exchange rate, a strong and robust economy and a world class education system, Australian schools are positioning themselves in the intense competition to attract international students.

High School Program (Government schools)

Our High School program is for Years 7 - 12. You get to chose your location and school. You can chose to study 1,2,3 or 4 terms or more. Some schools also offer the IB program.

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Possibly the most cost effective and affordable schooling option in Australia this is the most popular option among international students in Australia.

Governement Schools in Australia offer both Primary and High Schools and they will always be separate from each other. There will nearly always be a Primary School in each suburb and a High School in each council or shire district area.

One of three types of schooling options in Australia, including the two more expensive options being Private and Independent Schooling. Don’t think you are missing out going to a public school.

Public School students have the same opportunities of those attending a Private or Independent School. The same subjects are available as well as offering specific classes for those wanting to enter the work force, TAFE or University after completion of Year 12.

Public Schools have smaller School fee’s and the cost and requirements of uniforms are usually a lot less, however uniforms are mandatory in all Australian Schools.

Government Schooling is a great place to send your child.

Contact us today if you would like us to help you find the right Government School in Australia. We represent all the government schools that accept International Students.

Private School Program

Chose from our list of prestige private schools in Australia. Some schools even offer boarding facilities. The private school program is generally more expensive and limited to certain locations.

Primary School Program

We can offer you primary school programs in Australia. These schools cater for Years 1-6. Check with us to see the free services we can offer to help enrol your child.

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International Primary School Australia Program These programs are for students intending to study at primary level and who are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The student has the option to study from primary level up to secondary through to graduation. The program offers international students:

  • High quality primary level tuition
  • Superb student support services
  • A golden opportunity to experience Australian culture first hand
  • An opportunity to improve their English language communication skills
  • A primary school certificate on completion of the program

Entry requirements Special conditions apply in that the ongoing welfare and accommodation arrangements are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Primary School Australia Study Abroad Program Fees A$5,000 to 11,000 a year Fees are payable in Australian dollars and include OSHC.

The program includes:

  • The orientation and welcome program
  • Initial stationary
  • School support
  • Ongoing language support
  • Optional at additional cost
  • Airport reception
  • Medical insurance

The program does not include things such as:

  • Students visas
  • Accommodation expenses
  • School excursions
  • School uniforms
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Any additional expenses incurred in pursuing special programs

Where can I visit a school in Australia?

Australia is a popular country for international students of all different ages. The weather varies depending on where you travel from the subtropical climate of Queensland to the snow-filled winters of Tasmania. No matter which city you may start your Australian adventure in, you can just as easily hop on one of the frequently scheduled and competitively priced domestic airlines to visit other or all of the Australian cities, states and territories.

There are many schools where international students can enrol. We are able to offer international school programs in all locations within Australia. Wherever you go, Australia is filled with things to do and places to see.

Our Registered International Student Agency is designed to help you succeed with your Australian school application

Trained & Registered Consultants

Our student counselors are trained and registered so you can expect excellent expert advice and support.

100% Free Service

Our student services are 100% free as we are funded by the education providers in Australia.

Schools across Australia

We represent over 500 schools across Australia. Whether they be government or private, primary or high school.

Individual & Ongoing Support

Our service doesn't end once you start school. We are there to support you throughout your entire studies in Australia.

Our Schools in Australia agents can help you to find the right school and to get prepared for all types of Australian education pathways. Stick with us to learn in Australia!

We can help you:

  • Find the right school in Australia and inform you about your schooling options
  • Learn about the Australian school system and choosing your subjects
  • Get prepared for your school studies in Australia; flights, insurance, documentation etc.
  • Help organise accommodation; host family, guardian or boarding school
School in Australia

School Australia Application

1. Fill out our form and one of our agents will get back to you within 48 hours.

2. Your agent will send you the application forms for your chosen school and assist with document preparations.

3. Once completed your agent will send off all required documents to the school.

4. Your agent will guide you through the student visa application and provide answers to any questions you may have.

5. Your agent will help you prepare all other parts of your school studies in Australia including accommodation, flights and insurance.

6. Come to Australia and start you school studies! Your agent will always be at your disposal throughout your entire stay in Australia!

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Further Information about an Australian school education

Australian school terms

The academic year is divided into four terms and runs from late January/early February until December; between the terms is a short holiday and a long summer holiday from December until the new year starts. School times are generally Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm each school day.

International student fees

Fees vary from $5,000 – $11,000 per year for primary and junior secondary schools and from AUD $6,000-AUD$13,000 per year for secondary schools.

Learn more about the school terms and fees here.

Australian Schools

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