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Registered Education Agents help you in finding the right school in ACT and assist with the application process.

Australia Capital Territory Schools / High Schools cater for students aged from about 12 to 16 in Years 7 to 10. A Year 10 Certificate and High School Record detailing programs undertaken by a student in Years 9 and 10 are issued at the end of Year 10.

Year 7 is an introductory year in which students are given the opportunity to sample many of their schools’ curriculum options to help them make informed choices in later years. They also commence their studies in the core area. Teachers and counsellors encourage students to make choices that will broaden their interests and help prepare them for a career or further education. Students’ subject choices are approved by their parents in consultation with the school.

Australia Capital Territory High Schools provide a comprehensive range of programs which offers all students a balanced curriculum suited to the needs and interests of the individual, the challenges of secondary college and life as a productive and contributing member of the community. Each high school produces a handbook which outlines curriculum and organisation, and members of staff are happy to discuss the needs of intending students with parents.