Free & professional services for International Students

We help students from all over the world can get accurate, updated, and useful information on studying in Australia since 2004.

Our International student services in Australia are free as we are funded by the education institutes. In other words, we are not dependent on any other payment besides the commission we get from the institutes where our students enroll in.

You can also get free tips on all the opportunities to study in Australia in contrast to many portals which provide similar information with a cost.

Our experts are authorized by the accredited institutes to help you with your study application.

Our registered education agents and immigration counselors are waiting to inform you about everything associated with getting an education in Australia.


Whether you are looking to study at a high schoolEnglish schoolTAFEcollege or university, we can help you through every step of the way. Go to Australia seeks to make sure you make the right decisions for what you want to do. Whatever it is; we will provide you with a huge amount of opportunity at no cost.

International Student Services

Offshore Services

Are you contemplating studying in Australia? We are here to help!

So, what are the comprehensive services we offer our potential clients?

We tailor to your needs, regardless of background. We provide:

  • Direction and assistance on how to apply for the appropriate course that will help you meet your education goals while you are studying and living in Australia
  • Correct information in regards to English language tests
  • Assistance with all your application forms including: both translations of appropriate documentation and certified copies and submissions
  • Continued on the ground support after you have submitted the appropriate application for study in Australia
  • Support with student visa issues that may eventuate like: application, extension and the renewal of visas
  • Airline travel information that is appropriate to your need
  • Student Accommodations
  • Correct information about what life is like in Australia: OSHC, banking, transportation, and student discounts

We provide appropriate and professional assistance to overseas students when they are applying for the course of their choice, whether they are undergraduate courses or post graduate courses, a gap year, or they are in the need of an excellent English language course.

The team at Go to Australia Agency will provide all the assistance necessary in a helpful and understanding manner including internships and job placements.

We offer you a service that will provide all necessary information and supports you before, during and after your studies.

Based on our experience of the Australian education system and providers, we see a number of major products and services Australia can provide to international students of all education backgrounds.

We offer High School, VET (Vocational Education Training Institutions), ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students), foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

There are four stages to the application process:

  1. lodge your application
  2. wait for the outcome
  3. offer
  4. acceptance.

We will make sure to guide you through every single step along the way and ensure your application is a successful one. .

We will tell you what documents you will need when putting in your application, and explain how that information will be handled. Out team understands all the stipulations involved with this process and take care of it for you. We will also review the documents to make sure all the right boxes are ticked and double-checked to see if anything has been overlooked.

While this process is being worked out we will keep you in the loop at all times, making sure you are aware of any possibility that may present itself.

Outcome of your application

Once we submit your application it can take 2 – 4 weeks to receive an outcome. You will receive regular updates on the status of your application to make your time as easy and tireless as possible without giving you any undue anxiety.

If you are accepted, you will receive a letter of offer (LoO). In some cases the provider may request more information, but don’t worry we will help you get your application accepted.

Accepting your offer

By siging your offer letter and paying the outlines fees, you are accepting your offer letter. However, sometimes there may be some conditions before you can accept your offer such as a new IELTS test result or supplying certified documents.  Your counsellor will guide you through this process to make it easier.

You are required by the Department of Immigration ( DHA) to apply for a student visa.

Negotiating the student visa application process can sometimes be a legal minefield. That’s why we provides you with all the relevant assistance in negotiating this for a successful outcome and a hassle free trip to Australia.

When you apply for a course through our agency, we will assist and provide guidance to provide you with the best possible chance to get your student visa granted.

As an international student in Australia, you’ll need to maintain adequate health care cover throughout your stay in Australia. This can be an overwhelming process, as there are many providers and different levels of cover.

You can benefit from our partnerships with some of the top providers of OSHC (Overseas Student Healthcare Cover) who offer competitive prices.

3 Easy Steps to getting your OSHC:

  1. We will work out which level of cover is best for you.
  2. We will send you offers with the best prices.
  3. Chose your desired plan and we’ll help you apply..

We can assist you in finding accommodation options in Australia.

We can also help you organise flights and you’ll benefit from our exclusive flight partner discounts.

Also part of our services is our pre departure service. We will provide you with all the necessary information abut opening a bank account, mobile phones, internet providers and student discounts.

Throughout the course of your Australian adventure, we are ready to help you every step of the way, from before you leave home to seeing a safe return after your time abroad. During your stay, AA education network can be contacted anytime if you have any concerns or questions.