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The Demi Pair Australia Program allows you to work and study in an English-speaking environment, developing your English language, experiencing the cultural and lifestyle of an Australian family.

Demi Au Pair Australia: Are you interested in travelling, studying English and are great with children?

The Demi Au Pair Australia program may be just right or you. The Demi Au Pair program is available in Australia and involves a period of study on one of our Standard and Intensive courses.

A Demi Pair lives as part of a local family while they study full time, helping the family with the children and light household chores in exchange for meals and accommodation.

Whether you are a student seeking for work opportunity or an au pair seeking to enhance your educational background, this program is the perfect money saving solution.

This program also allows you to work and study in an English-speaking environment, developing your English language and learning the cultural and lifestyle of an Australian family.

Offered to students on both Working Holiday and Student Visas, the length of study is dependent on both location and type of visa.

In return for free lodging and meals, students help out their host families with light duties such as preparing the children for school, taking and picking the children up from school, making light lunches, playing and engaging with the children etc. Students also receive a small allowance for their work from their families.

Student visa holders can only work for the duration of the visa, whereas for the Working Holiday visa, the time allocated for students to work in a family is subject to country regulations.

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Demi Pair Australia
Demi Pair Australia
What some student think about being a Demi Pair in Australia:

4 simple steps to applying for our Demi Pair Program

Step 1: Demi Pair Application

  • You complete the Demi Pair Program English Entry Test and we send it to the Demi Pair Coordinator. The test is marked by the Academic team and results are provided to the us (your agent).
  • If you have an Intermediate level of English, you will be accepted into the program. If you have a Lower level you will be offered English only for an initial period.
  • We (your agent) collect all relevant documentation from you for the demi pair Australia program.
  • Once all the required documentation is received by the Demi Pair  Australiaprogram provider you will be enrolled.

Step 2: Pay the English School

  • Once payment is made to the Demi Pair Australia program provider, we ask you to send the proof of payment receipt, so that their finance team can track the payment faster thereby making the payment process more efficient.
  • Payment must be received and cleared in their account before they are able to issue the COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) for Student Visa applicants and for the placement process to begin for all students.

Step 3: The Placement Process

  • The Demi Pair Coordinator will assess your  application in terms of qualities, childcare experience and preferences.
    Your age, childcare experience, driving ability, religion, allergies and dietary requirements are all factors taken into account during the placement process.
  • The Demi Pair Coordinator offers your profile to suitable families until a match is found.
  • Once a suitable Demi Pair family expresses their interest, the Demi Pair Coordinator will contact your agent with the family profile. The family profile includes a description of the family, duties and family contact details. You should contact the family within 48 hours to arrange a video call.

Step 4: Finalising the Placement

  • After the call between you and the Demi Pair family has been made, the Demi Pair Coordinator will collect feedback from both you and the family. The family may wish to schedule a second call to introduce you to their children.
  • If it’s a good match, the Demi Pair Coordinator will send emails confirming the agreed placement. We (your agent) will provide details of the your visa and flight information and then the Demi Pair Coordinator sends the placement confirmation documents which provides further details of the arrangement.
  • You and the Demi Pair family will sign a Demi Pair Program Placement Agreement, which states the placement details and reasonable expectations from each party for the placement.

Information about the Demi Pair Programs in Australia

We organise an English and Australian Demi-Pair Programme for students interested in:

Au Pair: Au Pair is a program that places students with local Australian host families that seek help with childcare or household tasks. In exchange for working 12 hours per week with the family, a student receives accommodation and meals.

To be eligible for the au pair program students must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old, in good health, mature and responsible
  • Speak English at a minimum of Intermediate level
  • Be able to show that they have some experience in childcare and household duties (such as cleaning, ironing and cooking)
  • Provide references (An international driver’s licence, though not compulsory, would be an advantage)

Our au pair program aims to match au pair students and host families according to the requirements of both parties. The student is expected to participate as a member of the family and assist with the tasks as required. The host family ensures that the student has a private room, with a proper bed, a wardrobe, a study desk with a chair and appropriate lighting. Host families also provide three meals per day and the opportunity for the student to participate in their family events and social activities.

Demi Pair Australia Program

If you want to become a Demi Pair in Australia, please contact us!

Duties: You will be expected to assist with the housework and the children for 3 hours a day. You may be asked to wake the children up, help them to get dressed and give them their breakfast. You may be asked to bath the children, help them put on their pyjamas, give them their supper and put them to bed. You will be required to help with the housework eg, ironing, sweep and wash the kitchen floor, dust, vacuum, clean toilets and bathrooms, wash up after meals or load and unload the dishwasher, help with the laundry and keep your own room clean and tidy.

A common courtesy for Au-Pairs is to help with clearing up after the evening meal if eating with the family and this is not included in the three hours nor is baby-sitting.

Remember that life in your new country may seem a little different from home so do allow yourself time to become accustomed to it.

Be flexible, do not wait to be asked to do things – offer and enquire if there is anything you can do to help. Do be sure to make the most of your free time. (It not only gives you some time to be alone but it allows the family some privacy).

Always be polite and say “Please” and “Thank you”.

Always arrive home at a time acceptable to the host family.

Trustworthiness and Responsibility: These are of vital importance. Having children in your care requires you to be alert, level headed and use common sense so that you can assume control of different day to day situations.Never allow strangers into the home during the parent’s absence. Do not make long distance telephone calls without the permission of the family.

Length of Stay: Will depend on the duration of your language course. However most families will prefer a Demi-Pair to join their family for a minimum of 3-6 months. Remember it will take some time to settle into a family, and for each to become accustomed to one another.

Make you have experience with children: You may be left in sole charge of the children occasionally. This is a big worry to parents. They need to know that they can completely trust you. On your application form please indicate your full experience, for example whether it is caring for younger members of the family, baby-sitting or looking after a relative’s child. Please also state if you have been employed as a live in or live out nanny or mother’s help.

Hygiene: Families value personal hygiene very highly and its very important for each candidate to shower daily, use a deodorant and be neat, clean or tidy, not only in herself but also her private living quarters. You will be expected to be awake, showered and dressed each morning before the children are up. Hygiene with the children is equally important, caring enough to help them to brush their teeth, comb their hair, pick up after themselves and teaching them good grooming habits.

Remuneration: Some host families pay you and other don’t. You will be paid by your host family. (In real terms it costs the host family much more than the pocket money they give you ie. accommodation, food, electricity, etc). In return for that hospitality you are expected to carry out your duties with a smiling face.

Confidentiality: Please remember to keep the personal and business affairs of your host family confidential at all times.

Alcohol: You must never consume alcohol while you are in charge of the children. You must never return to the home under the influence of alcohol.

Drugs: Same guidelines as for alcohol. Failure to comply with the alcohol and drug guidelines will result in you being asked to leave.

Smoking: The majority of families require non smokers. You must be prepared to smoke only outside the host’s family.


Advantages of Demi Pair Jobs in Australia

Whether you are a student seeking for work opportunity or an au pair seeking to enhance your educational background, this program is the perfect money saving solution.
Read more about beeing an Demi Pair in Australia.

Demi Pair in Australia – Your opportunity for au pair and nanny jobs, english language courses and other education programmes and an exciting cultural experience in Australia!
Receive more information about our Australian Demi Pair program.

  • Spend some months with an Australian family
  • Make new friends and learn about Australia
  • Benefit from exciting study programmes
  • Enjoy your independent travel

Quality of our Demi Pair Australia Program

Demi Pair Australia Programs are provided by registered Au Pair agencies and education providers with experience in Au Pair Programmes – bringing together thousands of au pairs and host families in Australia. By choosing to find a nanny job through an agency like ours, you are ensuring that everything, including your student visa is dealt with legally. Plus, we have Counsellors based in Australia who will be in regular contact with you throughout your stay to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Working as an au pair – baby sitting and childcare duties

As an demi pair you will live with your host family, care for the children and join in their daily routine at home. When you are not involved in baby sitting or child care, you will have free time to meet up with other au pairs, study, travel and enjoy the culture and surroundings of your Australian home. As you will be dealing with baby sitting and childcare jobs, you must have experience in this area – for example as a nanny, child minder, baby sitter, au pair, mother’s help or nursery nurse.

We also offer a programme called Au Pair Extraordinaire for people who have had professional nanny jobs and want to work as an au pair in Australia. Australian families applying to the Au Pair Extraordinaire programme appreciate that you are a qualified nanny and are keen to use your skills and training to contribute towards the development and education of their children.

For more information, please contact us.

How would you like the chance to live, work, travel and study in Australia?
Join the Demi Pair in Australia exchange programme and you can enjoy a fun-packed time Australia! Whether you are looking for a gap year job, or just want to work legally abroad, becoming an au pair offers you the chance to experience Australian life and culture at first hand. Thousands of young people have had the experience of a lifetime through our au pair jobs and exchange programmes – it’s a fun AND educational way to spend your work and study experience in Australia.

Demi Pair Australia – Australia Demi Pair

If you want to become a Demi Pair in Australia, please contact us!

Thousands of foreign travelers visit Australia each year as Au Pair with a hope to enjoy a long holiday on the great Outback region, coastal areas, and the pristine forests. As checking into all possible spots in this vast country would take a toll on one’s finance, the best option is to enjoy a working holiday as an Au Pair where you can work and travel while holidaying in the country. …

You can do our Classic Au Pair Program that can be taken up by travelers on a Working Holiday visa
You can combine your Au Pair Program with an English course and do one of our Demi Pair Programs which you can do on a Working Holiday visa or student visa.

We Provide…

  • English learning courses that matches with your work (course fee applies)
  • Host families where you can work after your study hours, reside and work as a AuPair/ Demi Pair
  • A comfortable association in Australia – safe and secured accommodation where you can study simultaneously and socially mix with people
  • Versatile English learning which could range from General English or IELTS Preparation course and similar examinations.

You would learn to:

  • Communicate in English
  • Australian culture and social etiquettes
  • Interpersonal skills and team expectations

Demi Pair Australia – Australia Demi Pair

If you want to become a Demi Pair in Australia, please contact us!

Brisbane in Queensland

Some special demi pair program offers..

Special Demi Pair Program – Diploma of Business

Looking for an opportunity to study business in Australia and work at the same time as Au Pair in an Australian family? If yes, we have just the right offer for you.
International students on an Australian student visa can study a Diploma of Business course as well as work as a Demi-Pair at the same time, with a secure accommodation at their host family’s home, and enjoy their stay in the country.

Why take up Diploma of Business Course?
 …Simply because:

  • The qualification would allow students to get admission in the 2nd year in a Bachelor Degree at university. The minimum entry requirements are English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 and Year12.
  • The 24-week curriculum offers up-to-date skills on business management in a private college.
  • The course has flexible start-dates to help you manage your classes, student-friendly delivery options as well.
  • The industry-focussed course will allow you to take up jobs after just 6 months
  • This program is offered in Perth.

Why work at the same time as Demi-Pair? … Simply because:

  • You can earn about $75 per week for 15-20 hours of working. Normal chores would include looking after children and also doing some housework.
  • You would get free accommodation – your own room at your host family’s home. Secured and comfy, you’d get the scope to enjoy staying in Australia and socialize with the host family as well as friends at the College.

Ready for take off?
If you have a good command over English language and also interested to work as a Demi Pair in Australia, you can choose our Special Demi Pair offer. Contact us for more details on the course and work schedule.

Demi Pair Australia – Australia Demi Pair

If you want to become a Demi Pair in Australia, please contact us!

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Please note that most Internships in Australia are unpaid

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