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Go to Australia offers free advice and counselling to applicants from all parts of the world via our free online help desk. Our services include education counselling, visa applications, help finding jobs, accommodation and general welfare.

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Free admission services at state and private educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

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Qualified Education Counsellors and Immigration Agents provide information and advice


We respond to inquiries within 24 hours 7 days a week

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Discounts for translation services and application fees when booking through us. Complete booking of your stay in Australia with no hidden costs.

Study, Travel, Work AustraliaGo To Australia is designed to give students, who travel to Australia from all over the world, reliable information about the fantastic opportunities they would get if they study abroad in Australia.Study in Australia Agents help international students to:
  1. find courses
  2. get accepted into schools, colleges, TAFE, universities
  3. apply for a student visa
  4. find a student job while studying in Australia
  5. apply for our work experience program
  6. join Australia's international student community
  7. apply for our free international student services
  8. get in contact with immigration agents to apply for your PR Visa.
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Free Australia advice by registered education consultants & immigration checks by immigration agents

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Who are We?

  • Go To Australia is a consultancy agency who has been providing quality services to individuals who travel to Australia for leisure, work or study.
  • Registered Education and Immigration Consultants provide free education services for international students and education providers.
  • Our "Free Study in Australia service" leverages the knowledge and experience of our own registered education experts, who themselves have immigrated and studied in Australia.
  • The invaluable experiences gained by our experts is at your disposal, it will further enhance and assist travellers establish themselves within Australia.
  • Go to Australia experts offer free advice on courses, visa applications, migration, jobs, accommodation ...

Our Services

  1. Assistance with finding a suitable course in any education institute anywhere in Australia. Our network covers all the Universities, Colleges, TAFE institutes, Language Schools, High Schools etc).
  2. Once you have decided on the course you want to enroll in, we provide you information on applying for it including help with filling in the forms with requirements relating to translation, certified copies and submissions
  3. English language tests’ requirements and other information including discounts on English tests
  4. Follow up on a submitted application and support along the way
  5. Information on how to apply for a student visas and extend/renew a current student visa
  6. Assistance with the journey including information on flights to and from Australia
  7. Help in organizing airport pick and other on-arrival services
  8. Assistance with accommodation in Australia, specially student accommodation
  9. All the information you will need about life in Australia. This includes information on health insurance, bank accounts, public transport, student discounts, job search etc.
  10. On job front, we provide information on internships, work placements and work experience in Australia
  11. Help with getting Australian awards recognized if you wish to transfer the credit of your course to another course overseas
  12. Special service to provide support to our clients in Australia to ensure they settle down properly and find answers to every possible question (e.g. How do I find shared accommodation? Will I be allowed to take my pet with me? How do I find information on schools or child care places in Australia? How will I manage the cultural differences, language difference, stress etc.)
  13. Provision of dedicated education agents during your stay in Australia to answer your questions during your stay. These agents are available via email.
  14. Most importantly, we submit your application for free.

Due to all the above advantages, thousands of people use our services. Our client base is expanding rapidly with students, tourists and job seekers who find comfort and quality in our services. Our clients know that they can trust us in providing them the best solution for their education, holidays or work needs.

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