Welcome to your Go to Australia Agency

We are a consultancy agency who has been providing quality services to individuals who travel to Australia for leisure, work or study.

Registered Education and Immigration Consultants provide free education services for international students and education providers.

Our Free Study in Australia service” leverages the knowledge and experience of our own registered education experts, who themselves have immigrated and studied in Australia.

The invaluable experiences gained by our experts is at your disposal, it will further enhance and assist travelers establish themselves within Australia.

Our experts offer free advice on coursesvisa applicationsmigrationjobsaccommodation …

We offer free advice and counselling to applicants from all parts of the world via our free online help desk. Our services include education counsellingvisa applications, help finding jobs, accommodation and general welfare.

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AA Education Network is designed to give students, who travel to Australia from all over the world, reliable information about the fantastic opportunities they would get if they study abroad in Australia.

Education Agents help international students to:

  • find courses

  • get accepted into schools, colleges, TAFE, universities

  • apply for a student visa

  • find a student job while studying in Australia

  • apply for our work experience program

  • join Australia’s international student community

  • apply for our free international student services

  • get in contact with immigration agents to apply for your PR Visa.


Free Student Services

Our registered and training education agents provide free admission service to intentional students who wish to study in Australia.

Professional Service

Our agency takes customer service very seriously. All our clients are provided individual and professional support. We tailor our service to your needs.

Qualified Counsellors

Our education counsellors are trained and qualified, providing you with the best service. Our partner immigration agents are registered with the Australian government.

No Hidden Costs

Our student services come at no cost as we are funded by the educational institutes in Australia. Our partner immigration agency will inform you of the exact costs for their service.


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