Study English in Australia and experience what Australia has to offer. The English courses in Australia have a proud reputation and quality of the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) is world class. Students receive first-class courses thanks to the National ELT accreditation scheme (NEAS), an accreditation body which works to maintain the high standard of English language courses in Australia. English is not only the spoken language but also the official language of many economically prosperous countries, such as Australia. If you are planning to move to Australia for study, work, or settle, it is important that you know how to communicate in the language. You can study English and improve your communication skills in Australia!

The English Courses in Australia

You can chose from the following English courses at major English language schools in Australia: Intensive General English – All levels, English for Academic Purposes (preparation for university entry), English Preparation courses (IELTS Preparation, TOEIC), Cambridge English Test Preparation (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), IELTS Exam Preparation Course – Intermediate to Advanced, High School Preparation Program, English for Young Learners, English plus Activities, Study Tour Programs (Holiday, Adventure Programs), Business English, Teacher Preparation English Tests (TESOL, CELTA)


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We will find the best suitable english language school and course that best fits your level of English, budget and personal goals, guaranteeing the lowest fees possible, for FREE!

We are one of the most sought after education agencies for international students. From choosing a course to applying for a visa, we want to see you succeed and achieve your goals! That's why we gather the top English schools in Australia so that we can offer you excellent English courses. Learning English in an English speaking country enhances your learning process and makes it easier, faster and more enjoyable! We offer English courses at English Schools located all across Australia.

Most of our students chose to study English for 4 to 48 weeks depending on their goals. Students from non-English speaking countries often enroll in English Language Intensive Courses that are part of the Overseas Students program (ELICOS). Usually international students and travelers start their pathway with a General English course and then move onto more advanced courses such as IELTS or Cambridge preparation. Job seekers like to book Business English or English Teaching Courses.

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You can trust us with your study English Australia application because we have comprehensive information on courses and English schools. We have the highest standards of quality and offer free and professional advice about studying English in Australia. This includes free enrolment services to help you apply to study at an English school in Australia. On top of all that, we assist you with visas, accommodation and other essential details.

We’ll help you throughout the process from choosing the course that best fits your interests and needs to every single detail you need to know about life whilst you study English in Australia.

Once we have assisted you in choosing the best English school, we will help you organise your documents and submit your application for you.

By choosing us as your intermediary, you can be sure to meet all necessary requirements for studying an English course in Australia. Furthermore, we provide you with information on English Language Tests, if needed, and discounts on such courses.

We check all the documents you have given us (certified copies of academic transcripts, results of English tests, etc.) and get them translated if necessary, we organise your application neatly and send your documents and application form for free.

After everything is organised we will stay in contact with you as our work does not end there. You can contact us anytime for any questions that you may have throughout your stay in Australia.

We know that life in another country can be difficult and expensive. However, we guarantee that you will be able to work while you study.

Furthermore, we tell you how to get your Australian qualifications recognised overseas (Credit Transfer) and not only this, we answer all your questions no matter how basic they may seem. Got a question? Don’t worry! We are always there waiting for your contact so that we can give you the best advice, based entirely on your needs!

Studying English in Australia is one of the more lucrative options available to international students. Our program is very well supported with groups and resources specific to international students being available at all leading English schools.

You will never be alone as an international student, as a large percentage of the student body at any English school is made up of students from outside of Australia.

On top of that there will be the opportunity to interact with and integrate with the local population, which in turn will help you to adapt and develop interpersonal skills that will be of the utmost of importance to getting a job as well as advancing within it.

An English course in Australia isn’t just a way to build a degree, it’s a way to build a whole new life.

Our tips for studying English in Australia

In Australia, important universities provide English language curriculum as a second language. Although many students opt for universities, there is a section that prefers English schools for their flexible learning curriculum, personal attention, and mentoring. If you prefer to take up a course in a private English school, make sure you choose a school that: complies with NEAS, conducts regular assessments, meets international regulations and has qualified teachers.

Moreover, look for programs that suit your needs. Some programs provide bridging courses which entail practical learning sessions for non-English speaking students.

We hope this review on the English courses in Australia give you the best possible suggestion to choose from and will also ensure you of the facilities as well as the new doors which open up through an English course in Australia.

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In 2019 we have a lot of fantastic experiences that you can add to your English Language Course. These include tennis and golf coaching, surf and scuba-diving lessons (PADI), workplace internships, demi-pair and more!

Please contact our team if you wish to receive further information about study English in Australia programs. Australia is a wonderful country and AA Education Network is proud to be a 100% Australian owned education agency. Our goal is to empower you with the English Language Skills required to achieve your full potential in Australia and in your future life!

English Course in Australia

Why Study English in Australia?

Australia regularly welcomes international students and new migrants into the country each year. With people from over 200 countries around the world calling the shores of Australia home, many of these having few or no English language skills. There is a huge need for educational institutes providing English language courses.

English Schools are located across the country, in all of the major cities and in many suburban areas. As each new student is different there are many different courses to choose from. A lot of English Schools Australia students require a course to help them move into a main stream Australian University, or to help them in the Australian business world. Many students require a course to help them with their job prospects, there are also many migrants wishing to learn English just to help the them get through every day life in a new country.

All English Schools in Australia offer a range of courses to suit different students needs. Find out about the schools in your local area and see if it is right for you. Contact us TODAY!

Quality of the English courses in Australia

All English schools in Australia that offer courses to overseas students are regulated through the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act and associated legislation. This is run by the Department of Education, Science and Training. The ESOS act requires that all providers of international education register on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). No provider is legally allowed to promote courses to the international market unless they are on the register.

Education providers can also chose to register with NEAS which ensures that they maintain high standards. On top of the accreditation process, which requires schools to prove that they have the necessary facilities and staff to effectively teach ELICOS, NEAS also routinely monitor institutions to ensure that standards are not slipping. Areas considered include classroom sizes, teaching materials, and support services.

Australia's Education System

The reason why you should come to Australia to study English is simple
Apart from being distinctively unique and beautiful, Australia’s educational system is of very high quality and the facilities are of high standard. Rich cultural diversity and safe and student-friendly environment is another plus point.

Australia is renowned for its natural beauty and wonders which includes its temperate climate along with friendly people and its high standard of education. You can chose from many different world class and internationally recognized courses.

Starting to wonder why the education system is of such high quality? Well, this is because it’s mandatory for all educational institutions to register under the Australian Education Board. The board sets strict guidelines that institutions have to adhere to and ensures that the high standards, ethics and quality are maintained.

So, as you can see, it’s no wonder English courses in Australia have so many participants.

Study English and Experience Australia

Australia is a multi-cultural country with over 130 nationalities calling this place home. Not only is Australia a stunning country with many things to see and do, it is the land of opportunity. You will enjoy a rich blend of everything from languages to cuisine to architecture. Thousands of international students choose Australia as their preferred location to pursue academics as they find the friendly and open learning environment of Australian institutions very favorable. There is a lot for you to explore in this country apart from studying. You can visit the tropical wetlands of North Queensland, the Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, which is a man-made icon.

Choosing to study English in Australia is a great move. There are English courses for all different levels, from beginners to advanced. An English course in Australia will give you all the skills you need to reach your goals. You can chose a general English course to help with you every day life, a academic English course if you wish to study tertiary education or a business English course if you want to start a career in a new country.

If you study an English course in Australia, you will be at an advantage. The reason is that English is the predominant language spoken here and you have many reputed English schools to choose from. Therefore Australia provides you a perfect testing ground to learn English

Australia has a variety of English Language Schools

What differentiates the schools is the ‘package’ and your choice will depend on your needs, the experience you are seeking and price you are prepared to pay.

Many schools cater for individuals and groups, offer part-time or full-time study options, can organise intensive blocks of classes or longer courses. The language studies can focus on general English, business English, specific skills such as conversation or additional writing.

Some schools are able to teach courses that lead to external examinations such as Cambridge, PET or IELTS exams. Other schools will follow their own syllabus in relation to a core language textbook and the courses are typically a combination of English grammar, the introduction of new language and vocabulary, comprehension, listening, oral, reading and writing skills.

Many language schools partner with or run affiliation programs with Universities, and courses taken at the school can also be university preparation courses and entrance exams.

Whilst structured learning is within the classroom, there is plenty of language rich experiences to be had in real life. Lodging with an Australian family, as well as going on day trips, participating in the schools extra activities and layed-on cultural events is sure to lead to greater language learning and an enjoyable stay in the land down-under.

English schools in Australia offer modern facilities and teaching methods

The schools set up to equip with English courses in Australia are the best to suit one with all updated features and facilities which can meet the demands of the growing aspects. One gets the help of the most eminent teachers who helps the learners to develop the skills of communication at a very faster rate through the designed English courses in Australia. They are not only subjected to the primary methods of teaching, in fact, they are updated with advanced technology which develops a stronger interest in students to learn.

Students here enjoy very comfortable classrooms, situated in a beautiful surrounding, providing motivation for a longer stay in Australia.

There are around 240 schools in Australia – both private and public – that offer English courses. Almost all schools are accredited to ELICOS.  To study a course in this institute, an international student needs to have a certain level of English language excellence. For instance, main programs would invite students with a minimum level of 6.0 points that they have attained at IELTS or similar test. There are elementary programs which may allow students with a score of 5.5 to study the programs.

English Course in Australia
Study English in Australia

Where can I study an English course in Australia?

With the numerous seaside destinations and wilderness surroundings of the outback, it’s no wonder Australia draws international students to its shores.

English Schools in AustraliaWhether it be AdelaideBrisbaneDarwinSydneyPerthMelbourne, Canberra, or one of the many places in-between, there is an abundance of English language schools.

You can chose from large international organisations with language centers worldwide, local TAFE’s and colleges, independent schools, international schools, or universities all seeking to cater for a variety of learning needs and offering high-quality English language courses.

No matter when you want to visit a English school in Australia, duration and content can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We will provide you with individual offers at significantly reduced prices for single or group bookings.

We can offer you English courses in the following locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Port Douglas, Sydney, Townsville

English Course Costs in Australia

English Course Costs in Australia

You want to Learn English in Australia? Here are some of the costs you will encounter.

Registration fee: about 100-250 A $
English tuition fees: about 150- 490 A $ per week
Material costs: 15 $ / week, flat rate 50-300 A $ depending on the duration of the course, or free of charge
Other Costs: flight, visa, Health insurance, accommodation and other costs of living (food, clothing, public transport, mobile charges, entertainment, etc.)

There is a lively competition for scholarships for study in Australia. Although most international students in Australia are full-fee paying students there is a limited number of scholarships for study in Australia available for international students.

Please note that scholarships available for international students undertaking English language training in Australia are usually linked to discounts ie. attend 12 weeks pay 10 weeks .

As a language English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. With some of the largest and economically strongest countries having adopted it as their native tone of tongue. For this reason many non English speaking students are choosing to learn English, to have this as a second language offers a huge advantage in the business world. A second language means more career advancements as well as opportunities.

Apply to Study an English Course in Australia

Apply to study English in Australia

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