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Study English courses in Australia

Australia is a multi-cultural country as people belonging to more that 130 nationalities live here. So you will enjoy a rich blend of everything from languages to cuisine to architecture. Thousands of international students choose Australia as their preferred location to pursue academics. There is lot to explore in this country apart from studying. There are the tropical wetlands of North Queensland, the Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House which is a man-made architectural icon. There are also several reputed English schools in Sydney which attract lot of foreign students.

If you study English courses in Australia, you will be at an advantage. The reason is that English is the predominant language which is spoken here. Therefore Australia provides a perfect testing ground for students who want to learn English. Here you will find a wide range of educational institutions. Overseas students find the friendly and open learning environment of these institutions very favorable.

Under the Australian education system you will get different types of courses. These are all world class courses which are globally recognized. Many international students, particularly from South East Asia make Australia their first choice when it comes to studying English. Apart from the rich cultural diversity the safe and student-friendly environment of Australia is another plus point.

If you are planning to choose any of the English schools in Sydney then you have got to know that the education system in Australia is standardized across the country. It is mandatory for all educational institutions to register under the Australian Education Board which also sets strict guidelines which these institutions have to adhere to. This helps to ensure highest standards, ethics and quality in Australian education system. Therefore studying in Australia will be your first step towards a bright future.

English Course Australia - English Courses Australia

Australia is proud of the reputation and quality of its English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). Students are assured of receiving first-class courses by the National ELT accreditation scheme (NEAS), an accreditation body which works to maintain the high standard of English language training in Australia.

Apply now and get a free English Test/Certificate.

English Language Course information

Australia Language Schools offer a wide range of courses, suited to all learning needs. Courses include:
English Language Studies Australia

* General English
* English for Academic Purposes
* English for Secondary School Preparation
* English for Special Purposes (for example, English for Business
* IELTS and TOEFL preparation
* Cambridge test preparation
* Bridging and foundation courses
* Study tour programs (which combine with other extracurricular activities).
* General English and English for Business
* General English
* Apply now and receive discounts via the AA Education Network

English for Business

The English for Business course forms an elective stream within General English and caters for students who need English for business and commerce. Students can prepare for the TOEIC test as part of the course. (This course is offered subject to demand.)

English Language Programs (ELP)

English Language Programs offer flexible and intensive language courses. These courses are designed to help you understand and be successful in tertiary study in Australia. The programs have a supervised self-study resource centre to help students improve individual language skills, a language laboratory to develop fluency in speaking and listening and a computer laboratory to enable students to access computer-based study programs. Students also have access to Internet and e-mail that form part of the courses.

Quality Control

NEAS works to ensure that all ELICOS providers are maintaining high standards. On top of their accreditation process, which requires schools to prove that they have the necessary facilities and staff to effectively teach ELICOS, they also routinely monitor institutions to ensure that their standards are not slipping. Some areas that are considered are classroom sizes, teaching materials available and support services for international students. Get full details of the accreditation process and of registered providers.

In addition to NEAS registration, educational providers who wish to offer courses to overseas students are also regulated through the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act and associated legislation, which is overseen by the Department of Education, Science and Training. This legislation was specifically written to ensure that the rights of international students would be protected at all times. The ESOS act requires all providers of international education to be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). No provider is legally allowed to promote courses to the international market unless they are on this register. Get further information about CRICOS legislation and registered providers.

General information

Students entering Australia on a student visa to undertake ELICOS studies are required to study full-time. There are generally no set entrance requirements for ELICOS study but applicants should always check with the institute they are wishing to attend. Tourists and visitors to Australia can also participate in ELICOS study during their visit using their tourist/visitor visa as long as the course is less then 12 weeks in duration. There are courses combining study and tourist activities specially designed for studying visitors. Full details on visa requirements for both study types can be found at the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) website at www.immi.gov.au .


English language studies

English language courses are targeted to specific purposes, such as English for Academic Purposes, English for Business and English for Computing. There are English language colleges across Australia and they offer a range of English language training courses to help you to improve your English language skills. Many Australian universities and vocational institutes also have English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) centres on their campuses.

Foundation studies (bridging courses)

If you haven' t studied Australian senior secondary school or a foreign equivalent, Foundation studies (also known as bridging courses) will help you meet the entry requirements of a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor degree. Most courses are designed specifically to prepare international students for the Australian academic environment.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutes

Students can begin vocational education and training after secondary school (Year 10) or senior secondary school (Year 12). Courses are offered at privately-owned institutions and the government-funded Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes. Vocational education and training qualifications are popular in Australia because they are of a high standard, particularly compared to some foreign systems. They give you practical skills and industry experience. Many vocational institutes have links and agreements with universities. Through these links, universities may offer up to one year of advanced standing into a Bachelor degree as well as guaranteed entry into your course, when you achieve the required grades at your vocational institution.

Qualifications offered through VET institutes are:

Certificate I, II, III or IV :
The higher the level of Certificate, the more responsibility you are likely to be given in the workplace. For example, a Certificate I in Business provides basic skills in a certain field and could lead to work as an office assistant. A certificate IV in Business provides a more in-depth understanding and could lead to more senior administrative work such as a senior accounts clerk.

Diploma courses combine strong theoretical knowledge with a high level of technical and/or creative skills.

Advanced Diploma:
These are a slightly higher level than a Diploma and require two or three years of full-time study. Many Advanced Diplomas have links to Bachelor degrees.

The Australian academic year

The Australian academic year begins in early February for school students and late February/early March for vocational and university students. There is often an orientation week for new students in mid to late February. Schools generally have three or four semesters. Most universities and vocational institutes have two semesters with exams at the end of each semester in June and November. There is a two- to four-week break between semesters. The long summer holiday break is from November or December to February. Many courses have start dates in either semester.


Most courses and training done by international students in Australia on a student visa are covered by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). However, there are also a number of courses for international students that are registered with the Australian Government and are not part of the AQF. Many of these courses help students to meet the entry requirements for further study or may lead to further study with a final AQF qualification. These courses are called Foundation Studies or Bridging courses.

We offer special work programs where you may spend three to four hours a day working in a business or for a family and learn English in addition. The family provides you with free accommodation and you may have the opportunity to join them with family activities.

English Courses in Australia

English Course Australia

English Course Australia

English is not only the spoken language but also the official language of many economically prosperous countries, such as Australia. If you are planning to move in to this country to study, work, or settle, it is important that you know how to communicate in the language. You can study English as a language and improve your communication skills in Australia. The following courses are taught in major English language schools:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • English for IELTS, Cambridge, and TOEFL tests

General English and Business English
ELICOS Student Visas are granted to international students so that they can study English language for tenure of 3 months or so. General English courses help students to communicate in the language while travelling or working in the country. You may have study tours, work part-time at farm jobs, or go for an excursion trip to get familiar with the language.

Business English on the other hand allows you to learn how to communicate and correspond in the language as demanded in the work field. Often, hospitality students take part in this course. The courses have an internship program where the students work at front desk to interact with customers.

EAP Courses
Student Visas are granted to international students only after they have acquired the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from an institute in Australia. You may be given a visa where you need to study a couple of courses ? first, an English learning course and then, an academic course if you don?t meet the English language requirement of the institute but have the academic qualification, nevertheless. These courses are EAP courses.

English for IELTS, Cambridge, and TOEFL tests
These courses deal with English learning, such as mastering the art of speaking, listening, writing, and reading English. Once done, the English learning schools often help students to sit for the English testing exams, such as IELTS, Cambridge, and TOEFL.

You can also stay at secured and comfortable homestays. Interaction with the host family will also help you to master communication in English language.

General English

General Purposes English Australia

General English offers pre-academic English and study skills for students preparing for entry into English for Academic Purposes courses as well as non-academic language development at all levels of English from elementary to advanced. The General English Programs are relevant to student needs, addressing all skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) using modern teaching methods. The programs include a wide range of excursions and activities which enhance our friendly and supportive learning environment.

General English courses are perhaps the most common English course that is under taken in Australia. The course is offered by all English Language Schools. Available for all language skill levels, including beginner to advance.

When commencing a course the school will test the student on their knowledge of the English Language this will help determine which class they need to enter. Whether it be Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced.

General English courses intend on teaching new Australians the skills they will need for normal day to day life in Australia. It teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The course places students in a range of social and personal scenarios and teaches them how to communicate and use various new English language skills.

These courses are fantastic for those just entering Australia, as it will not only help the student learn a new language but will also help the student learn a little more about their new country.

Academic English

English For Academic Purposes

 An English for Academic Purposes course is perfect for students who already have intermediate language skills. The soul purpose for an Academic Language course is to prepare new Australians, for the Australian higher education system.

For students wishing to study at tertiary level, this course helps provide students with the skills required such as: essay writing, oral presentations, reading academic text books, and listening to lectures.

Tertiary level education, such as University is a daunting experience for most native English speakers. For those new to the language it would be even more stressful, a course such as this will help fully prepare the most stressed student to help them make the most of their Australian education.

Business English Australia

Business Purposes English

Business language courses are available at all English Schools in Australia. These courses are great for new Australians wishing to enter the work force in their new country. As with each different country, Australia's working environment may be very different from that of the students home country.

The Business Purposes English course is designed to teach students how to do their resumes, how to handle a job interview, how to communicate in an Australian business environment. It also teaches students how to write business reports, give presentations as well as helping to improve on business vocabulary.

This course is not only for those wishing to enter the work force, it is also helpful for students thinking of studying a tertiary level business course. All skills learnt in a course such as this are highly regarded amongst Australians but also internationally.

Cambridge Course Australia

Cambridge English Test Preparation


The Cambridge English examinations are considered as highly reliable competency tests for both employment and study purposes.



You should do this course:

  • if you wish to improve your English intensively for either employment or academic studies or
  • if you are an international student for whom English is a foreign language and you require a certain Cambridge Certificate Pass as an entry qualifications for employment or other purpose or
  • if you wish to have a formal qualification in English


Entry Requirements

Cambridge course or you can have your level of English assessed before you enrol.

You could also take preparatory studies in General English and enter a Cambridge course as soon as you have reached the necessary level of English proficiency.

Important examinations such need adequate preparation time! Students need to enrol for at least one semester (12 weeks) of full time study.



  • 9 or 10 weeks full time, beginning of the beginning of January every year.
  • 12 weeks full time, beginning of the middle of March and middle of September every year.



Every course will usually end in an exam. (The exam fee needs to be paid separately.)



Just email our student service to apply or receive further information about cambridge courses in Australia.

Courses preparing students for the following exams:

I) Preliminary English Test (PET)


PET is the second level of the Cambridge examinations. Achieving a pass at this level indicates that the student has developed the English Language skills to cope in mainly predictable social and work situations.

The PET course will help you to communicate more clearly when you write and speak, and to understand English when you read and listen.

The PET course is very intensive and you need to work hard during the course. There is a lot of homework every night, which you must do!



Intermediate level of English



  • Reading: understanding public notices, brochures and instructions.
  • Writing: completing forms, write letters, give information, report events, describe situations and express your opinions.
  • Listening: listening to public announcements and conversations.
  • Speaking: communicate better and more confidently.
  • English: improve your grammar and accuracy, especially using prepositions and tenses.
  • Vocabulary: greatly increase


II) First Certificate in English (FCE)


The FCE is the most widely taken of all the Cambridge examinations. It is at the Upper-Intermediate English level, and aims to develop your skills in English to a level that is 'sufficient for public contact in employment in areas such as banking, airlines, catering, etc'.



You will have an entrance test.



Upper Intermediate level of English



  • Use of English: improve your grammar, increase your vocabulary, particularly phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions...
  • Writing: Informal letters, formal letters, articles, reports, opinion type compositions, narratives
  • Reading: read magazine articles to increase your reading speed, understanding of text organisation
  • Listening: Short extracts, longer monologues, announcements, extracts from radio programmes/news
  • Speaking: pronunciation, developing your spoken accuracy and fluency for conversational English


III) Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)


This is the second-level course. It is more advanced and will develop a high level of English language competence to use English socially, at work or for study purposes.



Advanced level of English.



All students MUST take an entrance test.



Like FCE on a higher level


IV) Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English


This is the third-level course and highest general English Cambridge course. It is more advanced than CAE and will develop a high level of English language competence to use English socially, at work or for study purposes.



Upper Advanced level of English.



All students MUST take an entrance test.

Cambridge Course Australia

Cambridge Exam Preparation Programs

College in Australia - Shafston - The only place to study Cambridge! Cambridge BEC exams held at Shafston

It is a pleasure for us to announce the great news that in 2009 and 2010 both BEC Vantage and BEC Higher Cambridge official exams (written and speaking) will be held at Shafston International College. This is a great honor for us and a fantastic reward of our 12 years of hard work. - Good luck Shafston Cambridge students!

Shafston is one of Australia's largest providers of preparation programs for the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. They are highly valued by employers in many countries, especially Europe.

Shafston offers a very wide range of Cambridge preparation programs including all levels of the main suite exam preparation programs (PET, FCE, CAE and CPE) as well as the full suite of Cambridge Business Certificate (Vantage and Higher) exam preparation programs.

Apply here!


By Rozsa Pasztory

Always the best and most reliable source of information is the client
herself or himself. You may read bellow some of the testimonies of our

"A friend of mine suggested to me to come to study at Shafston and it was
the best choice. It is worthwhile. I like Shafston and my
teachers, Adrian & Chris, are such a good teachers. I have got the maximum
from this class." -Ricardo Coli from Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I had have done Cambridge FCE before I started on Business English
BEC-Higher. FCE was a great way to improve my English skills. Later on I
decided to take the Business English because I already studied business in
Germany. I can say that I made the right choice of
studying at Shafston." -Swantje Wolter from Hamburg, Germany

"My goal was to achieve a good level of English which will be useful for
my further business study. I mean, first of all I wanted to speak fluently
and the good understanding of native English speakers was also important
for me. I can say, after 6 month study and leaving
with Australians I am more confident. Every experience what I have got are
a good motivation to continue my study in English and to be perfect in
English." -Stephanie Merger from Paris, France

Shafston Travel Centre

Fraser Island: The World's Largest Sand Island, the Paradise. A
unique island with golden beaches, crystal clear lakes, rainforest and
untouched nature.

Moreton Island: Brisbane best kept secret where visitors can
experience the beauty of this island end also can use many facilities
like, 4WD-touring, sand boarding, snorkeling.

Great Barrier Reef: The World famous coral islands where tourist
arrive from all around the World to enjoy these islands and the
fabulous under water world.

For further information please write us.

Cambridge Australia - Cambridge International College

Cambridge International College has campuses in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. With courses available for international students and for those new to Australia and the English Language. There are English language and Vocational courses available, all study options are designed to help international students become more employable in Australia and to help gain them entry into the Higher Education system.

Courses are taught by qualified, experienced and professional teachers who want nothing more then for their student to succeed. All teachers are experienced in working with the needs of non English speaking students, many are even fluent in other languages.

Different Vocational courses are offered at each campus. At the Melbourne campus Vocational courses available include:

* Automotive Mechanical Technology

* Community Welfare

* Business Front Line Management

* Hairdressing

* Business Marketing

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

The Adelaide campus offers Vocational courses such as:

* Community Welfare

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

The Perth campus offers Vocational courses including:

* Community Welfare

* Business Marketing

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

* Hospitality Management

Vocational Courses are designed to help international students learn a trade and gain employment in a specific area. It provides the students with the skills required to work in Australia as well as teaching them how to gain employment.

Cambridge International College has English courses available at each campus. These courses are available in study blocks which begin in January, Febuary, March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November. Each course runs for a different amount of time, with some courses available to study Part Time as well as Full Time.

English Courses available include:

* General Purposes English

* English for Academic Purposes

* Business Purposes English

* Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation


* IELTS Exam Preparation ( available both full and part time )

On completion of an English course, the student will be awarded with a Cambridge Certificate stating successful completion of the course.

If you are interested in studying with Cambridge International College contact one of the friendly staff at AA Education for further information.

English Tests Australia

English Tests - International English proficiency tests

A range of tests to assess international student's English language ability are available in Australia. The main ones are:

International English Language Testing System

This system is specifically designed to measure the level of ability in English of overseas students wishing to undertake further education in an English-speaking country. It is the only test accepted by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs for student visa purposes and is also used by most Australian education institutions. Students can choose between two IELTS modules: the Academic module (designed for students wanting to study at university level), and the General Training module (suited for candidates seeking entry into other courses). For more detailed information on IELTS visit their website at www.ielts.org .

Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

TOEFL is designed to measure skills in North American English, generally for academic purposes. The test is widely accepted around the world and is offered via computer where possible, and by paper if computer access is not viable. More information can be found online at www.toefl.org .

Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Cambridge ESOL exams are known all over the world and are accepted by universities, employers and national education authorities in many countries as evidence of an adequate standard of English for admission to courses, or as part of course assessment. Visit the Cambridge ESOL website at www.cambridge-efl.org/index.html for more detailed information.

Occupational English Test (OET)

The OET is specially designed to assess the English language skills of medical and health professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to Australia. It covers listening, reading, writing, and speaking ability. Further details can be found at oet.com.au .

The advantage in studying English in a country where English is the first language is you are surrounded by people speaking the language, giving you innumerable opportunities to practice your skills in practical situations, hear English spoken and 'absorb' the language.

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English.

It measures the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. The scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in business, commerce and industry.

The test does not require specialised knowledge or vocabulary beyond that of a person who uses English in everyday work activities. It is a two-hour multiple-choice test that consists of 200 questions divided into two sections: Listening and Reading.

TOEIC testing is available for General English students at completion of Level 3 (TOEIC Bridge test) and Level 6 (TOEIC test). The TOEIC Bridge test will give you a score report to tell you how well you are progressing. When you take the TOEIC Test, you can request a Certificate of Accomplishment.

If you request the Certificate at the time of applying for the test, you will save money.


TESOL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

TESOL (sometimes also referred to as TEFL), means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a TEFL certificate or TESOL certificate is the major ESL qualification required to teach English abroad.

Taking a TEFL certificate course or TESOL certificate course provides the opportunity to teach English overseas, travel and work around the world, to gain knowledge and experience of foreign cultures and languages and to embark upon a career in teaching.


CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Awarded by the University of Cambridge, the CELTA is an internationally recognised qualification which enables successful candidates to work in institutions worldwide. The course is practical in nature and is strongly regarded by employers as providing sound, initial training.

Cambridge CELTA is offered in twenty countries and 100 different centres around the world. Each course is moderated by an external Assessor appointed by Cambridge University in the UK, ensuring high standards throughout the world.

TESOL Australia

TESOL Australia

Many English language students end up wishing to use their new language skills to help others either in their home country or in another country. A TESOL course is designed for students wishing to teach English over seas.

A TESOL course has higher entrance requirements, students wishing to undertake a TESOL course must have a minimum of intermediate level English skills, advanced language skills in desirable. Students must have strong communication skills and participate in classes. Eventually students will need to be able to teach a class themselves here they will learn the skills to stand in front of a class room and teach English. A TESOL course will have mock scenarios where a student will have to teach a class themselves, this helps to prepare a student for the reality of teaching work place.

To enrol in a TESOL course the student will need to undertake a speaking interview as well as demonstrate a high level of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Courses are available at most English schools around Australia. After completion of the course a student will be tested, if the student successfully completes their Teaching Knowledge Test they will be awarded a certificate in TESOL.

English Course Australia Testimonials

English Course Australia - Daniel from Brazil

Daniel from Brazil studies English at GEOS Queensland College of English at the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Why did you choose the Gold Coast?

Because this is the best place for every surfer, the name Surfers Paradise says everything.

How do you feel being and studying in a foreign country?

Good. I have met lots of people at the language school who live here for a longer time, so they were showing me the important places and I felt comfortable in no time in Australia.

How can you handle the language?

At the beginning I had a lot of problems, but now I am here for six months and improved my English a lot. Now I can talk to other people without problems and even write short texts. 

What is it like being a language student?

It is awesome. Actually I have planed to stay here for two months. By now I am already here for six months and enjoy it very much. It is the best experience I have ever had in my life.

What are you doing in your leisure time?

Surfing and meeting my friends, having a barbecue or going to the nightclubs; just having a good time.

Do you have some tips for people who think about coming to Australia?

It is very easy to travel within Australia. The flights are cheap and I have recently rented a car with some friend, been driving around ant were seeing a lot of the county.

I would recommend to everybody to spend some time abroad and learn the ways of life that Australia has to offer.

What do you think of the Australian people?

Australians are very proud people and everything is really laid back.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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