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The general English course focuses on the core areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore it teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a range of social and personal scenarios and teaches you how to communicate and use various new English language skills.

General English Courses in Australia

A General English course intends on teaching you the skills needed for normal day to day life in Australia.

General English courses in Australia are perhaps the most common English course undertaken by foreign travelers and student. General English is offered by all English Language Schools and is available for all language skill levels, including beginner to advance. The course helps you develop general language skills by providing elementary knowledge of grammar, spelling, speaking, reading and understanding.

These courses are perfect if you have just arrived in Australia, as it will not only help you learn a new language but will also help you learn a little more about the country.

In order to increase your basic vocabulary, group work, for example role-playing, often takes place and conversations are held that encourage active listening.

In projects and essays, what is learned is implemented in writing and corrected by the teacher. Films, music, books and games and small competitions are often integrated into the classroom to make learning varied and entertaining.

There is no exam for General English. Successful participation is confirmed with a certificate of participation. Students regularly take placement tests to show individual progress and, if necessary, to assign them to a higher level.

Depending on your level of knowledge and learning pace, a General English course can be taken full-time with 20, 25 or 30 hours per week or part-time through morning lessons with 15-20 hours per week ( part-time is not available for student visa holders).

The duration of the course can be determined individually; Participation in a course is possible every Monday and does not require any special admission requirements.

On the first day there is a placement test at the language school so that you can be assigned to the correct language level and thus to the correct class.

General English Course Levels

  • Beginner - If your new to the English language or have very basic communication skills ( Elementary level) then this course level is for you. At beginner level you require no minimum entry level.
  • Pre-Intermediate - If you have some fluency in English, but still have trouble with basic grammar and your confidence then this is the course level for you. Classes focus on grammar, reading, as well as speaking and writing about everyday topics.
  • Intermediate - You have a good knowledge of the English language but still make some mistakes and are regularly misunderstand? Chances are that you are at intermediate level.  In class, you will  focus on grammar, reading, speaking, writing and learn to speak with more confidence.
  • Upper Intermediate - The level where your have a very strong foundation and can considerably expand your vocabulary, communication skills etc. This level focuses on grammar, reading, speaking, writing and helping you to speak with more confidence.
  • Advanced - If you have high level of communicative skills and wish to enhance your skills. This level serves as an excellent base for advanced exam courses such as FCE, CAE, IELTS or Academic English.

Why take a General English Course in Australia?

The General English courses in Australia offer pre-academic English and study skills for students preparing for entry into English for Academic Purposes courses as well as non-academic language development at all levels of English from elementary to advanced. The General English Programs are relevant to student needs, addressing all skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) using modern teaching methods. The programs include a wide range of excursions and activities which enhance the friendly and supportive learning environment.

When commencing the course your chosen English school, your knowledge of the English Language will be tested.  This will help determine which class is best for you.

General English Course Australia

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Where can I study General English in Australia?

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