Business English

Looking to prepare your current English language skills to enter the workforce in Australia, a Business English course is the one for you.

Business English Course Australia
Business English Course Australia

What is a Business English Course?

The Business English course is designed to teach you how to do resumes, how to handle a job interview, how to communicate in an Australian business environment. It also teaches you how to write business reports, give presentations as well as helping to improve business vocabulary.

Areas may include :

  • listening and note-taking
  • library and Internet research
  • academic reading and writing
  • Writing professional business letters or emails
  • Writing a resume
  • Business Vocabulary¬†
  • Business Presentation¬†

Business English courses are usually available at all English Schools in Australia.

Who needs a Business English Course?

The Business English course is for students who wish to gain an internationally recognised Business English qualification. It is also for those who wish to study business or related subjects at diploma or university level.

These English courses are great if your looking to enter the workforce in an English speaking country or improve your business English skills. As with each different country, Australia’s working environment may be very different from that of your home country.

This course is also helpful if you are thinking of studying a tertiary level business course. All skills learnt in a course such as this are highly regarded in Australians and internationally.

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