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Out of all the best places, Melbourne is definitely the most desirable place for all. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia so has got a lot of importance to itself. One willing to learn English in Melbourne is definitely choosing the best institution of ESL at Australia no doubt the others are also good but here there’s much more in the package.

Students who have chosen to learn English in Melbourne are being subjected to the most technological methods of teaching, with the institution being located at a very suitable location connected to all major places at the same time the students get free surfing of the net and are also able to watch visual displays, they are being provided to meet with students who have already excelled after they decided to learn English in Melbourne. All this creates greater motivation to the students along with the best teaching staffs to help them.

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English Schools in MelbourneEnglish School Melbourne where people are friendly and the climate is good. Melbourne is multicultural and very friendly to overseas visitors so basic English is really that is needed. However, Melbourne does offer many English language courses (Known as ESL- English as a Second Language). The major English schools are regulated and are accredited so that one who chooses to study English in Melbourne can be assured that they are obtaining the highest quality education!

ELICOS language institutions in Melbourne is where you can find quality English training which has been in operation for more than twenty years. It is the accredited language institute of Melbourne whose centres always has to prove to the National ELICOS Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) that it has highly qualified teachers, suitable premises and appropriate curricula.

Needless to say, you will find that if you study English at an ELICOS language institution, you will be in the best of hands! Prepare for TOEIC, IELTS, PET/FCE/CAE and BEC exams. Qualified and experienced teachers will work with you to achieve your goals in the area you wish to study.

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Our English Schools in Melbourne

We have put some profiles of the language schools online. Unfortunately, the list of schools is still incomplete. So if you are interested in a school that is not on our list, just let us know.

ELSIS Melbourne

ELSIS Melbourne

Since 1991, ELSIS has been offering English courses to students from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. Such a great mix of nationalities makes ELSIS a great place to learn English. Students enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, great locations and great facilities. In addition to English classes, ELSIS offers free daily workshops and an interesting selection of social activities.

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English language course programs: General English, Intensive English, Cambridge exam preparation, IELTS exam preparation, English + work program, English for academic purposes

Ability English School in Melbourne

Ability English

Ability English in Melbourne is designed to maximize your English learning. The settings are flooded with light, bright and comfortable, with projectors and WiFi access. There are several student computers and large, well-equipped kitchens throughout the campus. There are many student social contacts across the campus where you can make friends and study then English language.

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English language course programs: General English, Survivor English, Cambridge exam preparation, IELTS exam preparation, English for academic purposes

English Unlimited Melbourne

English Unlimted

English Unlimited (EU) is a dynamic language school in the heart of Melbourne. The language school has modern facilities and a caring, friendly and passionate team. The main goal is to help students become competent communicators in English and prepare them for their adventure as a global citizen in a world where English is quickly becoming a common language.

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English language course programs: General English, Business English, Cambridge Exam Preparation, IELTS Exam Preparation, Junior English, English Plus Programs.

Discover English Melbourne

Discover English

Discover English is one of the best English schools in Melbourne and offers a variety of programs. The campus is a modern five-story building with full WiFi access. The student lounge is on the lower level of the building and is the perfect place to relax and connect with people from all over the world. Students have access to kitchen facilities, microwave ovens, vending machines and computers. There are quiet lounge areas on each floor of the building where you can relax with your laptop and use the free WiFi.

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English language course programs: General English, Intensive English, Cambridge exam preparation FCE and CAE, IELTS exam preparation, English + work program, private tuition, business English, demi pair, English + hotel internship, English for academic purposes

Kaplan International Languages Melbourne

Kaplan International Languages Melbourne

Kaplan International Languages ​​Melbourne is just a five-minute walk from local transportation stations, including the free tram. The language school regularly organises tours of the breathtaking coastal landscape of the Great Ocean Road and trips to Phillip Island, where you will find the smallest penguins in the world.

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English language course programs: General English, Intensive English, Cambridge Preparation Courses, IELTS Preparation Course, Business English, English for Academic Purposes

Melbourne College of English

Melbourne College of English

SACE Melbourne is an English language school located in the World Trade Center Building, overlooking the beautiful Yarra River, and just a short walk from Melbourne city center. SACE Melbourne offers a variety of English courses and aims to help you improve your English skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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English language course programs: General English, Intensive English, PTE preparation courses, IELTS preparation course, high school preparation course.

Bayside English College Melbourne

Bayside English College

Bayside has been a leader in IELTS preparation courses in Australia for 10 years. The language school has helped thousands achieve their IELTS goals. Bayside IELTS offers you a range of study opportunities. You can learn all four skills or focus on just one or two sections of the test. Bayside also offers general English courses.

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English language course programs: General English, IELTS preparation course.

Oxford House English College in Melbourne

Oxford House College Melbourne

The OHC Melbourne Campus building is located in the central business district, close to transportation, cafes, restaurants, gardens, parks, and designer shops. And with one of Australia's best public transportation systems right on the campus’s doorstep, you can easily explore everything this wonderful city has to offer by foot, by bike, by tram or by train.

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English language course programs: General English, Intensive English, IELTS Preparation Course, High School Preparation Course, CELTA, Private Lessons, English for Academic Purposes.

Southern Cross Education Institute Melbourne

Southern Cross Education Institute Melbourne

SCEI currently has three campuses in Melbourne. The main campus is conveniently located between 155 and 161 Grenzstrasse, North Melbourne. The campus has 15 large classrooms (60-80 square meters) and is centrally located in the suburbs, offering students a choice of public transportation such as bus, tram and train.

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English language course programs: General English, IELTS Preparation Course.

Victoria University English Language Centre

Victoria University English Language Centre

VU English is the English language center of Victoria University. It is located in the center of Melbourne, Australia.
The courses improve your English skills and prepare you for studying at the university or TAFE in diplomas, degrees, masters and doctoral students.

You can also study here to improve your general English, English for academic purposes and English for business.

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English language course programs: General English, English for academic purposes.

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