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You can not enter Australia without a valid visa. There are different types of Australia visa and different conditions.

Whether you are coming to Australia for work or business purposes, for holiday or if you are wanting to become a permanent resident. There is a lot to consider.

The different visa classes are: Permanent Entry Visas, Work Visas, Temporary Entry Visas, Visitor Visa, Business Visa and Student Visa.

Each visa is different. Work visas will require you to have gained employment in Australia and you will need to be sponsored by your employer, meaning they will provide all flights to and from Australia. Once your employment has terminated you will have to go back to your original country at the expense of your employer.

Business Visas are available to investors, business owners and executives. A business visa is available for four years after this time you may either apply for permanent residency or apply for another Australia Visa.

Student visas are available to those accepted into an Australian University. You may also work whilst studying however this has restrictions and you may only be able to work during semester break.

Visitor visas are available to those on holidays or for working holidays. Working Holidays will have many restrictions you may only be able to work casual or part time hours whilst in Australia. For those only on a Visitor visa you will not be able to work whilst in Australia.

The acceptance process can be complicated, and will be based on your skills and which country you are from. Each country and field has a risk assessment level which will determine how easy it is for you to obtain a visa.

Australian Visa Assessments

To apply for an Australian visa you need to check if you qualify. There are lots of visa options. If you want to study in Australia, our education agents help you. Immigration agents help for long term immigration to Australia

Australian Visa Counselling

When you need migration advice, a Migration Institute of Australia registered migration agent member can help you. Registered Australian Immigration Agents offer immigration services to Australia. Complete an online assessment to determine your eligibility.

Free Student Services

Our education counselors are trained and qualified, providing you with the best service. Our partner immigration agents are registered with the Australian government. Our registered and training education agents provide free admission service to intentional students who wish to study in Australia.

Immigration Australia

Australian Immigration experts offers immigration and visa services to Australia.

We help you to find the best suitable Australian visa for you.

If you like to apply for your student visa and need help, our education agents can help you with free counselling services. However if you need help with any immigration matters registered immigration agents do charge for this kind of services.

Looking to immigrate to Australia?

If you want to become an immigrant based on the fact that you have a permanent employment opportunity in Australia, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor someone for lawful permanent residency based on permanent employment in Australia, you must go through a multi-step process. Immigration Agents can help you to find the right way to work in Australia.

Popular Visa Streams

Permanent Australian Visas

Applicants wishing to migrate to Australia must apply for a permanent visa. There are three streams as outlined below. There are three streams of permanent Australian visas: Skilled, Business and Family
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Skilled Visa Stream

The Skilled visa stream is intended for skilled applicants who have experience and/or qualifications which are considered 'in demand' in Australia. There are several skilled visas.
Skilled Visa Australia

Business Visas

Applicant must be employer sponsored and skilled. Its an advantage to have a proven background in their field and import unique skills to Australia. This is either an offshore or onshore application
Business Visa Australia

Family Visas

The sub classes for this visa stream include include Spouse / Defacto Spouse, Interdependency, Parent, Aged Parent, Aged Dependant Relative, Remaining Relative, Carer and other streams.
Family Visa Australia

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