Sponsored Work Visa Australia

A Sponsored Work Visa for Australia allows the holders to enter Australia and work for their sponsor up to four years. The family of the visa holder are permitted to stay in Australia and have unlimited work rights. The Sponsored Work Visa for Australia is commonly used as a stepping stone to gain permanent residence in Australia.

Since it is very difficult to find a sponsor, especially from outside Australia, many young people decide to study and work in Australia on the basis of a student visa.

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Global Talent Scheme pilot program

Highly skilled workers from around the world will have a new visa pathway into Australia as a part of the Government's new Global Talent Scheme pilot program.

From 1 July all businesses will be able to sponsor highly skilled and specialized workers who will help to grow their businesses and create more jobs.

The pilot will run for 12 months and provide businesses with a streamlined process to sponsor overseas workers with cutting edge skills, where there are no suitable Australians available to fill the vacancies.

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