Australian Universities have long enjoyed an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Why not study at a University in Australia? They are among the best in the world: 7 of Australia’s universities are currently ranked among the top 100 in the world. There are 40 universities in Australia, 3 of which are private. Each university in Australia offers high-standard education in carious fields, comprehensive & modern campus facilities and a secured and friendly student environment.

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University Degrees in Australia

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

Bachelor degree: This is the main fundamental qualification and undergraduate program at universities in Australia. It is the basic requirement for most professions and takes three to 4 years of full-time study, depending on your subjects. These courses offer a wide range of subjects and electives to choose from. Students may opt to study an additional Honours year.

Some TAFE institutes and Colleges also offer Bachelor programs. In contrast to bachelor programs at universities, they have smaller class sizes and are generally less expensive. However, they may have fewer electives and subjects.

A Bachelor degree is essential if you wish to pursue postgraduate studies.

Bachelor (Honours): A Honours Degrees usually follows completion of a Bachelor Degree and includes a thesis. Some Bachelor degrees have an included ‘Honours’ and go for four years. Students who demonstrate high grades may get admission into a PhD program.

Pathway & Foundation Programs: There are pathway options and foundation programs available at universities in Australia. These are designed for those who do not meet the entry requirements. These programs also give you the opportunity to get to experience student life in Australia before you start official university studies.

Our education agents will advise you on the best options to study one of these programs in Australia as part of our free Intentional Student Services.

Postgraduate Degrees / Programs

Graduate Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma: These are coursework-based and may help you extend your knowledge or move you into a field of expertise different to your undergraduate studies. They may also fulfil pre-requisites for a Masters degree and they take around one year of full-time study to complete.

Masters by course work: These programs allow you to extend your study in a field beyond an undergraduate and honours level. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of a specific area of knowledge by selecting courses in your specialised field. Master Degrees usually take 1.5 – 2 years.

Master Degree (Research): The Master Degree (Research) involves enhancing specific professional skills and in-depth understanding of a specific area of knowledge by independent research. After completing this program you are able to continue your studies in a PhD program.

PhD/Doctorate/Doctor of Philosophy programs are for professionals returning to study to improve their professional practice and have have the opportunity of advanced study in a specialised field of research. They take between two and four years of full-time study to complete and are either research-based or are a combination of research and coursework.

University Fees in Australia

Each university in Australia sets individual tuition fees. Tuition fees only include the cost of the university course tuition and do not cover books, living expenses, insurance, visa or flight costs.

For study programs lasting more than one year, such as bachelor’s or master’s, tuition fees may increase in subsequent years. The tuition fees stated in your offer are only binding for the first year of study at a University in Australia.

In order to obtain the CoE required for the Australian student visa, you need to pay the tuition for the first semester and the OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover in advance.

Study Abroad - $7k - 10k per Semester
Tuition for a semester abroad is always given on a semester basis. The cost also depends on whether you want to study 3 or 4 courses per semester. Some universities in Australia offer international students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Australia with 3 courses with even low tuition fees.

Foundation Studies - $15k - 39k
Foundation studies costs from approx. 15,000 - 40,000 AUDin total. Foundation programs at colleges or TAFEs are in many cases a lot cheaper. The prices also vary between the universities depending on the university.

Bachelor Degree - $ 20k - 40k per Year
A bachelor's degree costs from 10,000 - 20,000 AUD per semester. Bachelor programs at colleges or TAFEs are in many cases a bit cheaper. Most bachelors cost between $20,000 - $40,000 per year depending on the university.

Postgraduate - $20k + per Year
Most postgraduate programs, such as Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master, cost around 20,000 AUD per year (approximately 16,000 euros) at universities in Australia. More expensive are usually the MBA - Master of Business Adminsitration, which cost more than 25,000 AUD at many universities.pensive, why not consider a Vocational course?

What do the Universities in Australia offer you?

Apply to Study at University in Australia

The application process is important as it can directly affect your chances of being accepted to study at University in Australia. Our expert team will guide you through the application process and help get your application accepted.

After your initial contact with us, the first step is deciding which course/s you wish to apply for. This involves considering the career path you wish to enter and researching courses to help you get there. Our education agents are well informed about the education system and will provide expert advice on the career outcomes.

Another consideration is the entry and English language requirements for each course. We will assess your eligibility and help you meet the requirements.

Once you have chosen the most appropriate study path, we will look at which Universities in Australia offer appropriate courses and which of these is most suited to your needs. Aspects to consider are the areas of specialty, what international support is on offer, and location. Again, your education agent will have plenty of information about your chosen location and can also advise on the best study locations in Australia.

Once you have picked your preferred location and course, you will need to complete the relevant application form. You will receive these from us.

The application form will ask you for the course(s) that you are wishing to apply for and will list documentation that is required.

Generally you will need to submit proof of your prior education and evidence of your English language ability. If you are still finishing your education in your home country it is sometimes possible to gain provisional acceptance based on your prior results until you can show your final marks.

We will help you gather your documents, get the official translations done and help fill out the application. Remember, our services are free so why not take advantage and rest assured that everything is covered.

Once completed and documentation is sorted, we will even send off the application form for you.

Once we send off your application to your desired university, we will be advised of the outcome within some days. In some instances they may need more documents or information. Your education agent will advise you on and work together with you to get the required information.

Once approved you will be sent a letter of offer. Upon acceptance the education provider issues an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). This is essential for your student visa application.

The next step will be to organise your OSHC, we will help you with this!

International students must have a student visa to study in Australia.

Before applying for your student visa you must have proof of enrolment and may need to pay some of your tuition fees. Don’t worry, we will help you to gather the required documents and assistance in filling out the student visa application as part of our free service.

Receive advice on accommodation, flights, banking, student discounts…

You can benefit from the special prices we can offer you from our partner travel agencies.

Finally you can come to Australia and start your university studies! You can chose to be picked up from the airport in arrival. Your chosen university will also have an information session which you should attend to become familiar with the teachers and facilites.

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