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Free University Australia Admission Service: If you are not sure how to proceed, our University Australia agents are available to help and advice you.
Registered Australian University Agents assist you with your application.

To study at a University in Australia, you must have a suitable Australian Student Visa, Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) document to study a course at a particular university, a secured accommodation, and more.

4 Easy Steps to Applying for Admission at a University in Australia

The application process is important as it can directly affect your chances of being accepted to study at University in Australia.

It is also wise to carefully research your choices of course and education provider so that you will enjoy maximum benefit and fulfilment from your time in Australia.

The first step

  • The first step is deciding which courses you wish to apply for. This involves considering the career or education path you wish to enter and researching courses to help you get there.
  • Another consideration is the entry and English language requirements for each course and whether you possess the entrance criteria.
  • Once you have chosen the most appropriate study path for you, it is a question of looking at which Universities in Australia offer appropriate courses and which of these is most suited to you.
  • Aspects to consider are the Australian Universities areas of speciality, what international support is on offer, and which location is most attractive to you.

Step 2: Completing your University Australia application form

  • Once the preferred location and course have been chosen you will need to complete the relevant application form. These can be obtained from us as an registered Australian education agent.
  • The application form will ask you for the course(s) that you are wishing to apply for and will list documentation that is required.
  • Generally you will need to submit proof of your prior education and evidence of your English language ability. If you are still finishing your education in your home country it is sometimes possible to gain provisional acceptance based on your prior results until you can show your final marks.
  • The Australian University you are applying to should be able to assist you with any queries you have, as should your education agent (if appropriate).
  • Another necessity before lodging your forms is to check with your local Australian Embassy or our Immigration Services that you are eligible to apply for a student visa if you are successful in your course application.
  • Once you have completed your research, filled out your form and attached all necessary documentation it should be submitted to one of our University Australia education agents.

Step 3: Institution receives your University Australia application

  • Once your application has been received it will be assessed and you will be advised of the result.
  • If your application was successful you will be sent a letter of offer. Upon acceptance the education provider issues an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). This is essential for your student visa application.
  • In some instances you may be required to undergo a pre-visa assessment before you receive your eCoE.

Step 4: Apply for your Australian student visa

International students must have a student visa to study in Australia. Before applying for your student visa you must have proof of enrolment and may need to pay some of your tuition fees. This varies depending on where you are enrolled and you will need to investigate this with your new education agent.

University Australia Course Options, Fees & Requirements for International Students

Study at a University in Australia with Go to Australia. Registered Education Agents Provide Free University Enrollment Services to International Students. University Australia: about 50 percent of university applicants are international students. Find out types of degrees, qualifications needed, and work rights offered at universities.

Free Advice for international students who want to study at a Australian University. Apply now at any of the Universities in Australia!

Registered Universities Australia agents answer all your questions about the universities in Australia, help with the selection of uni courses, accommodations, visa and all the requirements to apply at a university in Australia.

Universities in Australia

There are many internationally recognised universities in Australia that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We can provide you with detailed information about the wide range of courses offered at the various highly ranked universities in Australia.

Our friendly staff are on hand to give advice on University Australia:

  • courses,
  • fees,
  • application materials,
  • health cover,
  • orientation,
  • accommodation,
  • adjusting to life and study
  • how to resolve problems

and answer any questions regarding universities in Australia. There will always be somebody international students can turn to for help regarding their study at University in Australia.

This means that we are dedicated to continuously improving our services to meet the needs and expectations of international students. Apply here & receive more information about University in Australia!

Australia has 39 universities; 37 of these are government-funded and two are privately funded. Universities in Australia offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Studying at an Australian university gives students access to a quality education, technologically advanced facilities and expert lecturers. Australian university degrees are widely recognised across the globe, and graduates are highly employable.

University Australia - Australia University Admission

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University Courses in Australia

The following qualifications are offered through universities in Australia:

Bachelor degree

This is the main undergraduate program. It is the basic requirement for most professions and takes three to five years of full-time study. Students may opt to study an additional Honours year. A Bachelor degree is essential if you wish to pursue postgraduate studies.

Graduate Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma

These programs may help you extend your knowledge or move you into a field of expertise different to your undergraduate studies. They may also fulfil pre-requisites for a Masters degree, and they take around one year of full-time study to complete. They are coursework-based.

Masters degree

These programs allow you to extend your study in a field beyond an undergraduate and honours level. They take between 18 months and three years to complete. Masters may be taken as either coursework or research, or a combination of both.

Master of Philosophy

These programs develop your independent research skills. They take between 18 months and three years to complete, and are research-based.


These programs are designed for professionals returning to study to improve their professional practice. They take between two and four years of full-time study to complete and are generally coursework-based.

Doctor of Philosophy

These programs provide you with the opportunity of advanced study in a specialised field of research. They take between two and four years of full-time study to complete, and are either research-based or are a combination of research and coursework.

University Australia - Australia University

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International Student Fees

International Student Fee for University Australia Students

Each university in Australia sets the tuition fees individually. Tuition fees include only the cost of the university and do not include books, living expenses, insurance, visa or flight costs.
For study programs lasting more than one year, such as bachelor's or master's, it should be noted that tuition fees may increase in subsequent years. The tuition fees stated in the university offer are only binding for the first year of study at a University in Australia.

In order to obtain the student confirmation required for the Australian student visa, the tuition for the first semester and the OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover must be paid in advance for the entire duration of the study.

The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students was AU$29,000/year.

Typical annual tuition fees for international graduate students:

  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$16,000) to $37,000 (US$29,600)
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$11,200) to $37,000 (US$29,600)

University Australia Study Abroad Fees

Tuition for a semester abroad is always given on a semester basis. The cost also depends on whether you want to study 3 or 4 courses per semester. Some universities in Australia offer international students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Australia with 3 courses with even low tuition fees.

Tuition fees for a semester abroad range between 6,800 and 10,000 AUD

Bachelor - Undergraduate Programs at University in Australia

A bachelor's degree costs from 10,000 AUD (about 8,000 Euro) per semester. Bachelor programs at colleges or TAFEs are in many cases a bit cheaper.
Most bachelors cost between $20,000 - $40,000 per year depending on the university.

Postgraduate Programs - Master at University in Australia

Most postgraduate programs, such as Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master, cost around 20,000 AUD per year (approximately 16,000 euros) at universities in Australia. More expensive are usually the MBA - Master of Business Adminsitration, which cost more than 25,000 AUD at many universities.

Please contact us today about cheap offers and specific prices.

University Australia - Australia University

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As an international student wanting to study in Australia you will have to meet the requirements set down by the university that you will be attending.

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

There are three major criteria that you will have to satisfy to get into studies at a University in Australia:

Have a recognized certificate that states that you have completed upper secondary studies or a year 12 equivalent.

  • Satisfy the English language requirement so you can study at an Australian university.
  • And satisfy the course specific requirements in the area of academia that you want to enter into.

Once you have satisfied this and paid the appropriate fees and have the visa that meets your specific need then you will be able to enrol to study at a University in Australia.

So what does it mean to have a recognized upper secondary or year 12 equivalent?
It means that you have completed secondary or high school in your country of origin and have the documentation to prove it.

We can send students detailed lists for different countries. Do you want know if you have the appropriate qualification from your home country to study abroad in Australia?
For a student coming from Germany you will have had to received the ABI to get into an Australian university and Australian universities look on the qualification quite favorably recognizing that the ABI is an important piece of documentation for many German students who have matriculated.

Our international student guide officer can tell you how the score on the ABI is compared to an Australian equivalent. So you are in good stead in having the ABI and it is recognized throughout the Australian tertiary education system.

An Example:

  • If you have an ABI or 4.0 you can study science or journalism
  • And if you have an ABI of 4.2 you can enter the faculty of arts.

So I have the appropriate equivalent from my country of origin.

What do I do now?

Australian universities will want to know if you are fluent in the English language. There are over 800 000 words currently in use in modern English and over 100 different dialects and accents, but the language of academia used in Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom is the same and the IELT (English for International Opportunity) exam is administered by three internationally recognized bodies (two in the UK and one in Australia) and has 1.2 million people doing the exam annually in 6000 institutions in 120 countries throughout the world.

As a Australian University student you would need to do the IELTS Academic test that sits for roughly three hours and proficiency is measured in the four different areas of writing, speaking, reading, and listening. The test is done with expert examiners in the field and all Australian universities with a student body made up of international students would have an IELTS exam.

Studying for the IELTS exam usually takes 3 months and the AA Education Network has a portal that has a list of many of Australia’s English language schools that you can browse. And it is possible to study for the IELTS exam on-line before you come to Australia. So you can go straight into your course with your classmates for that year.

Because Australia is a commonwealth of states and territories and because education in Australia is administered largely by state governments it is common to come across certain courses in particular states that will require specific conditions be met before a student can enter the faculty of their choice. A student studying music or arts in an Australian university will have to bring a portfolio with them, while students studying in courses like some of the engineering courses, and medicine may have to sit for an interview before allowed entry into that faculty. Discuss this with the International Student Office at AA Education so that you have met all the requirements needed for a successful stay in Australia.

But once these requirements have been met you should be good to go from a study standpoint. Once again, most Australian universities have very user-friendly websites that can be accessed from your home country and with the assistance of your AA Education Agent you should be able to meet all the requirements that you will need to met, so you can have a satisfying experience of Australian university life.
So, you will have had to:

  • Gained a recognized certificate that states that you have completed upper secondary studies or a year 12 equivalent in your country of origin.
  • You have satisfied the English language requirement so you can study at an Australian university by passing the IELTS exam.
  • And you have met the course specific requirements at your chosen university in the area of academia that you want to enter into.

University Australia - Australia University

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Why Study at University in Australia

Top Australian Universities or G-10 universities list among the first few in the internationally market.
Go To Australia presents top universities in Australia that enrol international students to study courses and take part in research-based projects.
In Australia, university education is prestigious and rewarding.
Some Advantages of the Australian Universities for International Students - University in Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

There are some big advantages to studying at University in Australia.

Australia's comparative Cheapness.

In these economically challenging times it is important to note that compared to Europe and the United States studying in Australia is relatively cheap, yet Australia has six universities that are rated within the top fifty best universities in the world.

Australia's Technical Advantage.

Australian universities are recognised throughout the world not only for their contributions to science, but also their quick takeup of new technologies. This gives students access to the tools and ground breaking technologies they will need to be familiar with for their future careers.

And for post graduate students there are the Australian Research Council's Centres of Excellence which are institutions whose goal is to promote research in their specific areas of expertise by bringing together top researchers from both Australia and overseas. More information about these Centres of Excellence can be found at the Australian Research Council's website (

Australia's proximity to Asia.

Airfares from Australia to Asia are considerably cheaper than from Europe or the United States. This means there is less of a financial constraint on the student spending holiday time at home with their family. The similarity in Time Zones also makes it is easier for students to phone home without inconveniencing either themselves or their families by having to ring at strange times of the day.

Advantages of the Australian university system for overseas students

Australian universities are best internationally. After completing high school, international students can enrol for higher education in universities if they have the needed ATAR marks.

Universities vary considerably throughout the world but the most important consideration is one of quality. By that, we mean the wider reputation of such institutions, their quality of teaching, the standing of their qualifications and the success of their graduates.

By all of these considerations, Australian universities stand up well and the best of them are as good as the world's best.

They also, like the country, have a reputation for friendliness and integrity, not small matters when one is considering devoting some years to your studies in a foreign land.

But by far the most important consideration is the standing of their qualifications - are they respected around the world and will they facilitate your move into a worthwhile career?

Well, the answer is unchallenged, it is affirmative.
Your decision to study at an Australian university is one you will never regret.

University Australia - Australia University

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Why Study at Uni in Australia

Australia's universities have long enjoyed an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

Academic staff in Australian universities are recruited both internationally and locally. There is one university in Australia that is funded entirely from private sources and a range of other privately funded institutions offering higher education courses.

Australian universities have strong international links across the entire range of their activities, from individual research collaborations through to joint ventures with universities in other countries. In particular, Australia works to develop strong education relationships with its neighbours in the Asia Pacific region.

If you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you can study in  Australia as an international student.

International Student

As an international student you will be exalted by the unique learning environment Australia universities, colleges and other tertiary as well as secondary Australia education institutions offer. Thousands of international students are choosing to study in Australia, to explore new ideas in pioneering programmes that will put them at the front in the world job markets of the future. These students are benefiting from a special learning environment, found nowhere else and our free student services.

Students and dependants can work after their course commences, for up to 20 hours per week.

During semester breaks international students are allowed to work full-time. If international students are completing a Masters degree or a Doctorate, family members also have unrestricted work rights. You must maintain 80% attendance and complete course requirements to keep holding the visa.

Only institutions meeting Australian education standards are allowed to be called universities and offer degrees. Under the Australian Qualifications Framework there are about 4000 agreements with foreign universities.

Australia University Degrees

The following qualifications are available at universities and higher education providers. Tuition fees vary between AUD $9,000 and AUD $18,500 per year.

  1. Bachelor Degree (minimum 3 years)
  2. Bachelor Degree (Honours) (4 years)
  3. Graduate Certificates (6 months)
  4. Graduate Diplomas (12 months)
  5. Masters Degree (1-2 years)
  6. Doctoral Degree (typically 3 years)

Australia's universities are to a large extent responsible for accrediting their own courses, maintaining academic standards and ensuring quality control. Commonwealth-funded universities are required to submit a quality assurance report called the Quality Assurance & Improvement Plan. The accreditation framework comprises of State & Territory governments, the Australian Universities Quality Agency & the Commonwealth government. Some of Australia's universities are major centres of research.

We can provide many free services for international students. Students receive free information on Australian education institutions.

Either select your courses and study locations or ask for more information. You will receive a list of institutes best suited for you.

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to enrol into a University in Australia, please contact us.

Australia University Campus

University in Australia

Australian University Campus

Australia has many world-class universities, which offer high-standard education in various fields, comprehensive in-campus facilities and infrastructure, and a secured campus life.

A Stint at Any of the Universities Australia Gives Students a Powerful Edge in the Competitive World

Education is one of the key revenue earning options for Australian as thousands of aspiring foreigners apply for a Student visa each year to study in one of the institutes in the country. Almost all the G8 universities in Australia have clinched a spot among the top 100 world’s best universities.

International recognition of all the universities in Australia is primarily due to the experienced faculty, in-depth teaching style, study pathway programs, and friendly cultural atmosphere. The students get opportunities to take part in study abroad and student exchange programs, internships, and outdoor education.

Pioneering Research Activities
Universities in Australia are known for their pioneering research projects dealing with marine biology, bio-diversity, ecology, sustainable development, and environmental science. No wonder, many projects have helped in the development of the industries that have grown over the years in the country.

Meritorious students are offered scholarships to conduct their research activities. As the universities recognize qualifications of a foreign country, it is easy for students to get admitted to a desired level for which they are sufficiently qualified.

Modernized Infrastructure
Campus facilities, labs, libraries, and other infrastructural units required for students are made available in all universities in Australia. From a modern art studio to multi-purpose labs, there are costly facilities in the universities.

Student-Friendly Opportunities, Teaching Methodologies

Erudite mentor and advice students on their study programs and work experience, so that they can get a satisfying career. All students are given opportunities to study in the universities through pathway courses. There are foundation and bridging courses too, available to help student acquire a stipulated level of learning before joining the university.

Today, students who study at University in Australia can opt for post-study work options after successfully completing their studies at the university. This will help them to understand and apply their knowledge better in the practical field. There are internship cells that enable students to get jobs as interns after they complete their course at the university.

Off-Campus Recreation
During session breaks, there are fun-filled activities just for the students studying at University in Australia. Many Australian Universities organize summer camps or student exchange programs where students visit a spot in Australia or outside to enjoy a short study tour.

The students learn practical skills or improve their theoretical knowledge through these study tours. Simultaneously, they get an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy various entertaining activities as well.

Various cultural programs, festivals, and competitions are also organized from time to time where foreign students from another universities visit Australia. Together the students interact, exchange ideas, and compete.

Safe and Cordial Environment

Australian Universities are quite popular in the international market because of its safe, secured, and cordial atmosphere. Student cells are available round-the-clock to ensure foreign students get their grievances addressed promptly.

From homestays to in-campus university villages, and student hostels, there are many ways in which the students can live in the country while pursuing education at one of the Universities in Australia.

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career but don’t know where to start? Why not check with our student counsellors for suggestions as there are numerous pathway courses, job-oriented programs, and world-class research projects available in top universities in Australia.

Australian University Admission

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Australia University Tutorials

Australian University Lectures and Tutorials

Lectures and Tutorials at the universities in Australia

Higher education in Australia consists of lecture classes and tutorials, a lot of international students will find that this does not so much consist of class work but has a lot of practical elements to it aswell.

The difference between a lecture and a tutorial is that a lecture has a larger class of up to 200 students, here a lecturer provides information and students are required to listen and take notes. Tutorials have smaller class sizes, it is here that questions can be asked and answered and here that alot of the practical work will be done.

University Australia students are graded each semester and per unit. If a student fails a unit it will need to be paid for and repeated again in the following semester. Students who study at university in Australia are graded on their class work, assessments, practical work, participation, attendance as well as end of unit exams. The majority of the grade will come from the end of unit exam. Still alot of effort needs to go into all other work.

University Australia - Australia University

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Australia University Courses

More about Universities in Australia

Australia University Testimonials
Higher Studies in Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

"Many international students Indians decide to do their higher studies in Australia.
Australia is often favoured: higher studies in Australia are cheaper by 40 to 60 per
cent compared to universities in the US and the UK. Moreover, employment opportunities have put Australia ahead of others.
Enough Reasons to start my higher studies in Australia!

Ricardo, Mexico

University Australia - Australia University

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Australian university courses are recognised worldwide.

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

The Australian Federal Government is dedicated to meeting high academic standards and the Australian education system provides quality education and opportunities for practical experience to all off its students, regardless of their nationality.

The qualified teachers at Australian universities provide interactive and innovative learning environments. International students have the opportunity to study thousands of courses from a range of areas including, but not limited to, science, health, education, communication, legal and business.

The use of libraries and modern computer facilities are also made available to all students.

The Australian education system invites international students to experience English-speaking education that’s affordable without sacrificing any of its quality.

Study and live the much-loved Australian lifestyle while interacting with Aussie students and students from a number of different countries in this multicultural environment.

Sierra C.

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to enrol into a University in Australia, please contact us.

Australian travel experience

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

"Even once you have chosen a city, Australia is travel friendly
You can see our great country by bus, train, car or plane and take advantage of the excellent variety of accommodation that awaits you in every port of call. 

Weekend getaways are a favourite with Australians and has therefore prompted a boom in inexpensive weekend retreats to beaches, the countryside or islands just off the Queensland coast. 
Also, you couldn't leave Australia without going to see Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory. You can get there by train and bus, sleep under the stars, climb the famous rock and watch the desert go through a rainbow of colour changes as the sun slowly sets.

Svenja, Moscow

University Australia - Australia University

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Australia's Nature

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

"If it is wildlife that you are after, then you can't go past Australia for variety and oddity! Although Australia has some beautiful animals, we also have some weird looking ones that you won't find anywhere else. Kangaroos, koalas, wombats, dingoes, wallabies, emus, dolphins, turtles, penguins, pelicans, the list goes on and on. For diversity in scenery there are rain forests, deserts, beaches, big cities, country towns, waterfalls and more."

Susanna, Poland

University Australia - Australia University

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Australian Universities for International Students

Universities in Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

By 2020, the government plans to increase the number of international students by 30 percent. Apart from immigration policy changes, it wants Universities in Australia to offer useful courses, support system, and infrastructure to meet the target.

Strategic Plans to Rope in More Number of International Students to study at University in Australia

Education is one of the top revenue earning options for the Australian government. However, in 2011 there had been a dip in the number of enrolments to institutes, especially those involved in tertiary education.

The government has mulled few strategic plans in a bid to attract more number of foreign students in the country, especially those from Asia, Asia-Pacific, and South-East Asian region. It hopes to reinstate the $15 billion export revenue from education and add some to it by 2020.

Policies to Meet Challenges to Rope in More International Students
Bureaucratic corruptions, tedious visa processing, fund crunch, expensive tuition and ancillary fees, and inadequate infrastructure are some of the challenges that Australia still face today. However, the government along with the universities have taken up steps to ensure, genuine students get visa to study in Australia.

Work-Enabled Courses
Australian Universities will now offer courses that have reference to industry-needs. In many cases students will be allowed to visit the factory or workplace during their course tenure and interact with the industry-majors to know about a particular topic.

Industry-Based Research with Global and Sustainability Touch
Students taking up research curriculum will get more projects that are aligned to sustainable development and are accepted globally. Research projects that assist industrial development in Australia are also being encouraged.

Better Infrastructure 
Australian Universities will think about ways to improve the available infrastructure. For instance, many educational institutes have plans to create a studio that will provide a medium for students to showcase their work on science, arts, and education. Some institutes have specialty clinics and labs for Integrated Allied Health Professionals and labs for scientific work Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Courses on Social Development
Many Australian universities have taken up steps to start a student interaction with the community. This includes a series of voluntary service, entrepreneurial training, and implementation of the 2012 Disability Action Plan. Needy students will be mentored and community clinics will also be established for the students.

Key Initiatives by the Government
The Australian government has chalked out action plans for 5 key sectors, in which education takes an important place. Measures are being taken to assure foreign students that they are accepted and welcomed in Australia.

Apart from visa changes and work right benefits, it is also planning to bring suitable changes to foreign affairs, health, industry, and trade. The education department also wants to rope in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Are you looking forward to study at a university in Australia? Check with our help desk for suitable courses and projects available just for the international students.

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to study at University in Australia, please contact us.

Popular Australian University Faculties

Golf Schools Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

Golf Schools in Australia provide any keen golfer the opportunity for full-time professional instruction during their gap year or career break or full-time study for some years.

Designed for golfers of all abilities, the programme helps each student to maximize their existing golfing career.

At many high schools in Australia golf is now a subject in selected sports.

One of the most popular and famous golf schools in Australia is Queensland s Hills International College, close to Brisbane. It is also one of the private schools in Australia, offering an educational balance between golf training and academic commitments, designed to produce elite-level golfers.

But there are also some public golf schools in Australia, which offer intensive golf lessons as part of their sports activities.

So, watch out: Australian schools might very soon produce the next generation of professional elite golfers. But, for now, their students simply enjoy the best school subject ever & golf.

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to enrol into a University in Australia, please contact us.

Law School Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

Study-Australia provides links to Australian law schools and information about studying law in Australia.

Law students come from all parts of the world to Australia.

Your legal education will provide you with an international network which, as a law alumnus, you will be able to maintain after graduation.

List of law schools in Australia:

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Bond University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Flinders University
  • Griffith University
  • James Cook University
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Monash University - Monash University Law Faculty
  • Murdoch University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of New England
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of New South Wales - UNSW Faculty of Law
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Sydney - Sydney Law School
  • University of Tasmania
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Western Sydney
  • University of Wollongong

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to enrol to study at a University in Australia, please contact us.

Medical School Australia

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

Medical education in Australia is provided by the medical schools and faculties of various universities. There are undergraduate and graduate programs available for international students.

List of Medical Schools in Australia:

  • Australian Catholic University - School of Nursing
  • Bond University - Faculty of Health Science and Medicine
  • Griffith University - School of Medicine
  • James Cook University - School of Medicine
  • Monash University - Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
  • The University of Notre Dame - Australia College of Medicine: School of Medicine Fremantle and School of Medicine Sydney
  • University of Newcastle - School of Medicine & Public Health
  • University of New South Wales - Faculty of Medicine
  • University of Queensland - School of Medicine
  • University of Tasmania - School of Medicine
  • University of Western Australia Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • University of Western Sydney - School of Medicine
  • University of Wollongong Graduate - School of Medicine

University Australia - Australia University

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Australia University Blog
The Australian Education System

Universities in Australia - Universities Australia

Australia takes education very seriously. Whilst we only have 0.3% of the worlds population we have according to the Times Higher Education world university rankings almost 10% of the worlds top one hundred universities.

Indeed education has overtaken tourism to become Australia's third largest export earner with 17% of all tertiary enrolments coming from overseas. The appeal of Australia is obvious. Underpinning our superb universities are also our multiculturalism, our tolerance and our general lifestyle.

Labour laws afford overseas students an opportunity to supplement their incomes, and blessed with an equable climate, Australia provides a healthy and safe environment for overseas students to realise their fullest potential. Moreover, every successful student that passes through our education system becomes a living and breathing advertisement for it.

Countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and China now boast innumerable successful individuals in business, education and government that have graduated from a University in Australia. During times of economic uncertainty there is no better investment than that of an education.

Shares may decline in value, stock markets may crash but the value of an Australian university degree remains undiminished.

Contact us for further information on you can secure your future by enrolling to study at a University in Australia.

University Australia - Australia University

If you want to enrol to study at University in Australia, please contact us.

Australian University Transport

How to get to your University in Australia

Transport to and from Universities in Australia

Australian cities are large, sprawling places. The density of housing is generally lower and travelling distances often greater than overseas. This raises the question: How am I going to get to my University?

The answer to this depends a lot on where you live, what university in Australia you attend and your financial state. Some Australian universities such as Flinders University in Adelaide, offer accommodation on campus and others are close to cheap, rental accommodation. However, the reality for most students will involve a certain amount of travel.

The motorcycle

Although cheaper to run, they are usually more expensive to register and insure than a car. You are more likely to be able to park near your Australian university, sometimes for free. Again, the practicality of riding a motorcycle will depend on the circumstances.

Australian cities are generally cycling friendly. All Australian cities have well developed bicycle path networks though they often do not take you to where you want to go. Commuting by bicycle is a practical option in Australian cities and is becoming increasingly popular.

Few universities in Australia provide shower/changing facilities. Most provide racks to lock your bike to but it will be out in the weather. You will need a strong lock to prevent theft but on most campuses, your bike will be reasonably safe from vandalism. A cheap, second hand bike is the best option.

Australian cites are well served with bicycle shops though few sell second hand bikes. Some general second hand dealers sell bikes but they are generally of poor quality. However, second hand bikes are easy to buy via newspapers and on-line auction sites such as ebay. A second hand bike in good condition can easily be found for under $200.

Public Transport.

Australian cities are big places. Cheap, practical transport is available, you only need to decide what best suits your needs.

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Australia University Alumni

Australia University Alumni - Once you complete your studies in Australia

University Australia Alumani

University Australia Alumani

Your University Australia experience was a great one, but it doesn’t have to end just because you are back home and you graduated, learn some information about connecting too alumni networks:

When it come time to return back home after completing your study at University in Australia, you might want to consider to attend a returning home seminar run by some Australian Universities.  It will be good to start getting your mind transferring in the idea that you will be returning home soon, but the good thing is once you studied in Australia you will always be an alumni! How great is that?

This time that you have spent in Australia, has surely changed you and we are sure you made some friends for life and even your family probably changed in the process as well.

Finding a job or continuing education, living on your own or moving back in with your parent and catching up with what has been happening within your family since you have been away, meeting up with your old friends and getting use to the different environment once again, will be another transition another adjustment you will need to get use to again, the time of day if it is different than back home, the transportation, the money, the culture, the list is endless of what you will need to settle in again.  You probably wouldn’t have even realized it till now that you traveled always and studied in a new location and now you are finding yourself adjusting again to something you once knew so well.  You may even find that you have to readjust to the weather and food and just the accent of the people around you.

Many Universities in Australia will run returning home seminars that will cover topics from resettling, how to get your exam results, making travel arrangements, joining alumni associations and preparing for your future career.  These seminars filled with students just like you, that are preparing to return back home and have some doubts to how that may go or are just as excited to return and feel not much will changed but no matter what is a good way to start settling in to the fact your time will be up soon.

Alumni associations and how they help you

International students who study at University in Australia are Australian alumni!  You will find more information of the alumni association established by your university in Australia where many other alumni networks can even be run in your own country, your institution can be more of a help.

University Australia alumni networks can:

  • Assist you in maintaining the relationships you have build here, whether they are personal with your friends and colleges, your professors and employees, they can just help you stay in touch.
  • Help you with opportunities professional, with jobs back home and help you set up ideas and ways to execute a plan to get back and already have work in order or butterflies at least out of the way.
  • provide and help you get the fact you will be leaving soon and how that might affect you, they can just provide the support that you need that not many people will understand if they have not been in that position.

It is hoped that all international students have a safe, productive and enjoyable stay in Australia. It is important to ensure students return home before their Australian student visa expires to avoid any penalties. Be sure to be packed, have all travel documents including passport, visa and photo identification ready. Remember that airports have a 20 kilogram luggage limit per person. So any further luggage will require a small fee to be paid.
Returning home can be a time full of mixed feelings, be sure to collect contact details of all your new friends. As well as details of any work, real estate or educational reference which you may have picked up whilst in Australia. A new qualification will mean returning home will be different, there will be more job opportunities available, meaning a new life yet again.
To help students adapt back into their home communities there are many Alumni Associations set up. This is where returned international students can meet others in the same situation. Here they can get support and counselling services to help them get back on their feet.

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Study at University in Australia

Study at a University in Australia

A careful selection of an appropriate university education will have either positive or negative effect on one’s career in the future based on such factors as: accessibility, affordability, future career potentials, educational standards of the chosen university or appropriate accreditation and Information, Communication and technological status of the selected university.

University education for many is hardly accessible of late. Many are those who are abjectly cut from their preferences in education they need today to meet their future career requirement. By accessibility, I mean making the educational potentials in terms of structures, materials readily available without let or hindrance and in easily reach to aid in one’s socio-economic development. This also suggests that a vast number of people within a given geographical area must enjoy these accesses at a given period of time.

When this is done, people from different geographical locations may have the opportunity to wider their personal advancement and may see a brighter future.
The two main folds of lack of this accessibility in education may cause an abating turns in people development and likelihood of facing poverty. The availability of this will also mean making people having career qualities to satisfy job market and being positively changed in life.

What is the immense challenge then if there is accessibility, but no or less affordability?

In most quarters of the developing economies and the developed economies alike, people still cannot afford to pay tuition fees of a mere $1,200US per semester. This figure quoted is even though under-quoted to attest to the difficulty and the challenge people are facing in the issue of educational affordability.

Where people can afford a decent university education, hope in life may seem pessimistic. Most of the day’s universities are offering a non-employable starter course which helps a graduate to move-up himself without seeking non-existing employment. The influence under this point comes either in positive or negative if the universities today must shift from more theoretical to practical.

The written too is clearly on the wall that most of our universities are not operating with the appropriate accreditation. What happens sadly to unfortunate unformed people who are droved into this unscrupulous business class who are just there to deceive people?

What are the so called movers and shakers of the world doing to salvage mankind from these business-barbarisms? Applications of many graduates are silently rejected or turned down for questions of accreditation on the universities they once attended.

Information, Communicational and Technology (ICT) is taking a vital role in every facet of life today. What is happening to most Africa’s universities which have not advanced up the modern ICT status? They are or may face a bleak future. University prospective applicants who are serious may assess the modern ICT status of a university before initiating an application processes. Improvement in all these areas will make our teaching - learning environment better and reliable prospects for us to enjoy.

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What overseas students think about their degrees

According to a new survey almost 80 per cent of international students think their degree is relevant to the Australian industry they work in these includes engineering and technology, health, education and finance and accounting.

A survey based on 1940 students attending Australian Technology Network universities shows that considerable amount of beneficial job outcomes for overseas students than first thought says Melissa Banks an IDP researcher.

Ms Banks said the Department of Immigration and Citizenship reported in a longitudinal survey last year that only 46 per cent of former overseas students used their qualifications in their job often and 25 per cent did so rarely.

Former ATN students were asked whether their degree was relevant to their line of work 79 per cent of all respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed, where as 8 per cent of all respondents said they would disagree or strongly disagree.

Ms Banks said that even though the research was not intended at assessing the effect of international students on domestic skills shortages, it established that after undertaking university in
2005 they were working in 24 professions.

Melissa said "For respondents living in Australia, 14 per cent were working in the IT industry, 13 per cent in banking, finance and accounting, 10 per cent in education and training, 10 per cent in health and 7 per cent in engineering and technology".

Overseas graduates living in Australia had a small percentage of 0.5 working in transportation, with even smaller percentages working across 18 areas including

  1. Arts and Culture
  2. Building
  3. Communications
  4. Construction
  5. Environment
  6. Government
  7. Law
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Media
  10. Mining
  11. Trade
  12. Agriculture

Even though research shows positive outcomes for graduates in Australia, it confirms that additional work is needed to be done to ensure a smoother transition for international students and workers. Australia has the world's best practice on international education, the best recruiting strategies and ethics. Banks said.

The survey had found that graduates from China and India were more likely to have a working visa (66.2 per cent and 58.4 respectively), with (60 per cent and 44.6 per cent) permanent residency among (50.8 per cent and 44.6 per cent) of other graduates from other nations.