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Out team is up to date knowledge on all training institutes, colleges, universities, language schools and secondary schools within Australia.

Our agency prides itself on being able to help students in matching them with the most appropriate education providers. We will help you plan the right education path.

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Our certified Australian college agents offer free services to study at an Australian college or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) institute.

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Go To Australia offers international students Australian education pathway programs and nationally accredited courses.

We employ a team of highly qualified staff to provide quality student services and international student assistance.

Individual care and concern is given to all international students.

Go To Australia has a concern to ensure the provision of quality education services to international students studying at each of its delivery sites. It believes that all students have a fundamental right to an education that provides them with the opportunity to attain full intellectual and personal development.

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Its vision is to help you to apply with one of the finest international education providers.

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The AA Education Network is a portal full of resources for anyone who is thinking about studying in Australia. We offer a wide range of services and help to international students, on a variety of topics from guidance on how to apply for your course to information about living in Australia, and how to find suitable accommodation.

We can help you with all your questions on work, study, living and travelling in and around Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the services the AA Education Network provides include guidance and information to students and parents, help in selecting the right courses as well as assistance with all your documents and visa papers.

The benefits of applying to your studies via the AA Education Network are many; as we provide you with all the help and support you need right from the start.

As such, we assist you in preparing by giving you all the information you need to make your decision, from information on how to fulfil the requirements to study, including information on English Language Tests, through the preparation of your application and translation of any documents you need.

We also offer ongoing support after your application has been submitted, and we help you keep track on where your application is and how long before you get an answer.

In addition to the guidance we offer with your application, we also provide help with all the other things you need before you move to Australia. Our services include support on matters dealing with your visa, such as the first application, or getting an extension or renewal of an old visa. We can also help you with information on finding accommodation and work during your studies, as well as any questions you might have regarding your time in Australia.

As you and your application are important to us, we want to make sure you feel comfortable during your stay. This is why our services also include emergency contact should anything go wrong.

We take care of you from start to finish, from giving you information on your studying options and preparing your application right through to our on-arrival service with airport pickup, student support and a dedicated personal contact throughout your entire time in Australia.

These are all benefits you get when you choose to take your dream of studying in Australia to the AA Education Network. We can help you make it a reality.

College Australia Pathways & Courses
Study at a College in Australia

College Australia Requirements

What are the requirements for a college course in Australia?

To be considered to study at an Australian college, you must:

  • apply for full-time Australian college course
  • be academically qualified for the course
  • have an adequate standard of English
  • genuinely seeking temporary entry for study purposes only
  • be of good health, and have health insurance cover
  • provide evidence that you have enough money to pay for tuition fees, living costs and return air fares for the total period of your course.

College Fees Australia

Australian College Fees for International Students

Application / Registration fee: $0 - $500
Private Colleges Tuition:
AUD $ 6,000 - AUD $ 26,000 a year
Material & Equipment: different depending on the profession Material costs, depending on the institute: free or up to A $ 800 per year  Some courses require equipment and uniform costs range from $250 - $2,500 AUD
Other Costs: flight visa OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) accommodation other living expenses (food, clothing, public transport, mobile phone, etc.) 

Advantages of Studying at a College in Australia

The pro of studying at a college in Australia

Universities and colleges in Australia have an international focus within their courses and activities. An Australian university, a college in Australia as well as Australian schools offers internationally recognized degrees.

These qualifications will highly assure employment in Australia as well as on the global market since major employers recognise Australian qualifications. Another plus: The education system in Australia is federally regulated.

That means the Australian government checks on the universities and guarantees in order to maintain the high education standards in Australia.

Australian College agents offer detailed information for those interested in studying, moving, travelling or working in Australia. Our main focus is giving future international students the information they require when thinking of studying here.

We have researched many of the Colleges in Australia and will continue to bring you the information needed to decide where you would like to study and what study mode you intend on completing also.

Our website has pages with all immigration information necessary including visa's, travel tips, quarantine and customs information as well as the usual travel guides to sightseeing in Australia.

Our friendly staff are happy to help you with any queries and assist you in enrollment.

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Studying at a college in Australia providers further study opportunities

Colleges Australia - The Australian Education System

The Australian education system comprises of primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Australia Colleges provide tertiary education along with the universities. Various pathways have made tertiary education a versatile and lucrative mode of learning to both academic and mediocre students.

College Australia Education and What International Students can get from It

Although both universities and colleges provide tertiary education, there is a subtle difference between the two. Students can however, easily take up bridging courses or education pathways to enrol in a university from a college.

Australia College Education
Institutes that offer vocational courses or courses that allow students to pursue higher education in the universities fall under the category of colleges in Australia. These education providers are Registered Training Organizations (RTOs). Some institutes are government-sponsored, known as TAFE while many others are private organizations.

Collectively, these colleges offer technical education or a particular skill that can be directly used in the industry. The students qualify for a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree, or Certificate I, II, III, and IV in these institutes on various subjects, such as business, information technology, health, education, and many more.

Pathway to Higher Education
Some degrees offered in colleges allow students to study further at the universities. The pathway courses also include foundation courses or bridging courses which are offered to students who require little more learning to study at a university. The foundation courses, Bachelor courses, and similar pathway programs can be offered by both colleges and universities.

Certain colleges also join hands with universities to provide dual-certificates in certain subjects. Through this option, students can study two courses at the same time or nearly the same time. Fees are also reduced. Additionally, the students don’t require applying to the university afresh. Once the Australia college course is complete, the admission to university is direct through such dual certification programs.

English Learning for Students from Non-English Speaking Countries
Although there are dedicated English schools that offer English learning programs to students who require developing their English proficiency to study in Australia, there are colleges that offer such courses as well. Often, these courses are linked to an academic course too.

In other words, students get a Student Visa which allows them to study an English course in a college as well as take up an academic course soon after he or she successfully completes the English language course.

Importance of College Australia Education
College in Australia education allows students to develop job-ready skills or qualification that will help them to study further in any international university. From Year 10 onwards, it is possible for students to study at a college and decide their future career goals.

Today, immigration rules are changing to rope in a good number of prospective students from Asia and Asia-Pacific region for Australia college education. Internships, post-study work options, and a convenient way to get Student visas are making college education an attractive feature in the international market.

To know more about College Australia and career-inspiring courses offered by these institutes, write to our student counsellors.

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If you want to enrol into a College in Australia, please contact us.

If you want to enrol into a College in Australia, please contact us.

Popular College Courses & Degrees in Australia

International students from over 50 countries study at colleges in Australia. Go To Australia can offer you award-winning higher education and vocational courses.

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College Australia Courses

Education at a College in Australia

Whether you’re looking to take up an undergraduate degree, English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS program) or you’re a graduate seeking a postgraduate degree, we offer Australian college pathways for your needs.

Colleges in Australia

Colleges in Australia are used as:

  • vocational education institutions
  • bridging institutions between grade schools and universities

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Education Advantages

College Education in Australia

Australia College Education Allows International Students to Avail Quality Learning at Par with World Standard.

Once an international student get a Student visa, he or she can pursue secondary and tertiary education in various colleges in Australia. There are work-related courses and academic courses that help these students to bag plum jobs in the country.

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If you want to enrol into a College in Australia, please contact us.

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