The Whithouse Institute in Melbourne and Sydney offers specialist Design courses, from short courses to Bachelor degrees, the institute has everything you need to either start a new career or advance on the one you already have. A fascinating career with great opportunities especially in trendy cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. A career in design gives you opportunities to either work for someone else or you could start your own business or do freelance work, either way it offers flexibility and freedom as well as a creative outlet. A way to express yourself whilst at work is something many of us dream of, this dream could become your reality.



Both campus's are centrally located in the Sydney and Melbourne CBD's on the east coast of Australia. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and possibly the most well known of all Australian cities, in fact it is often mistaken as Australia's capital city. Sydney is the busiest and most populated city in Australia, it is home to the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi and Manly Beach and it even hosted the 2000 Olympic Games. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, and whilst smaller in population and size then Sydney it is certainly impressive in it's own right. Melbourne is an amazing beautiful city, which is up to date on all the new trends and the perfect place to start a career in design. Melbourne is such a fashionable and trendy city and is also more affordable then Sydney.



The Sydney and Melbourne campus's are both located in the CBD, close to public transport, parking, financial institutions, eateries, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues and accommodation. The campus's are set out especially for your design needs. Classes are held in a studio environment designed to teach students the in's and outs of a studio design environment. As well as showing you how to use different fabrics, visual effects and other specialist techniques all taught by qualified and experienced teachers. They offer garment construction facilities, computer laboratories, exhibition and gallery spaces and Traditional and Audio Visual teaching Aides.



Courses are offered from Workshops to Bachelor Degrees and are offered Full Time and obviously short term for workshops. While the Institute acknowledges prior experience and prior learning, it is still required that you include a folio in you application as well as having a grasp of the English language. If you are new to English it is required that you complete a General English course before commencement of study at Whitehouse Institute. Courses are available for entrance each Semester commencing in Febuary and August, whilst short courses run throughout the year.


Courses available for study at the institute include:

  • Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)
  • Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)
  • Certificate II in Fashion Visualisation
  • Certificate II in Interior Decoration and Visualisation
  • Certificate II in Style Visualisation
  • Also available are short courses, work shops, VET in School and High School work shops.



For further information on either the college or its courses please contact one of the friendly staff members at AA Education who will be happy to help you.